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in which i climb out of a cave.


M dragged right now. So its going to be an undersized post.

A movie with dee (my treat) :p. yeah very few people gets to dig up treats frm me. :p

It was fun. We did all those crazy boneheaded things.. laughed like crazy (errm m d one who lol’s a lot)

We buy a monstrous mug of pop-corn (my idea) its like sooo big that.. after buying this we wonder if we will ever be able to chomp all the popcorn in it. We buy this huge popcorn thing not in the interval but as soon as I set my foot on the floor where they were going to play d movie. We gush to the food court and buy. While everyone else was like talking and blah.. it was so weird and funny to carry that monstrous cup cuz the popcorn in it collectively were like huge volcano shaped and it seems as they were all shouting that just give her a lil push and we’ll erupt hehe I am laughing incessantly n shipping the thing. And everyone is staring at us. As we are d only ones who are with eatables, a massive chunk of eatables ….

So that we would never be devoid of nutrition and all whilst watching the movie. :D we did buy two pop. Yay.

As usual I was talking a lot during d movie and even mimicking the dialogues and all. At one stage dee got annoyed and asked me to shut up.

Hee hee… like I would? :p

And yeah.. suddenly a steam of memories of the parking of the multiplex comes in my mind.

While dee was buying tickets and all. I had to park my bike in the church (dumb! Where can u park ur bike?? Of course it was a parking lot) duh! *Snort* another lame joke K

So come to the point.. yeah.. is like a deep never ending cave.. i think : okay now this is it. It will end and il be able to park my bike n watch the movie. But hell no! the evil spirits of the parking lot were having something else in their minds.

First floor underground and I see no sign of bikes n there are only cars. I ask them about where to park and they say go down.

Down?? Now?? how much?? Deep ?? I would have to ?? go???

And miss the movie?? O wot? Cuz to climb out of this cave is like???? Not possible (yeah people I’ve started to use the word not possible instead of impossible, as they say.. impossible itself says “I am-possible” and baah.. so I ceased using a beautiful word cuz when I want to say impossible I mean to say not possible and not I am possible and baah. And ended with a lame-ass word :p) I climb out of the cave finally. And then a lotta things happen..

After the movie we went to chomp burgers and lick ice creams and not to forget pour scorn on people around us. And laugh and baah. there was this girl at d table next to ours, who was stuffing herself wid food in sucha way to show shes so disciplined or to make an impression on the guy she was with. :p

And we keep giggling for no reason. And that’s life. (wot that’s life?? Ah i mean that’s life life, u know. .. aah forget it!)

Today was a beautiful day. :D :p hee hee :p

I saw some tomfoolery I know on orkut in d restrau. GD :P goo goo goo :p

~*tanzy the giggle queen :D

in which i confess my love..

Which is the most striking email id u have ever been through?


I need ur retort on this one.

Anyway. Coming to the point. :D

My favorite nick is vendingmachine (yeah u comprehend it right! vendingmachine without spaces! He he)

I don’t know why it exerts a pull on me, like a bee is attracted to honey and miser to money, and well am dead serious, this is not something funny! ! :p

This nickname is so so much cute and adorable and all, that I am in laav with the vending machine guy (ahem! I don’t know him yet. I just happened to see his id on some stupid chatroom and he( or she?? As technically a vendingmachine has no sex, so it can be her, and if it is her then I want to live no more, I want to die cuz I cant laav “her” cuz I’m a normal girl and I like normal things :| ) was offline by the way. So no chance for me to try my luck or anything. *sigh*

Holy Lord knows. If he was THE O-N-E for me :p

Okay here comes a lil vendingmachine thing in honor of my laav

Ooh! vendingmachine .. vendingmachine .. vendingmachine .. yeah yay! Wee hoo!

So people should I make a move? Should i? IM him?? NO! ! I’m nt so good at trying to talk to somebody (or am I a plain bore that no one wants to talk to me?? ) Well I hate IM’s so I wont, I wont! I’ m not that despo anyway. Thank u. :p

But vendingmachine darling! I will never forget u and if u are reading this, call me



Checking my hands out, so pretty and so cute .. Whoa … tanzy?? U?? Alright? Huh??

Yeah I am totally fine,… and u heard it right [technically saying “u read it right” as my site has no s/w which converts text into voice or something, so u guys are devoid or hearing my stuff, u people can only read my stuff”.. duh!]


So I was having an eyeful of my hand.. and they[it?] are looking pulchritudinous! Yeah ,, my usually monstrous hands are pulchritudinous! ![don’t worry girls, my hands are not pretty enough, for me to be a hand model, please do not envy me :p] Now. U may question, HOW??

Well the answer is uncomplicated.. I have henna clad hands.. and ohh.. m just in love with my hands.. Yeah my hands bear a resemblance to a newly weds hands and its like u know.. My hands are covered in henna till my elbows.. and yeah.. I just love it.. yay!

I am not bathing nicely. I am avoiding any contact with water or watery things and things that could provoke me to wash my hands, in fear that my henna will die away .. and I continue to have eyefuls of my hands.. and I act as if I’m a hand model [yeah, people. I am re considering, to become a hand model] yeah. Checking my hands out in the mirror :D n blah..

YO! Long live my henna :D

And when we are talking about henna and all. I would like to put in the portrait,, that I love henna

#1. yeah.. duh! Tanzy u have mentioned this thing, like now one hundredth time in the present day..

#2. uh oh! Yeah I love henna

#1. congrats.

#2 aha.. thank u

#2. but I love henna seriously *flashes her henna*

#1. okay good for u

#2. yeah I know I love heena :D

#1. *pulling her hair out*

#2. u have nice hair, but I love henna :D

Long back when I was a kid I used to abhor henna.[yeah.. so why was that I abhorred heena ?

Possibly cuz, whilst I was still a kid, all wide eyed and crazy, and at the time of some relative’s marriage, some stupid relative girl applied a very not-so-beautiful-henna . I can say, it was not even beautifully-ugly henna! [well somethings can be ugly, albeit in a beautiful way!], and that was the day when I vowed [all in my subconscious] that never to get henna on my hands.. and I used to abhor henna like crazy.

Five things I would do when some one in my residence applied henna:

1. I would not consume food if someone under my roof, applied henna

2. would not enter in the room where the “henna-ed person” is.

3 . I would even clutch my nose with the clip, so that the stench[now fragannce] of henna can not touch my brain :

4. i used to stay out of the house, till the time, the person does away with the henna

5. I hated the person and I hated henna itself

Well times change and so do people. And I changed like after 16 years, :| or when I was 16, I started to like henna.. just like that [don’t know, what happened in my subconscious! Maybe some heavy bombarding of chemicals in my brain that made me love henna again!]

And now I love the smell of henna.. and everything that starts with a word H and has double “N’s” in the middle and an A in the end.

I am even having thoughts of getting my name changed from tanzy to henna .. :p

Three things that would come about, If I change my name to Henna:

1.I would have to call al my friends and inform about the change of name.

1[a] And after some days, I would call some friend and I would b like

Me: hi can I talk to tom?

Tom: yeah, may I know who’s this?

Me : this is …. [ Now wait a minute! What am I supposed to say.. ?? this is tanzy.?? Or this is henna?? Umm il say henna, as its my new name, and not tanzy as it was my old name and old name is old and new is new !]

Me : this is henna.

Tom: who hee?

Me: H-E-N-N-A

Tom: okay darling hows u.?

Me: arrrgh.. this Is tanzy, remember??

Tom: ----aaa

Me: I changed my name: and I did mail u about this.

Tom: ohh :| I gues I forgot the password of my e-mail.

Me: nevermind. What bout the call??

Tom: call?

Me: yeah I called u :|

Tom: no

Me: or then I must have dialed some wrong number.

Tom: yeah maybe.

Me: so howz my new name?

Tom: errm.. its kinda .. cool-ish

Me: thank u.

Me: hmm so wassup? howz work.?

Tom: work yeah.. I m retired :| and I’m getting a hair transplant..

Me: ahh? Is this tom xenofelis??

Tom: wrong number.

Me. -----

[okay guys I made this one :P]

*** sorry for stoppage but I have to utter, while I was typing this crap, accidently I had a glance on my hands.. and the henna. I swear man. They [my hands, u idiot!] are beautifully-beautiful***

So where I was :|

2. if I call one the right number, and right Tom, it would be like follows:

Me: hey tom

Tom: whos this?


Tom: who henna??

Me:*not wanting to repeat history in case this is also a wrong number* eyy shitface! whats ur last name??

Tom: O are u related to tanzy in anyway

Tom: Xen-oo-fell-ees

Me: duh! okay great!!

Tom: eh?

Me: yea I was tanzy

Tom: was?? :o

Me: yeah was. Now I m henna..

Tom: oh henna

Me: howz my name? *exited* [sorry guys. i again. committed the same mistake of spelling ,excited* as exited. and i had to come back and edit the post... u know i'm dumb.. right!!... [some foolery: yeah...loser-gurl, u are cent percent right.. :p]

Tom: *yawn*

Me: arrgh

Tom: yeah its cold :|

Me: *a shouting and barking session follows*

3. I had to get my name changed legally in my passport and crap stuff like that, which would involve standing in long que’s, and government offices and blah and lotta paperwork and crap

Moral of the story: So I drop the idea

~* weeehoo! Henna henna henna ! ! !

Monstrous mistake.

Do u know?? how a tree with meager foliage look like ?? ah. If u do not know.. then try to envision a tree with sparse leaves.. And after that, perhaps u’ll know

And I dare to raise a question today >>>

Do u like ..
1. A tree with sparse leaves ??
2. A tree with plentiful leaves??

