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keeping my word.

I present all the pics of the kitty people plus their names. Okay I made their names,

Apparently I am taking meow classes(in case u people don’t know the what meow classes are, I would like to tell u that they are language classes where I am trying to learn native lingo of the kitties so that we have a better understanding and blah and so that I can live peacefully without kitties stalking me and all .) and I am a novice as today I have joined the classes and it will take time, till the time when, I would be able to meow! Like them.

And today I learned that. When u want to eat u say meow, when u are angry u say meow I am practically a dunce, so wil take time to learn the lingo.


As promised to the moony-guy-kitty from the K.R.O (Kitty rights organisation)
I hereby present the pics. of kitties :D

>>> tadaaaaaaa <<<

her name is lucy, new born malnutritoned kitty.
the one who veils herself from every one.
i was not able to shoot her as she was running away from me
but atlast got 2 pixs :D he he

lucy again.
She is hiding from me behind a barrel or something like that. hehe shez a cute kitty aint she?? :D

two wannabe kitties sad and miserable, cuz of me (as per moony-guy-kitty)
anyway their names kid and kiddy :D I hope my endeavor will cheer them up

was waiting for me, that i would come perhaps and take her picture or somethin, with a rose in her hand, but as i did not take her picture, the rose withered and she was sad.


he was so sad. u can make out from his picture.

hez cute too. :D

and do u not wonder the name of the first kitty in this post???
the one who is resting on some ones hand???

well well

i know u may be having thoughts of killing the kitty. yeah! he's a bad kitty and u can make it out from his pic. he can be no other than Mr. moony-meow-kitty.. the cruel one, cuz of whom i had to suffer. he looks really fierce and scary.. grrr :x

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malawika said...
October 14, 2007 at 2:04 PM

Wow! Cute kitties... :)

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