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ad's ad's ad's *echo*

Three T.V commercials that makes me want to clap my hands or feel blissful or whatsoever sentiment which is synonymous to the feeling of being happy :

1. Chulbully - It’s a shampoo advertisement “Clinic All Clear – shampoo” It’s an animated cartoony advertisement, where this lil girl is so wide eyed like u know, kinda so inquisitive about things and blah.. Oh! ! she’s so so efffin adorable.. She wakes up, hops from her room window and begins to play and all, and then she ascends on the tree to obtain an egg, and this birdy shits on her. Hehe.. And etcetera etcetera

2. Croc. Loves the candy – So this advertisement is of a toffee called “Alpenlibe”, quite an amusing [ah atleast it seems so to dim-wits like me]. Here this woman throws this “ape and leechy” toffee in the crocodile farm, and OUR croc. [omg omg.. I totally love the ad] Anyway. So our croc is kinda like addicted to this toffee and follows the woman every where she goes.. U know. Its so so so adorable [reader: yeah I know, I know Tanzy, now u get lost! ! !] Our croc follows her to the movie theater and everybody gets terrified and then it asks for the toffee and she says that shez havin popcorn and not the toffee :p The ad is having air which just so so sweet and humorous. I just love it [reader: shut up, will u ??] Now it crawls on her car and then in the end, when she’s going to take a bath.. He’s in the bath tub.. With a towel on his head and foam all around.. Hehe [ hey. I dun remember about the towel thing.. :o , it may be or maybe not, or its just that I hallucinated a towel on his head :|]

3. Our Bajaj[repeat*echo] – This is a motorcycle advertisement. The music is quite YO I love the beat and and the video is moderately good.. U kno. Its like a bike comes out of the former bike and moves ahead and all [okay m not too good in narration and all. So damn me! ! ! But u cant do anything.. :p] Errm.. I think my fondness to this song and advertisement lies in …. [Yeah people… for knowing the reason behind my fondness to this bajaj advertisement we’l have to go back in time, yeah..] When I was like 4-5 year old wide eyed gurl [yeah just like chulbully.. :p] these Bajaj people used to show this advertisement. Well at that time instead of bikes there were scooters! ! And the music was kinda retardingly slow.. But I liked the advertisement anyhow.. And so now u know, my childhood is behind, me-liking-Bajaj :p :o.. and every child has some past crap :|

All these three ad’s are my top fave’s and whenever I am in other room and any of the ad’s come on the television, I scuttle to the drawing room, to see them, and start clapping and singing along [retard ??]

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