Ahh.. well.. I think .. if I am not in the wrong, u people must have voted for alternative #2. errm.. well some ppl can choose alternative #1 if u are, some impossible emo or something sorta psychopath : or something :

Anyway.. so u can let me know, what sorta tree u like :

Well if u ask me, I’d say, I like trees with a lotsa foliage and they have to be plenty like some hundreds or so.. and blah blah

U must be thinking.. Hey??? So?? Why?? On ?? The face of earth??? Are u?? Talking about??? Tree? Leaves?? And blah?? Today??

Ahhh ! ! well so the thing is..

I got my hair chopped! ! ! *sigh* *sob* *wail*

Okay now.
Mosta times, whenever I have a haircut, I’m like glad, and content and cheery and all

But but but…this time I wasn’t joyful or anything.
My hair were so so so.. Long, u know..[ahem ! well. Not so long for u, possibly, if u call waist length hair as long, but for me definition of long hair is different:, as I am since like eternity, having a lil more than shoulder length hair. :-s .. or shorter than that !]
But this time my locks were like 3-4 or 2-3 or I dunno inches longer… so my locks looked good this time.. :-s.. I mean not bad :

I dunno, I was stupid enough that in a gush of a moment, I decided to get my beautiful locks chopped..
And here I am. Who looks like a total moronically stupidifying dorkish leafless tree.
And my hair now looks, as if some *sigh* *sob* *wail* one did chop my curls, [ yeah, ur hair stylish chopped ur curls, u dork !] and I am feeling bad.
I wonder what u guys feel about me getting my hairs chopped :-s : ?? and when the festival is just round the corner.. Ahh I ought to say.. 2 – 3 days to the fore.. I don’t wish to be a Christmas tree with few leaves :-s and lotsa décor like stars and blah [read: earrings, bangles, and blah] and who likes a Christmas tree exclusive of leaves anyway?? :

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. ! ! !

I hate my self for getting my beautiful locks [atleast I thought they looked beautiful, dunno about u ! !] chopped :-s

So here is a snap of my Late. Beautiful locks.
*a tear rolls down her eyes*

See ?? m shouting : o something like that :, possibly when this pic was clicked i knew it in my subconsious that, my locks would be cut and hence i am shouting oveer here . ahh :p nice explaination.. btw.. this pic was cliked some 1 month back on my friend's bday.. yay it was fun... ohh my hair :-s..

*sob* *sigh* *wail*

Yeah. Not that beautiful :o , but atleast much more far far, more superior than the hairs I have at present.

*Sob* *Sigh* *Wail*

I hate u tanzy !

the cowboy crap.

This is going to be a short one.

Today.. I had to pick some stuff from the store. So on the way [needless to say that I was driving. Apparently u kno that I am driving mosta times and the most progressive things surge in my brains while I’m driving or when I’m supposed to go to sleep. Now as we are talking about the progressive thoughts and blah. I need to tell you that, when I was a lil girl.. I used to play a pc game called Alladin so there was a Level in this game, which I could not beat, and I spent days trying to complete the round, but in vain, *sigh*. Now one fine night, before going to sleep, my eyes closed.. I get the whole picture [video??] in front of my closed eyes [kind of silly ?? picture ??comes ?? in front of?? ur closed eyes :|] anyway.. so after that day.. I did the same thing as I saw in my dream or whatever it was.. and BINGO ! ! !
I could complete the level, by doing as it was in the reverie o woteva it was. ! ! yo ! ! tanzy ! ! ! u ! ! rOck! ! ! yay! ! !

[okay looser girl.. enough of ur looser-ish things.. now come to the point..]

Oh yeah.. :|
So where was I??
So driving right ??

.. I saw a guy, who was wearing a tee which read : Cow-boy

Four reasons reckoning the reason, why that cow-boy wore the cow-boy tee:

1. He was a boy and he looked like a cow ??

2. He was a cow and looked like a guy :| ??

3. He was cow-ish [Note: here cow-ish means cow-look-alike, in case u dumb people don’t know! ! !] uncle, who wanted to feel like a boy and remember his babyhood days.. Where he used to ride on cows and blah :o??

3[a]. He was just a wanna be cow ??? :p and he is a cow wannabe cuz of his some childhood incident, where he had a pet cow, and he loved the cow, and he used to eat, sleep, live, play, picnic and a zillion more stuffs with it. The cow was like a pet dog to the boy. And one day while the boy was sleeping, the cow went into the kitchen, the and peeked into the oven cuz it could not resist the smell of grass-pie which was in it and while peeping, it accidentally became beef :| and that night the boy had to eat the beef-grass pie :|

If we consider point #1.
Umm then the thing is that. He was by no means, looking like a boy or somewhat closer to it. So it was totally stupid of him to wear the tee which says. Cow-boy.. and if he sought to wear something that embodies him.. he should be wearing something like cow-uncle..which would totally suit him.

If we consider point #2.
Oii… I think the cow is suffering form humanomania :o

If we consider point #3.
Aww… I am with the poor lil cow boy.

If we consider point #3[a].
Errm I think the cow-boy needs therapy :|

This cow-boy was busy conversing on the phone all the time, and I was kinda - wanted to see his face.. :o.. [NOSY girl ! ! ! !]

Oii or did this guy pick the tee, arbitrarily from the shop, cuz he cared less and he just needed to cover himself [ahh the basic stuff ?]

Or was he was a real Texan’ cowboy cowboy.. :| ???

I think only he can answer these questions. **broods over the matter **

Okay I am a dumb chicken-head.


ad's ad's ad's *echo*

Three T.V commercials that makes me want to clap my hands or feel blissful or whatsoever sentiment which is synonymous to the feeling of being happy :

1. Chulbully - It’s a shampoo advertisement “Clinic All Clear – shampoo” It’s an animated cartoony advertisement, where this lil girl is so wide eyed like u know, kinda so inquisitive about things and blah.. Oh! ! she’s so so efffin adorable.. She wakes up, hops from her room window and begins to play and all, and then she ascends on the tree to obtain an egg, and this birdy shits on her. Hehe.. And etcetera etcetera

2. Croc. Loves the candy – So this advertisement is of a toffee called “Alpenlibe”, quite an amusing [ah atleast it seems so to dim-wits like me]. Here this woman throws this “ape and leechy” toffee in the crocodile farm, and OUR croc. [omg omg.. I totally love the ad] Anyway. So our croc is kinda like addicted to this toffee and follows the woman every where she goes.. U know. Its so so so adorable [reader: yeah I know, I know Tanzy, now u get lost! ! !] Our croc follows her to the movie theater and everybody gets terrified and then it asks for the toffee and she says that shez havin popcorn and not the toffee :p The ad is having air which just so so sweet and humorous. I just love it [reader: shut up, will u ??] Now it crawls on her car and then in the end, when she’s going to take a bath.. He’s in the bath tub.. With a towel on his head and foam all around.. Hehe [ hey. I dun remember about the towel thing.. :o , it may be or maybe not, or its just that I hallucinated a towel on his head :|]

3. Our Bajaj[repeat*echo] – This is a motorcycle advertisement. The music is quite YO I love the beat and and the video is moderately good.. U kno. Its like a bike comes out of the former bike and moves ahead and all [okay m not too good in narration and all. So damn me! ! ! But u cant do anything.. :p] Errm.. I think my fondness to this song and advertisement lies in …. [Yeah people… for knowing the reason behind my fondness to this bajaj advertisement we’l have to go back in time, yeah..] When I was like 4-5 year old wide eyed gurl [yeah just like chulbully.. :p] these Bajaj people used to show this advertisement. Well at that time instead of bikes there were scooters! ! And the music was kinda retardingly slow.. But I liked the advertisement anyhow.. And so now u know, my childhood is behind, me-liking-Bajaj :p :o.. and every child has some past crap :|

All these three ad’s are my top fave’s and whenever I am in other room and any of the ad’s come on the television, I scuttle to the drawing room, to see them, and start clapping and singing along [retard ??]

A not so interesting tryst with myslef *yawn*

Its been a zillion years since I talked to u.
Umm.. well I was sorta busy…

#2 What?? Busy?? And?? U? Joke? Right??

#1 okay, not that busy though, just busy

#2 Then what is ur “just buzy”.. Enlighten us..will u??

#1 umm.. well.. I was working on some nuclear wristwatch and after wearing it.. u can nuclearically take ur P.C with u wherever u want. :D

#2 Ahh.. so u mean.. assemble a laptop?? Or copying it??.. grrr.. u useless girl ..

#1 Oh.. is there whatever thing like a laptop?? :| . *sigh* I think they did mount some sorta chip in my head, that whenever some nuclear idea comes into my head they seize it from my head.. and formulate it and plant it in the market, sooner than me .. grrrr

#2 go away

#1 *yawn* u go away

#2 *goes back to its fluffy bed* *sleeps* zzzzzzzz

Anyway so I was busy … cuz deez back in town.. and she consumed 3-4 days of my life.. :| yo she’s monstrous.. tell ya the niceties later.. :D

So cut the long story short.. I had to go to the that village.. and cutting the longer story even shorter.

Day #1 Boring. I went to my aunt’s place : the eldest aunts place [well I have 6 aunts if my mum’s included, but as my mum aint my aunt cuz shez my mum! ! , so anyway that means that I have 5 aunts.]
Anyway so this one was my 2nd eldest aunt. She has a grandson two years younger then me :| . now u can guess how elder she is :|

Now cutting the story even shorter then the shorter version of the story :|

To be continued..

My back is aching.. I need to rest


dumped Sam

My pen pal.. or some sorta pal, Sam came from U.A.E and called me up that she sought to meet me [read: I would like u to take me around the town, and in simple words I want u to be my chauffer.] ahhh…

In my life, I always get such sorta people [yeah.. big time whiner!]

Okay now she keeps on calling me on a daily basis and did I mention?? That i was sorta depressed [haha.. I have this sorta knack, that I can be hell down in the dumps and I can lol at the same time]

As for instance. I was talking with dee on instant messenger [hurray! ! shez coming back on 25th!!!]

Deadtanzy: I m depressed
Dee: =)) =)) :))
Deadtanzy: @-) hehehe
Dee: wow. Tell me something new.
Deadtanzy: =)) =))

[Note: dee’s id had be altered just for the sake of her phucin privacy] :p

Anyway, so I was not in the mood of going out with anyone and entertain people [okay..i cant just go out with any tomfoolery.. I dun feel comfy. I can go out with selected people and Sam did not make it to the list of those selected people [read: Sharon, dee and some others] who are, ahem! unlucky enough to meet me :p

Now in normal circumstances I would have gone out with her. But seriously people, my life was sickening puke-dipped sorta when she came and I hope u understand 

So now let’s face it! I’m such a sickening person, I ceased receiving her calls and blah [Coward ??]

Moral of the story???

Tanzy is totally a sickening puke-dipped crap-bin :| 

Heheh  :|

keeping my word.

I present all the pics of the kitty people plus their names. Okay I made their names,

Apparently I am taking meow classes(in case u people don’t know the what meow classes are, I would like to tell u that they are language classes where I am trying to learn native lingo of the kitties so that we have a better understanding and blah and so that I can live peacefully without kitties stalking me and all .) and I am a novice as today I have joined the classes and it will take time, till the time when, I would be able to meow! Like them.

And today I learned that. When u want to eat u say meow, when u are angry u say meow I am practically a dunce, so wil take time to learn the lingo.


As promised to the moony-guy-kitty from the K.R.O (Kitty rights organisation)
I hereby present the pics. of kitties :D

>>> tadaaaaaaa <<<

her name is lucy, new born malnutritoned kitty.
the one who veils herself from every one.
i was not able to shoot her as she was running away from me
but atlast got 2 pixs :D he he

lucy again.
She is hiding from me behind a barrel or something like that. hehe shez a cute kitty aint she?? :D

two wannabe kitties sad and miserable, cuz of me (as per moony-guy-kitty)
anyway their names kid and kiddy :D I hope my endeavor will cheer them up

was waiting for me, that i would come perhaps and take her picture or somethin, with a rose in her hand, but as i did not take her picture, the rose withered and she was sad.


he was so sad. u can make out from his picture.

hez cute too. :D

and do u not wonder the name of the first kitty in this post???
the one who is resting on some ones hand???

well well

i know u may be having thoughts of killing the kitty. yeah! he's a bad kitty and u can make it out from his pic. he can be no other than Mr. moony-meow-kitty.. the cruel one, cuz of whom i had to suffer. he looks really fierce and scary.. grrr :x

kitty mail.

Figuring out the kitty thing. I think.
1. I dream about kitty.

2. So many kitties around in my neighborhood (all of a sudden!)

3. And apparently I am hearing a lot of meow and stuff.

And blah blah which you people by now know cuz of my previous rantings in relation to the kitty kitty everywhere thing..


I believe these are some sorta warning sign or signs, and I think these signs want to pass on a message to me, and I conclude the message is as follows:

To. :
Sub. : Grievances
Dear tanzy-panzy (or whoever u are, we really don’t care!)

The point is. We appreciate ur kindness by not killing shooting our fellow kitty and shooting his photograph (yeah! “Him” he was a male kitty, if u don’t know). we are stirred by ur first-rate endeavor, where u have put a just another kitty on internet (ur page or blog or whatsoever it is, we really don’t care, what matters is, that he is the first kitty from our community to be displayed on internet) but but but…

We are not very pleased as firstly u have not written tom’s name on the internet thing(we have our identity and we love to be called by our names!, how would u feel if I regard u as a human, not even a female, as u have done with our TOM, u have just called him a kitty, leave the male-female thing. But we have manners and we live by our ethics ) and secondly u have posted 1 snap of the kitty, while there are so many kitties who crave to be on internet and they want the world to know, how attractive they look and all, they need appreciation.(we all need it.)

Hence we are angry on u and most of the kitties are very sad and are going under therapy

…ALL CUZ OF U!!! miss tanzy…!!!

We are angry on u. and we will show our fury by haunting u and waking u when u are snoozing and poop-ing around your front door and stalking u
And I tell u, these are not just lame warnings! Mind you.

we demand hope that u would take instantaneous steps or else u would have to face the consequences.

Thanking u,
Mr. Moony meow guy.
(trustee – K.R.O (kitty rights association).


Ok now I am scared and I think I need to plant some kitty snaps plus their names or else my life is going to be kittylicious.. and I seriously don’t want that to happen.

To :
Sub: Re: grievances

Hey moony kitty guy,

I have taken delivery of ur mail (though I got ur mail when the damage was already done)
Don’t worry dude(or kit! As u are a kitty, am I allowed to regard yu as a dude??)
I am a good gurl
I am for world peace but I would like to poision u and all ur kitty people thereby contributing to world peace
I love love
And I love peace
And I love not to be interrupted when I am snoozing, by some kitty who likes to hop on me, and stalk me and haunt me wherever I go.
Therefore I think. I will take some steps ASAP.

Long live world peace!
Short live(d) meowing and stalking me everywhere by kitties

(okay I want them(the kitty people) to think like I am one of them as I want reciprocated understanding and blah and I want them to think high of me)


Ahem! They gave me a forewarning???

Hello! i never got any warning. All they did was, just making trouble for me And nothing else.

Ahh!! So sad.. the mail came late

(a piece of advise: I suggest please don’t use the meow mail, its not reliable!) and I had to suffer cuz of the late mail arrival..aarghh!!



I am really feeling dreadfully drained and really sluggish and dreamy eyed..


I necessitate to go to sleep . right here, right now.

Good night.


(note: the following picture was not clicked by me, just in case u think i am a good photograper cuz i am not, i have just googled the pic Yawn!)

kitty kitty everywhere!!!

Not many days have passsed since, I have posted something about a kitty and blah and astonishingly subsequent to that I have encountered the following stuffs.

Things I have stumbled upon after that kitty post :

#1. I am mechanically sleeping and I feel that someone did hit a biggy stone on me from outside (as my bed is near a window, and the window is as big as the room, so any stone or Molotov cocktail can hit me ) and my first impression is that there is probably a riot goin on!! and I am scared and petrified all while I am sleeping and then I hear my mum yell kitty kitty!! so I wake up and see that the kitty is going from my window. Thank goodness I did not have any encounter with it.

Cuz I have a thing(apparently by now, u people know that I have many issues and things), I cant hold any of the animals cuz they seem to be so malleable and all, I fear I would break their internal parts or stuffs, and I disgust touching animals mosta times, My GOD! how many germs they carry with themselves?? (okay I aint a cleanliness freak or something, but eww! I dunno somehow it disgusts me to touch any animal)

Five things which makes me wonder:

1. How could the kitty emerge at my residence, in my room at around 6 am in the night (as I was sleeping I consider it as night :p)

2. My house is quite hermetically sealed every night. And there’s no way on the face of the earth can a huge creature like a kitty can enter through the front door which is linked to the staircase.(okay roaches, ants and spidys, can come and go as they like)

3. I live on one and a half floor of the apartment(one and half means something like u know between first and second floor), I don’t think the kitty can possibly leap/hop/jump/fly and come up to my place.

4. Or the kitty did penetrate our residence during day time or something and was hiding some where and if this?? How can she be staying and hiding for such a long time, without even meowing ???

5. Or it was not a kitty at all. :o and me and mum hallucinated the kitty???
#2. Some days back, the entrance of our house was stinking with some weird stink. I initially thought it was coming from my brother’s shoes, checked my shoes and everyone else’s shoes but nothing!

Now I have a very sharp sense of smell sometimes(I said sometimes, you would know why) , I have unusual smelling knack (tell ya laters.) so now I initiate using my sweet lil nosy to pinpoint the precise source of the stench Cuz this stink was seriously getting stenchier.

So I am now on my knees and start to pinpoint the source of the stench.. like those doggies they train to locate the bomb. Ahh! But alas I was not able to find the source of the stench. And I move on…. and the stench is still there.

Day drags by and then my maid shows up and she says that there is some kitty, who is resting in our front-door curtain and I cant see her totally, but see her legs hanging out from the curtain, a lil kitty, a lil black colord kitty. And then my maid chivvies the kitty away.

I am amazed thinking that, how come the kitty come and sit inside the curtain of our front-door??

Anyway. the stink.

Ahh! I forgot to update u people with the location of the stink, now the stores goes as… the maid chivvies the kitty, the stink prevails ..
Now after 5-6 hours of gas chamber treatment. Our neighbor tells us that there is small poop behind our door

Aha! So that lil kitty left us a souvenir. So kind of her.. arrgh!!
End of the story #2. Disgust.

#3. In the alleyway towards my apartment I see a lot of kitties loitering around, one dotted kitty, a white pregnant cat.I wasn’t knowing that she(it??) was pregnant until my mum told me that she(it??) was pregnant and then I saw here bulging tummy( saw here bulging tummy before also,i thought she is eating a lot of fatty foods), my mum says she(it??) is going to have 2 kids(or kittens) :D

#4. I see a malnutritioned kitty, it always veils herself(itself???) from everyone which makes me think that she(it??) is scared of every one. I think it is lost and is not able to find here mum.

#5. Apparently I am hearing a lot of meows and its chilling my spine!


almost attacked by a cow!! .. or bull or whatever it was..!!

Today mum asked me to take her to some store, I was not willing to go (okay I am quite a lazy bone sorta person.. I really hate to get dressed up and then drive and blah) but she pushed me to come along.

So I had to drag my self with her. Now while my mum was in that store, I was waiting for her outside the place on my vehicle. Now the thing is I was waiting outside and I see a big horned cow or bullock or something I dun know her(its??) gender :p

and now I see that it is coming towards me and I see that it is looking at me, or it wants to charge me, I feel that it is threatening me and I am scared and I wish that it takes a turn or moves away cuz and as there is a lot of sun during afternoons I was wearing a red colored veil and my outfit is also red colored and
I’v e heard somewhere that the cow people have this thing with the red color and they get furious seeing the red color(hey! During the bullfights the rodeos or whatever they are called also hold a red colored cloth.. so I guess the the bull-infuriated-by- red-color has to be true)

(Note: I think that cow has to be a bull cuz cows are lil shorter and do not possess a big hump as opposed to this, our cow was proud of having a cool height and impressive hump. Ahh! I am describing this from the eyes of a cow, if I were a cow I would sorta like this bull cuz it was a smart bull, I could even consider marrying that bull. :p

Anyway I aint a cow and I don’t want to be a cow. Cuz I am tanzy and I don’t want the bull either cuz even if I were a cow I would’ve liked G.D and G.D and G.D..

Heheh I wonder if I were a cow and I would have seen, G.d passing by me I(the cow, the animal, the female species of a bullock) would kinda stalk him heheh.. it would be fun .. haha :P )

hence I am more scared and it has big and sharp horns. And I now envision if it comes to charge me or something, I wonder, where is the probable place I would dart to and will anyone come to help me ??? will I survive the attack, so I could tell the tale to my people??

She is coming towards me and I am horrified but I do not desire to go in the store. Its quite a lackluster store so I choose to be petrified by that big-bad-red-bull . I pray to GOD that it (big-red-bull) takes a turn or something, but I aint taking any turn. I am still at the position where I was. And I refuse to run. Actually I am waiting for the moment when the bull will be around 5 feet from me and I would dart to the shop.

But thankfully it takes a turn. And hence thank GOD, he saved me or else I would not be able to write the entry.

Yay! People i surived the bull attack(ahem! i mean i could've been attacked or something..)

traditions and rituals of visiting a library.

Sunday. The boring day. I have to wake up early in the mornings as Shawn’s classes are there.

I drop him at ALOHA. And like since so many days I had planned to visit the library. As both of my books were read and I am really doing nothing nowadays. So I go to the library n I see four watchmen.(okay perhaps there was no need to mention the 4 watchmen, but they were kinda the first thing which I saw on the alley, so it had to
b said)

Now I enter the library. And where does my vision fall on?? Time stops tickling (or the clocks stop tickling cuz I never heard time tickling. Apparently I think I used tickL*ing which is wrong .the real spelling is ticking.) , every lil creature has stopped moving and there on the new arrivals rack, I see the cover of “harry potter and deathly hallows”

Oh my my!

Too good!..

But I wonder why these library people have kept only the cover and not the book… I think they know that people are crazy about HP and any wild HP fan could pilfer the book and flee with no trouble

(ahh! Point #1 If the crazy HP fan was really crazy for HP, then she/he would have purchased the book by now. So this crazy HP fanis a wannabe crazy HP fan perhaps like me.) :p… as the gate is quite near to the new arrivals rack..

So I enter the library. Submit my books and go to the “books rack”
oh bliss!.. so many books.. so many of them.. yay!
I have certain picking-a-book/books-tradition and I always follow the tradition u see

So I enter the members area (yay! I am a member! [show off. huh??])

I steadfastly go to the 3rd rack, rather than the 1st rack (if u ask me why, I would say, ahh! Just like that, it’s a part of the tradition and I have a mindset that books in the third rack are more interesting..)

Anyway I begin with scanning the 3rd rack, and then go to the rack parallel to the 3rd rack and so on…

Now I pick the books which interest me the most. Now this picking-up the so-called interesting books depends upon definite things like the cover of the book, the name of the book, the name of the author, if it is a witty book then that’s a plus, and so on. (no surprise, there are times when I go home and spurn the book. :p)

I said books. Books means plural and not singular. Probably I am showing off again but I need to tell u people that I have 2 library cards (one is my card and other is my friend’s card with whom I have no contacts now thing is when we were in the talking and meeting phase she gave me the card n we don’t talk any more as I have got poor socializing skills am a bad friend and I care less. Back to point. and every year I renew the card :D so its like my card now.)

Back on track now.

Books plural. Right?

So any number of books 2-3-4-5 books . Most people don’t mind me carrying these many books from one rack to another. I carry out the scanning process non- stop unti and unless I am convinced that the books that could interest me are already in my hands.

Now I take refuge of any rack where I can situate all these books and decide for my self, that which are the 2 books which will be lucky enough to come home with me, and I feel sad for the books which are left on the rack looking miserable and cursing their fate for not being able to come home with me.

And then comes the impish part..

U may ask ur self: what does happen to the books which were not lucky enough to come home with me??

Ahem! I hide them in between the shelves. (Hey! I aint doing anything bad or some thing, its just that, if I perform this lil ritual and for more info. Keep reading this thingy further.)

and when the arranging-the-books-in-the-library phase comes, which comes like once in a week or something, The library guys bump into my hidden books and they keep them in place.

But I still hide my books. Cuz some days I get lucky and my books remains unharmed, when I come back to the library after a week or so. And then I submit the read books and then directly run to the rack #4 and fumble in the space which is between the two adjoining racks and behind the biggy big books. And bingo! I find the books. And I can gleefully go back home or go to the readers room read some mags, go n do a zillion more things. Cuz my mission is accomplished! I was able to hide and retrieve the books. Yay! I rule!

Hey but I do not get lucky every time. Sometimes I visit the rack #4 and I see that there is nothing and nothing. And I get disappointed :p and then I start the scanning the book ritual again and the story goes. I again hide the book. Even if these library people will keep my books in its actual place and even if because of that some other member takes the book home, I live on hope and faith. And I am sometimes and most of the times lucky enough to get the books I hid earlier. I’ll keep trying.



Today I went to rack #4 cuz as far as I remember I did bury two books the last time
I visited the library. So the books has to be there but no!... the books aren’t there. Perhaps that stupid library guy has moved my books.

Now I am feeling weird cuz this is second time in a row, when I am not able to retrieve my hidden book. Tanzy u gotta think quick and fast (okay I thought quick and fast were d same things!) so I quickly and fastidiously decide that it is “time” when I’l have to change the place where I hide the book and I decide that I would hide the books in rack #5 as it a regional language rack and not many books are taken form that rack, so it could face the book arranging phase and my books would be safe. :D

Now u may wonder why I hide the books..

Four reasons why I hide the books:

1. I want to be saved from the process of book choosing.

2. It saves time. And u know time is like money.

3. It saves the book from the other readers (who would also find it interesting
and will reissue the book like I do, and I wont be able to see the face of the book for ages. Sigh.)

4. Its quite fun hiding the book and retrieving it later.. ha ha

Out of track again!


Changed the hiding rack # .right??

So now after I decided to change the rack number. I spend a hour and a half scanning the racks

Following things occur when I was scanning the racks:

#1. And I see a man sitting down and reading the books by “Jackie Collins” I think: ahh! Jackie Collins, what a dumb guy he is to read Jackie Collins! (okay I don’t say that Jackie is a bad author or something, but given a chance I wont read Jackie Collins. I would scan the library for better books. Like they say “there are many good fishes in the sea or ocean.. something like that” n I would really fish some good book.
(Yeah sometimes it also occurs that I end up with a total nonsensical book. But I read the book, even if u hand me a Jackie Collins books or any other tomfoolery’s book I would read it and read it till the end.)
Okay so according to me this man Is stupid.

#2. Now as I move forward there is a lady who is blocking my way. Cuz I want to peek
in the rack, where she is trying to scan the book. I get peeved and I move on.

#3. I already have pulled out 3 books and still scanning. Now I have 3 fat books in my hands and I am passing by the same lady. And she gives me a eerie look, I move
on. (I need a calm place to decide which 2 books are coming home with me and which ones are going to be in the waiting list) and Suddenly my vision goes on another cool book(okay. It appears cool. I don’t know if its is good or not) and I instantaneously pick it up. Now I am holding a mountain of 4 fat books and the lady is standing quite like 4 steps away from me.

I pose all the four books on a rack and then try to decide which ones to take. And I can see that this lady wants me to move or something so that she could have a look on my books, I am a very green person. As soon as I sense her intensions, I pick all the 4 books and move in way so that she can go. And imitating as if I was blocking her way and now I am giving her place to leave. And then I leave the rack and go to my rack #5 (my new choice for hiding books. If u have already forgotten. U lil brains!) and I take a lengthy time to settle on which book to take cuz I know, as soon as I would get the books issued. I would regret not taking the other one. So I cautiously take 2 and leave two wailing books on rack #5. And gaily leave the library.

#4. I go to the reading room. This is a place where u can go and read mags and newspapers forF-R-E-E (I love the word free :p).. I again take 2 mags and get absorbed in reading.

#5. I get a call from Sharon. I get up as quick as possible (cuz firstly this reading room is a no mobile ringer zone, and the person in charge would shout at me or something n I seriously dont like the idea of any tomfoolery shouting at me, and I would get furious and there could be a scene!) but I discover that it was a missed call. I am now half standing and half sitting on the chair.

I feel embarrassed as the guy1 beside me, stares at me in this weird position, now I again get seated and try to enter in the book world but I again hear the ring tone I stand up and once again the ringer stops. Now I am like weird. I try to give a missed-call to Sharon and get out of the place and I turn and I head towards the gate (cuz I fear the library guy) and after 1000 milliseconds or something I realize that Sharon was standing behind me and I am standing in the reading room trying to miss-call(okay miss call isn’t a correct word, but il use that word. Any problems??) Sharon

(need I need to mention nick?, its like taken for granted that nick would be there, aint it?? okay last time I was quite irked with Sharon and nick but seriously today I see them n I know, I love them, u know. sorta. ) I had a date with “femina” and a comp mag today but Sigh. I had to break my date with them and I leave both of them on the table without putting them back in their place. Cuz I thought I would talk to Sharon and nick for some time and come back and resume my date the lib man even pointed to me that I had to put the mags in place but I assured him that I would b back in sometime (I secretly thought that I would have a short talk with them and then come back to reading room and resume my reading ahem my date! I don’t like my dates waiting for me, u see. I am a cultured gurl!)

As it turns out. I start talking talking and talking to them and forget about the world, so don’t think of me thinking about my date with the books and not so happy incharge library guy!

Now I again talk, laugh, talk, laugh, talk, laugh and set on my way back home.
On my way back home, this is the time when I actually remember about my word to the library guy. And my date!

Oh boy!

I feel bad. My date would be feeling miserable or perhaps irky as I left them without notice and I really feel bad.

And I feel that library guy was a friendly guy.

(#1 repetition over here. Library guy - friendly guy. Why don’t u use a sensible sentence like. Library guy was friendly and full stop???

#2. I need no grammar classes from a stupid person like u.

#1. Yeah I can see that who’s stupid who uses unnecessary repetition of words.

#2. Hey number 1 u are such a looser. Don’t u have something more important to do
rather than just criticizing others stuff.

#1. U called me a loose?? Arrghhh!!!

#2. Looser! Looser! Looser!

#1. (silence)

#2. Number 1 is a looser loose looser!

#1. (silence))

Sigh. I am a baddy in front of the library guy now.

Okay hell with the incharge library guy or i must say uncle. Who cares :D

But my dates. Sigh. Sob. Wail.

Will I ever be able to show my face to my date??

I know I would have to show my face to him soon within a week and I think I will reconcile with my date. It is a good mag. And besides being a female mag. It does understand and value females better.

Okay pray for me people that “may my date forget everything and give a shot to our relationship” :D

okay and one more thing i need to make clear i dont kidnap the books, i just hide them, so i aint a kidnapper, i am just a book reader an innocent reader, who adores books. There is a big and broad and colorful line of difference between a kidnapper and a person-who-hides-things.

i am sleepy

gotta go.


death of a kitty.. whom should i blame??

Well I came to know that, a handful of people have been reading (or atleast drop-by/ perhaps those who have sleeping problems, come here and try to read my stuff, and fall asleep the second moment / blah) my blog lately. I don’t know who u guys are or something like that.

But seriously people, don’t u think that, when u visit someones page, u should leave a comment. Cuz visting and not leaving a comment is very offensive! Hey! I never said that u have to praise my rantings or something.

So people next time u visit this place. Please leave a comment. :o (okay I may sound like a despo-gurl-who-needs-comments or something. :p)

But no I aint a despo (or am i??). I am just a lil fragile hearted gurl, and when this lil fragile hearted gurl comes to know that she had 50+ visitors and no comments her heart ached, seriously people ( yeah! Dead serious! I am right now in the I.C.U .. hehe not the I.C.U the hospital guys have, but the Intensive Cranky Unit) :p

Now even after my caution and all, if u people wont comment. Then..


I ask an uncomplicated question :D

Are ur eyes capable to see this innocent lil kitty???

Yes or no??

Umm I suppose u can see this lil innocent kitty. :D

So I will shoot* this kitty if u don’t leave a comment. And u would be responsible
for death of an innocent creature.

Yes u and only u.

Now the choice is yours.

Heheh :p

(Footer note)* Shoot here stands for taking pics and vids of the innocent lil kitty (I aint the cruella from the “101 dalmations” and as I have mentioned above I am a fragile hearted poor lil gurl. I can never in my life think about killing an innocent lil kitty, if the innocent lil kitty turns into an impish-lil-man-eater kitty, I would have to perhaps consider about killing the kitty :o, sorry folks I aint those types who can sacrifice themselves for an impish-lil-man-eater kitty!) if u don’t know the meaning of shoot I would help u right here right now :D.

gimme a minute.

Okay now. I wanted to give u some dictionary meanings of the word shoot. And here’s what I got :D :p >>>>

“shoot1 /ʃut/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[shoot] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation verb, shot, shoot•ing, noun
–verb (used with object)
1. to hit, wo
und, damage, kill, or destroy with a missile discharged from a weapon.
2. to execute or put to death with a bullet: to be shot at sunrise.
3. to send forth or discharge (a missile) from a weapon: to shoot a bullet.
4. to dischar
ge (a weapon): to shoot a gun.
5. to send forth (words, ideas, etc.) rapidly: to shoot questions at someone.
6. to fling; propel: The volcano shot lava high into the air.
7. to direct sudd
enly or swiftly: Shoot the spotlight on the doorway. He shot a smile at his wife.
8. to move suddenly; send swiftly along.
9. to go over (country
) in hunting game.
10. to pass ra
pidly through, over, down, etc.: to shoot rapids.
11. to emit (a ray or rays, as of light) suddenly, briefly, or intermittently.
12. to variegate by threads, streaks, etc., of another color.
13. to cause to extend or project: He shot out his arm and grabbed the ball.
14. to discharge or empty, as down a chute: Do not shoot rubbish here!
15. Sports.
a. to throw, kick, or otherwise propel (a ball, puck, etc.), as at a goal or teammat
b. to score (a goal, points, etc.) by propelling the ball, puck, etc.
16. Games. to propel (a marble) from the crook or first knuckle of the forefinger by flicking with the thumb.
17. (in dice games
a. to throw (the dice or a specific number).
b. to wager or offer to bet (a sum of money): I'll shoot ten bucks.
18. Photography. to photograph or film.
19. to put forth (buds, branches, etc.), as a plant.
20. to slide (a bolt or the like) into or out of its fastening.
21. to pull (one's cuffs) abruptly toward one's hands.
22. Golf. to make a final score of (so many strokes): He shot a 73 on the first 18 holes of the tournament.
23. to take the altitude of (a heavenly body): to shoot the sun.
24. to detonate; c
ause to explode, as a charge of explosives.
25. Aeronautics. to practice (a maneuver) by repetition: to shoot landings.
26. Slang. to inject (an addictive drug) intravenously.
–verb (used without object)
27. to send forth missiles from a bow, firearm, or the like.
28. to be discharged, as a firearm.
29. to hunt with a gun for sport: He fishes, but he doesn't shoot.
30. to move or pass suddenly or swiftly; spurt: The car shot ahead and was soon out of sight.
31. Nautical. to acquire momentum and coast into the wind, as a sailboat in a confined area.
32. to grow forth from the ground, as a stem.
33. to put forth buds or shoots, as a plant; germinate.
34. Photography. to photograph.
35. Movies. to film or begin to film a scene or movie.
36. to extend; jut: a cape shooting out into the sea.
37. Sports, Games.
a. to propel a ball, puck, etc., at a goal, basket, pocket, etc., or in a specific direction: He shot for the green with a five iron.
b. to propel a ball in a specific way: The center shoots left-handed.
38. to be felt by or flow through or permeate the body: Pain shot through his injured arm. Chills shot up and down her spine.
39. to carry by force of discharge or momentum: The missile left its pad and shot thousands of miles into space.
40. Informal. to begin, esp. to begin to talk: I want to hear your complaint, so shoot!
41. the act of shooting with a bow, firearm, etc.
42. Chiefly British. a hunting trip or expedition.
43. a match or contest at shooting.
44. a growing or sprouting, as of a plant.
45. okay I kno u wont reacd each and every crossed meaning so I typed in between.. hehe :p
46. the amount of such growth.
47. a young branch, stem, twig, or the like.
48. a sprout that is not three feet high.
49. a chute.
50. Rocketry. the launching of a missile.
51. Informal. a photographic assignment or session, as for a feature film or a television commercial: The actress is away on a shoot.
52. Rowing. the interval between strokes.
53. Mining.
a. a small tunnel branching off from a larger tunnel.
b. a narrow vein of ore.
—Verb phrases
54. shoot down,
a. to cause to fall by hitting with a shot: They shot down several ducks.
b. Informal. to disparage, reject, or expose as false or inadequate; debunk: to shoot down a popular theory.
55. shoot for or at, to attempt to obtain or accomplish; strive toward: He is shooting for a higher production level.
56. shoot up,
a. to grow rapidly or suddenly.
b. Informal. to damage or harass by reckless shooting: cowboys shooting up the town.
c. to wound by shooting: He shot up the lion, but his guide killed it.
d. Slang. to inject an addictive drug intravenously.
57. shoot from the hip, to act or speak without due consideration or deliberation.
58. shoot off one's mouth or face, Slang.
a. to talk indiscreetly, esp. to reveal confidences, make thoughtless remarks, etc.
b. to exaggerate: He likes to shoot off his mouth about what a great guy he is.
59. shoot one's bolt. bolt1 (def. 28).
60. shoot one's wad. wad1 (def. 13).
61. shoot the breeze. breeze1 (def. 11).
62. shoot the bull. bull3 (def. 2).
63. shoot the works. work (def. 54).”

Scrolling till #62 without actually reading at all :p

Sorry guys. This post was supposed to be a shorter one. As I was just supposed to growl about u people not commenting and the end.

But destiny has its own plans. And we have to accept whatever destiny has in store for us. :D :p

Anyway. the thing is that, all the striked-out meanings does not mean what I wanted “shoot” to mean. And the non striked-out meaning i.e the meaning #18 is the meaning :D

And yes! Even if I wanted to shoot-shoot i.e photograph the innocent lil kitty
kitty’s snap. And theres no way on the face of earth I can find this kitty. It is going to be a hard harder and hardest thing for me or anyone . as I goggled this innocent lil kitty and even if I found the address of the kitty by searching for here day and night I wont be able to get to her ..

Nine reasons why I cant shoot this innocent-lil-kitty:

1. This kitty could be a mother of 15-20 kittens and she(it?) would be in a bad shape and even if I passed by this kitty I would think of this kitty as an “old mama” kitty and keep on searching the innocent lil kitty:

2. This kitty could be father of 15-20 kittens and would be on world tour as his(it’s) kids are now grown up and now he’s(its?) free of all his(its) responsibilities.

3. This kitty could be in love with some cat and she ran away with her cf(cat friend).

4. The cat was our “innocent lil kitty” who ran away with its female companion.

5. The kitty is probably dead. Sigh. Sob. Wail. (as God knows when was the picture of this kitty taken, like 2 or 3 decades back, or even 1 decade back. I think lifespan of a kitty is not that long. Sob. Sigh. Wail.)

6. The kitty is murdered. She(it?) was murdered when she(it?) tried to steal some fish from Mr. doggy’s plate. Sob. Sigh. Wail

7. The kitty suffered from accident and she’s(it’s?) dead. She(it?) died when she was trying to save a mouse from the starving and she ate it, but the mouse was a poisoned mouse and she(it?) died. Sob. Sigh. Wail.

8. She(it?) fell from a nine storied building. And died on the spot. Sob. Sigh. Wail.

9. She(it?) is waiting for me to find her. But I can never find her(it?). As I am too lazy to go and start a search-campaign.

Ahh! I forgot .

What was I talking about in the first place :o ?

Yawn! m bored now.

Lemme go to sleep.

I can get an award for Crap-talk.

wrong spelling thing.

Actually I was not sure of the spelling of barbelofelis.. I knew how to pronounce it. but the spelling(okay u people already know by now, that I have no knowledge about language. I am dumb at grammar. Hell! I am dumb at almost everything. I even don’t know the a,c,b.d of sentence construction :o)

Anyway so I wanted to show some pics of barbelofelis to u people.

So I googled this by entering barbelofeils. And bingo! What I got is this >>

Did you mean: barbourofelis (did i??)

No standard web pages containing all your search terms were found. (seriously these google guys are dumb!)

Your search - barbelofelis - did not match any documents.

Suggestions:(aww cool, i now wonder : is google my long lost brother something?? cuz it seems to be like a helpful person, like me :D (hugs google bro))

• Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
(arrrgh! hell yes! i have undoubtedly inserted the right/correct spelling. Yeah thanks to my grammatical savvy, i always spell things correctly. ahem! thats what i think :o)

Try different keywords .(key and words?? Eh?? Do I have to scan a key or something??)

• Try more general keywords. (general? Hey I am googling about an animal not about wars or something, that u saying general, colonel and blah”

My god I thought. I would be the culprit of misguiding innocent–dumb people. And so I was duty-bound to tell u people that the spelling of barbelofelis is not correct.

Its actually spells like “barbourofelis” (actually I had to copy-paste it from the “Did you mean: barbourofelis ” thing. cuz I still have no grip of the spelling!)

Actually there are a lot of pics of the barbourofelis. Ahh! The spelling is pretty long n tough, I would rather call it “barb” from now on. :D(every time i want to talk about barbourofelis(note: pasted spelling) i have to copy paste it,hence i think "barb" is a reasonable name :D)

I have seen a lot of barb fights and barbs on the discovery channel. They are sorta cute, and strong, and all :D

So I here present a barb from the movie “ice age” cuz this is the cutest barb I could google.

Talking bout the primitive stuff.. mammoths were wow!.. I cant see the mammoths(for those who dont know,giant mammoths are also extinct creatures. Sigh.) I wish I could see the African elephant face to face. The huge animal In wilderness and me. Wow! Seems cool! :D

And one more thing I think u people should know is that: (again! i am brawling about this for the second time in a single post but this time its for a good purpose. ahem!):

I aint a language teacher. I aint good at grammar. I aint good at metaphors. I aint good at anything. I don’t know nothing about anything. So please do not blame me for my poor language skills. I suggest u blame urself and help this poor lil tanzy by gifting her with a chocolate or chocolate :D. I think that would definitely cheer the poor lil girl up :D :p

(p.s I don’t like bounty, anything without coconut Is welcome, ofcourse who ever gives 1rs or two rs chocolate to the “ poor lil gurl”, would be ceremoniously cursed with a life devoid of chocolates and full of “pumpkins” as for example she/he would only get food made from pumkin. Like pumkin burger, pumpkin pie, pumpkin sandwich and pumpkin rice and blah :D”

trojan horse unveiled!! .. ahem! partially though.

Okay after reading my post my twin decided to tell me the reason behind the comp-guys naming the Trojan-horse(the virus, in case u do not know :p)

When NJ informed me that he knew the reason, I was quite like u know. What? How?? I mean the dumb guy knows?? And me? I don’t?? why??

So it came out that this lazybones. Sometimes do read books??(ehh?? Excuse me?? What did ya just say?? Read?? And NJ?? There has to be some mistake??)

He likes to read book about roman empires and all.. (I never thought of picking this sorta book :o.)

So he asked me if I knew something about romans and rome and troy (aww romans. I don’t have much knowledge about rome n blah. All I know its that when I was in 10th grade. We had this stupid poem about Helen of troy and Archilles. So I know the names. And then when I was in this playin-pc-games-all-day phase. I used to play this strategy game called rome or something. So I know. Other than that, I don’t have a clue.)

Hmm so he said that the Archilles or some guy was invincible and he could not be killed by anyone (duh! Invincible and not killed by anyone :D wow! I thought they were pretty like same things :p). now when he said not killed n all. I was teleported in flash back where my language teacher was telling us sumthin about Achilles and I think, if I am not that forgetful, his only vulnerable point was his heel or something. Anyway. so he was telling me that stuff.. and he said there was some wall or something , and something else he said I don’t remember now. And he said that Trojan was the name of the horse . okay I think he said Archilles's horse. And then he was giving me more info. And I don’t remember something did occur.. yepp my net was not working so. We stop at that. And then now I always forget to ask him about this thing.

And hence I still don’t know the reason behind, comp-guys naming Trojan horse.

Okay now I conclude following things, after this half conversation with NJ:

1. Trojan was the name of a horse

2. This whole thing is about the troy thing. Helen is the culprit.

3. Archilles was invincible ("was supposed to be invincible" but he was not invincible, he did die in the end, thanks to his heel or toe or whatever it was)

4. This whole thing reminds me of a movie ”troy” starring brad pitt. And I always wanted to watch the movie. Sigh. I never could.(okay I am quite confused if troy was the movie in which “anjelina jolie” was brad’s mum(hhehe )or was it “Alexander”?? I m confused now! This whole roman empire nostalgia. Now makes me think about “the gladiator” its was a good movie. And I specially liked the fight with tigers (since tiger my favorite animal after barbelofelis (this is the scientific name, n I mostly use this name)aka “i-forgot-its-name” … after 12 seconds of intense thinking. I could remember that the name of my favorite animal is “saber-tooth” goshhh! Its like so good, and strong , like too good. Sigh. Its an extinct animal. But this is my first favorite animal, and in case we cannot consider the extinct animals. Then my fav animal is the tiger .. “grrrowwwwlll”)

5. Wall of troy or something had a part in the storyline.

6. The comp-guy who named Trojan horse virus, was a roman

6(a). The comp guy who named Trojan horse virus was a roman empire fan

6(b). The comp guys who named Trojan horse virus was threatened to death by the roman people, to include Trojan horse( they wanted to be famous or something)and he got scared n named the virus in honor or the horse the roman horse :p

6(c). The comp guys who named Trojan horse virus was a corrupt guy, who took money from roman people and included the name of the horse.

7. NJ reads books!

8. I’m so dumb!

P.S : I really don’t know the real spelling of Archilles. So incase u are offended by my spelling mistakes and typos and grammar. Please GO BACK TO WHERE U CAME FROM. :p

Thank u. :D

independece day and a true patriot

15th august. Wednesday

NJ is a true patriot. As Independence Day was round the corner. He did keep his orkut dp and I suggested him, this year he needs to keep something that is prepared by himself n not those googled dp’s. he kept his dp like “countdown :15 days left for independence day” and all everyday… (ok so at least someone listens to me!) wow! :o now on independence day he has changed hi dp(prepared by himself). It had text something like “wake the spirit”.. ahh I doubt?? What sort of spirit he wants to wake??

Eh ?? is it the zombie spirit?? Or the spirit of some serial killer? Or some baddy?? Or spirit of demon?? My GOD. I wonder why Nj has kept his tagline :o ??is it that he wants the demon age to come back? NJ is not a good guy any more. LORd forgive him for his sins. :p


Wake the spirit.. ?? is he perhaps talking about the spirit lamp?? Like u know. He wants to say that, please light the spirit lamps in the merriment of our independence??


Wake the spirit..??? ahem! spirit is the name of his new gf :D :p.. and he wants to say that wake spirit :D on independence day. n he has used “the spirit” as me n him both are poor at grammar :P.,. so this “the” in “wake the spirit” is possibly a grammatical mistake :p


This is just the beginning. Okay now that crackpot even changed his “caller tune”. And in case u don’t know what a caller tune is. It is something that u hear as a substitute of the fone ring i.e “tring tring” when u call them . okay now don’t confuse it with the “ring tone”

Okay so difference between caller tune and ring tone :D (I know, I know I am a helpful person :D, thank u )

Caller tune:

A tune or song instead of a typical “tring tring” which u hear when u call a ur mum/dad/friend/sibling/significant other/ or any tomfoolery, is known as a caller tune.

Ring tone:

A tune or song instead of a typical “tring tring” which u hear when ur mum/dad/friend/sibling/significant other/ or any tomfoolery calls u, is known as a ring tone

Caller tune: This is a paid service (incase u are a penny-pincher. I think this service is not for u.)

Ring tone: This is a free-of-charge service (incase ur a penny-pincher. I think this service is for u and in case u aren’t a penny pincher, then too this service is for u.)

Caller tune: Caller tune can play song in any language

Ring tone: A ring tone can play song in any language. (ahh! so it is not a difference. And so this does not quite belong in here.)

Caller tune: Now this is something which the person u call has to activate
Ring tone: And this is something which the person who has the phone has to activate.

Caller tune: but the person who has made a call to the person who activated the thing, will hear this thing and not to the person who has activated the service.
Ring tone: The person who is being called will hear the ring tone. And not the person who has called.

okay now I think u have a clear picture of caller tune and ring tone in ur head :D

Ahh!! Where was i?? yepp :D :p

Nj changed his caller tune to some patriotic song (wow now u know why I said he’s a true patriot) and I must say he’s done a great job! (ahh! After all hez my twin! He ought to do great things like me! :D) okay now I seriously wont waste my money switching caller tunes and all

:o one is enough for me :o

And I still don’t understand why I have activated this caller tune. i mean spending few bucks a month for a caller tune?? Can u imagine I , myself and tanzy?? Activating a caller tune?(long story) Okay I love the song. N u know which song is my caller tune :D

It’s sorta was or is considered the teen-anthem.. any guess?? Umm .. so the song is “smells like teen spirit” – Nirvana

Speaking of nirvana…u kno. I always wonder. About curt cobain.. was he murdered or did he commit suicide??

Its such a shame that all the new technology detective people and FBI’s and blah’s could not make out. I mean think about it. They are the people who can solve so many weird criminal mysteries ( I know, cuz I was a regular viewer of medical detectives, and crime files!) but why could they not find. This thing. Okay the door was locked from inside as far as I know. But the way he was lying is a suspicious position and on his suicide letter. Half of the hand writings were his. But the part where he says that I am blah blah going to suicide or sumthin, were not his hand writing. I really need an explanation over here!

Arrgh! again out of track!

Okay independence day. NJ.

So speaking of NJ u know, last year also he did something like that. But u know. This time I also did prepare my hand(read: ms paint) made national flag n kept it was my dp :D

I love orignatily. Theres noting good in googling some flags or sumthin, but when u make it ur self. U feel good!


Today is the independence day!

And I would like to say…

This is the 60th birthday of my mother INDIA.

I wish her a happy birthday. And may she is able to purge all the corruption, and the communism, and nepotism and other –ism’s (I know there are a hell lot or -ism’s in my country) and may she live a long and happy life :D

Jai HINd!

offspring naming thing

If I ever get lucky enough to get a guy for myself, and get married. And then I would have offspring’s. I would like to name them as follows :D (Okay I like twins a lot, they are so cute n sweet and twins have enthralled me since ages like from my childhood, I used to think that I would have twins a boy-girl/ girl-girl/ boy-boy/ girl-boy. Any gender in any order will do :D)

Names of lil boys and lil gurls:

1. For my lil gurls: Xenobia, xenab, xareena

2. For my lil boys: Xain or xen, Xakhir, X(I am still not sure about this name.) p.s for this entry see some time later :p

So my offspring’s name would be as follows:

* Boy-girl =

o Xain/ xen-xenobia,

o Xain/ xen-xenab,

o Xain/ xen-xareena

o xakhir-xenobia,

o xakhir-xenab,

o xakhir-xareena :D

* Girl-girl =

o xenobia-xenab,

o xenobia-xareen,

o xenab-xareen

* Boy-boy =

o Xain/ xen-xakhir

ha ha … :D
(Parenthetical note: here it is assumed that I will have twins.)

umm okay as u must have guessed till now (those ofcourese who have somewhat brains, and this note is for the brain-dead people. Anyway. I have this thing which makes me want to name my kids with the word “X” yeah! :D

R.I.P tanzy

15 things would come about, If my soul departs my body, right here , right now :

1. This entry would be incomplete.

2. I wont be able to brawl at the net-fixing people as they come to my place (My internet is not working and these dumb-@ss internet fixing guys haven’t showed up. They asked me to get my pc formatted and I dutifully got the pc formatted, then that dumb-@ss, again came n told me to format both the drives(grrrr) okay I did that too, and now I am calling those Dumb-@ss people since Saturday morning, and non one has showed up yet. I have made 3 calls per day. And this entry is being typed as I call this dumb-@ss customer service guy and yell at him (so I have a lot of venom inside of me :D, and by the way u know I love shouting :D) now I am waiting for this dumb-@ss internet guy to come and fix the thing, cuz now I am bored and frustrated, I want to have a glimpse of GD’s sb right away )

3. I haven’t seen my significant other, forget about meeting him (no no no! I dun want my soul to depart right now!! Arrgh!)he wont even know that a person with such a beautiful heart and soul and yadda yadda existed (hey! Atleast he has to think high of me :D) Sob. He is going to have a great loss. Sob. :D

4. Shawn will get to eat my chocolates, drive my “dhanno”, use my cellphone, and will get to use the pc for more time, he would think of himself as the “ emperor of the pc” (No! I dun want my soul to depart, not after hearing all this!)

5. Mum would fret now, as from now on, whenever the maid wont show up. She wont get any free housekeeping services!

6. I would not be able to be dressed in “sherara” at dee’s nuptial (noooo!!!)

7. GD wont know that I am dead. I m quite like dead for him since like ages now. I haven’t had any text from his side. Sob.

8. NJ would cry a river (yay! Atlast someone will cry for my loss) NJ is my twin(not my biological twin but a twin(long story tell ya later), and in case he does not cry, my ghost would make his pc’s hard-disk crash, throw this R.A.M, and put 15-20 cd’s after him, and last but not the least I WOULD CUT HIS BEAUTIFUL LONG HAIR INTO SPIKES (ha ha) im sure that this much is more then enough to make him to cry a river and just as a lil addendum I would put glycerin drops in his eyes :D

9. As I have a few friends and I am poor at keeping contacts with them, no one will ever know until one day when all my offlines and mails will go un answered. Sharon would probably call my place. To find that I live no more :D haha :D and then one fine day u would meet Sharon somewhere and u by mistake mention me. And then Sharon says that I have left the dimension :D :p (okay Sharon will come to know as soon as my soul departs so, I will tell Sharon not to notify anyone about departure of the soul from my body, until and unless they ask about me, why bother and tell them about me, when they don’t care :D)

10. My mail box will be full with all those “u win a 100 million lottery” and “buy this and that” spam’s (Ahh! I would miss those spam’s)

11. I would never know what happened in the “harry potter and the deathly hallows” (okay, I aint an HP fan something, its just that I am a lil inquisitive about the ending as I have read all the 6 books. Of course I am not going to waste my money and buy the book or something, I would just wait for the book to come to the library and read. Or borrow it from dee when she comes back over here. (yeah may it be anything, all I want to know is what happened in the end!)

#1 Okay girl as u said u are inquisitive about the ending of the storyline, then why don’t u go to some website and see for yourself?

#2 yeah I m inquisitive bt not that, okay I will try to visit to some website if I get time. Yawn.(I would have to google and blah. And if I wanted to google wont I be googling something more important than just googling about this HP?)

#1 u lazy bone!

#2 u rusty bone :p

#1shut up n do ur own work

#2 shut up n do ur own work

#1 I am hungry

#2 okay hungry dungry go away :p

12. What will happen to my library cards? Sob.

13. Number 13 is a good number :D some buildings do not have the 13th floor, they directly have the 14th floor , but I. myself, and tanzy have the 13th number in the list. :D

14. Wont get free chocolates from Ivan.

15. I would die as a high-school pass out. Shame.

Okay now enough bitching about all this :o

The world Is mean. Hard-core mean! I am dead since like a week and no one. No effin person did call me up/ asked me where I was/ mail/offlines/ nothing doing. I hate every one now. No problemo!

So now I know for sure no one would know that tanzy panzy is six feet under :o



Sunday. Boring day.( I know my most of the lines start with “boring” my lines are boring.)

I was supposed to wake up at 8 30 am as I had to take Shawn to some math class(math class is called ALOHA : tell thy about it later) my mom tried to wake me up. In vain. And then after some time, I heard a serenade. My mum was singing it, it was so so un-appealingly furious serenade that I had to wakeup at 8 50. I got ready n took a book and set out for ALOHA. As this class is once a week for two hours, and I cant just drop him and then go to pick him up, that sounds boring to me, and very tedious, instead I sit there and read a book, or loiter around like going to the library n read. Now I need to tell you, that I am a reading-freak, I like reading a lot, reading anything, reading mags, or fiction or anything(exception : my course study book, ha ha. Whenever I am in a dire need to sleep but cant sleep I used to take my course study book, and in a jiffy u would notice that I am teleported to a new dimension!) I am a regular visitor of the city library and read at least 1 book a week ( I have two library cards. yay!)

I am such a dimwit, u can hand me any damn book and I would make sure that the book is read till the last page (okay u haven’t read any world war book yet, as no one handed me the book and I wont take this sorta book on my card but still I have read pretty weird books) and the mostly I complete a 500- 600 paged book in two days. Okay I m weird. And I am blind I kinda skip all that boring description part like: there was a blah blah colored blah blah. And then the blah blah.. blah blah.. yadda yadda beautiful blah blah… ) sorta thing.. hey! I don’t skip everything I just make sure that the boring description of non useful things is skipped.

Back on track:

So day passes by I spend two hours reading the book, Shawn came out, I drove back home, I had to stop at few places to buy some grocery stuff mum asked me to buy, went back home, and spent the rest of my time reading.

At 12 pm, as it was Sunday on our TV they show an old flick and so today’s movie was “the bird of hope” a black and white movie. My dorkitude sometimes make me watch all these stupid movies. I was trying to watch this movie, but today we(me and the movie) did not mesh well, I was bored and I switch off the TV while the hero was singing a song while driving his bicycle “ the bird of hope.. will fly high in sky..” I could not take it anymore. I’d rather read than get bored to death. Bt amusingly sometimes I choose watching a boring movie.. :o… anyway, after I complete the book, i came back to the world once again :D.. n I was sleepy. Needed a nap badly. But instead I had to some chore. After completing the thing, I went back to bed. But I couldnot sleep at all … arrgh!! All sorts of thoughts gushed into my head… mostly nonsensical things.. and I got lost thinking about non important things..

The door-bell rings. My maternal aunt with her kids come to visit us. I thought I would play possum, instead greeted her n the kids.. rose and franko they are 8 and 10 year olds respectively. So my house is filled with kids. And I play with them (okay I like to play with kids but sometimes they get off the record and irk u like our are some miserable poor thing.)we play this game where I am a zombie and I repeatedly utter “beggar no begging, beggar no begging” I really don’t understand why the like to play with me. Cuz I am an adult, a grown up, they don’t play the games with dee, which they play with me. What is wrong?? Why they ask me to play? I guess dee would never play a zombie game or fight with them like crazy, the way I do. :D

Anyway the “zombie beggar” game was quite funny and I liked the game, where I was the zombie and three innocent humans were rose, Shawn, and franko

I walked in a zombie’ish way and made my voice a bit huskier :D.. it was fun.. killing the innocent humans n ripping them off with my deadly paws :D

Most of the times, whenever they come to visit our place, me, Shawn, rose n franko play a number of games and have fun n laugh n giggle. I love everything that makes me laugh :D (exceptions: I hate tickling. That is a total no-no thing for me)today was just the zombie game and no other game as I was engrossed in a discussion with my uncle. My kins had dinner at my place and left at around 10.

today I have a zillion things to bitch about , but my body needs an emergency shutdown. am feeling a hell lot sleepy.

Next time I come here. Please remind me to bitch about my brain-dead net connection, my friends who even don’t bother to leave me an offline so forget about anything else from their side, and my old age!




Today was a… yawn. Nothing interesting transpired today. And I was like. Yawn. Okay so I am boring.

Something very special about Saturdays is that on Saturdays. The tv people show this puppet thingy show on the radio (dork! Tv people would broadcast the show on the TV only na?? I seriously recommend u to take some medication!) . And that puppet show has a character “Elmo” in it. And believe me, he’s so cute (he’s got this biggy big nose, and potato shaped eyes, and red fur on him)and he’s DUMB! I like the dumb tone in which he speaks (that tone is so Popsicle sweet!) the show is fairly boring apart from the part when Elmo shows up that’s when I start to watch the show :D

I hate to socialize much. I mean I hate it. okay I know I hate a lot of things. But socialize?? My GOD!

exceptions: dee n Sharon

now I don’t like anyone else coming alone with them when I meet them up, like whenever Sharon comes to meet me, she drags this nick with her. Okay its bearable if she drags him once or twice. Bt I am irked now. Cuz whenever its me n her meeting, this nick is there. Okay nick aint a baddy or something. He’s sharons boyfriend.

Bt I demand an explanation over here. Is this every much necessary to drag ur bf or gf anywhere n everywhere.?And why cant the significant other not understand that sharon’s friend wants to meet her and have some girl bonding? Which is totally ruined with presence of nick? Why cant Sharon think that she can sometimes come to meet me alone? Cuz I really hate it now. I mean girls day out is a bit of fun. But when “the bf” shows up its like, I am really revolted by this thing. Okay I understand that they love each other ( ha ha :p.. I mean loving does not mean to drag ur nick everywhere. Have some sense.. grrr)

Sometime ago when I used to go out with dee. William used to come. Umm. Okay now dat was not that boring as nick. Ahem! Nick aint boring though bt William was something different. I think, or I must say. infact there were only one or two times, when I got bored and was cursing both of them(long story) they were best frenz. Willam was my good friend too. i never talked with him on phone, except for times when dee and William had some brawl. Or when dee was talkin to him,(I hate talkin to guys on phone as I have said before I m pure-boring, I mean what is the topic on which u will talk?? Eh? Okay NJ, exceptions are always there, NJ is like me. u know stupid n dumb n all so I can talk to him) and we used to poke fun at dee together.

lemme tell you how he was:

1. He ought to be about like a lil more or less than 5 feet and 7 inches (but no more than 5’8 okay I think that he has to be 5’7 becuz 5’8 and William no way!)

2. He was sorta guy at the age of 22 u kno, all those high-school gurls would fall for, he looked chocolatey sweet(seriously to me he still looks like a 12th grader..not like our piece of cake :p)

3. He had this crush on my dee :p

4. He was a flirt ha ha (ofcourse not with me n dee or else I would have killed him with a chainsaw mele!)

5. I still think that he’s a lil baby

William was a nice guy “was” as he is married now. (child marriage probably) so dee has no contacts with him. :D

Now will anyone please let me know?? What was I talking about in the first place which ended with a comprehensive intro about William??

Lemme scroll up and see :o

Draggin your significant other while meeting ur friend. Right?

So its damn boring man! Seriously.

Mental note : I would never drag my significant other when my friend wants to meet me.. she would have to mention me to drag him with me, then and then only I would ask him to come along.

I had a date with Sharon today. Tanzy thinks: yay! We would go to some jewelry shop and then have some drinks n talk talk. I give her a missed call. (did ya forget this is miss tanzy the penny-pincher??) now she texts me that she would be free in 10 mins .(tanzy: normal) I was hoping that this would be a girls day out and now the later part of text says, “yeah nick would reach the place in a short time “( argh!.. excuse me sharon?? Who invited nick ?? I did not? Why is he coming? Is there not any work pending, he has to do? Was he not supposed to take his mother somewhere important? Tell me this is a joke?? blah blah?) so my girls day out now turned into a girls day out with a boyfriend of the girl who always drags himself with the girlfriend!

Seriously people one can not imagine how it feels, because when a bf is around u cant talk they way u talk I mean u can laugh and all?ofcourse I can talk with Sharon when he’s around, its just that I like to talk to my good friends and only friends he can be considered as a only friend. But that is cuz Sharon is with him, she is the link between me ne nick, if the link is no more, I wont talk to him, cuz I don’t like talking like that, perhaps if we (me n nick) coincidently meet each other at a restaurant or something I would say “hi” and scuttle to where I was. Nothing doing. Anyway I really don’t like boyfriends coming along. (okay now shut up! U chickenhead! Stop!... okay.. okay.. shutting the system down) :o

Now nick goes to get some thing so this is when I get some time to talk to Sharon, and I feel normal :D

I think I won’t go to meet Sharon anymore. I like one to one thingy. I m a loner sorta person I hate socializing and in situations like these I have to, try not to not socialize. Okay I again say that nick aint a bad guy. He a great guy and he does not talk with everyone BUT BUT BUT talks with me

( #1 so u should be happy that Sharon’s reserved bf talks with u and now so please be calm and happy and do not bitch about it.

#2 I know. I kno. Its just that…

#1 just what????

#2 Its just that I can meet him n Sharon together once or twice but?? Every single damn time I meet Sharon, he is not supposed to be there grrrrrr (I guess I got the best wailer award today. Thanks)

#1 sleeping.)

When I meet Sharon. She firstly remarks me for the way I was looking. I have to confess here. I was looking no better than a dork!(dorks look like dorks only :p)

Yea but I was more dorky today. As I am suffering from some mental turmoil(will sob about this later) nowadays. I dun like to dress up or anything like that, okay I look pathetic in pony and I know that, but still I had a pony n oily greasy hair :D, dint shampoo either, no eyeliner (how??i never leave my dwelling without the liner?? So u can guess I m really depressed nowadays :D ) :p

I tell her lightly that I am depressed and laugh at the same time :D

(#1 hey missy tanzy u just said that u are depressed, then how can u laugh n say that u are depressed??

#2 hey gurl! is there any code of conduct for depressed people to behave in a certain way. Okay what proof do I have to present for proving that I am depressed?? Ahh? Should I join “ I m depressed” forum in orkut?? Ha ha ? tell me why are u so silent?? :p I know I am depressed in a joyful that’s it :D :p

#1 blank

#2 yay! I rule I shut her up!

#1 shut up! )

So where was i?? I tel her that I am depressed.. and then I get a sudden urge, I want to go back home! I have become a dedicated homie u know :o

I wished I could scurry back home or go to library n have some quality time with the books or go to my favorite place and have some cold coco (incase u don’t know what a cold coco is, I would like u to know as I am the queen of helping hands so I am compelled to tell u. that cold coco is a cold thing as u can make out from its name. coco is like chocolaty liquefied thick drink sorta thing n its yumm :D )and feel sorry for myself! Or just thinking something and not knowing what I am thinking, and watching people pass by the road n thinking nothing but something but alas!

Okay so much of the boring-waling thingy today

So the bottom line is:

Today I met sharon and she dragged nick with her as usual. So I was peeved (okay Missy. Peeve! Now go back to where u came form! The bed I think u need to sleep now :p)
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