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kitty mail.

Figuring out the kitty thing. I think.
1. I dream about kitty.

2. So many kitties around in my neighborhood (all of a sudden!)

3. And apparently I am hearing a lot of meow and stuff.

And blah blah which you people by now know cuz of my previous rantings in relation to the kitty kitty everywhere thing..


I believe these are some sorta warning sign or signs, and I think these signs want to pass on a message to me, and I conclude the message is as follows:

To. :
Sub. : Grievances
Dear tanzy-panzy (or whoever u are, we really don’t care!)

The point is. We appreciate ur kindness by not killing shooting our fellow kitty and shooting his photograph (yeah! “Him” he was a male kitty, if u don’t know). we are stirred by ur first-rate endeavor, where u have put a just another kitty on internet (ur page or blog or whatsoever it is, we really don’t care, what matters is, that he is the first kitty from our community to be displayed on internet) but but but…

We are not very pleased as firstly u have not written tom’s name on the internet thing(we have our identity and we love to be called by our names!, how would u feel if I regard u as a human, not even a female, as u have done with our TOM, u have just called him a kitty, leave the male-female thing. But we have manners and we live by our ethics ) and secondly u have posted 1 snap of the kitty, while there are so many kitties who crave to be on internet and they want the world to know, how attractive they look and all, they need appreciation.(we all need it.)

Hence we are angry on u and most of the kitties are very sad and are going under therapy

…ALL CUZ OF U!!! miss tanzy…!!!

We are angry on u. and we will show our fury by haunting u and waking u when u are snoozing and poop-ing around your front door and stalking u
And I tell u, these are not just lame warnings! Mind you.

we demand hope that u would take instantaneous steps or else u would have to face the consequences.

Thanking u,
Mr. Moony meow guy.
(trustee – K.R.O (kitty rights association).


Ok now I am scared and I think I need to plant some kitty snaps plus their names or else my life is going to be kittylicious.. and I seriously don’t want that to happen.

To :
Sub: Re: grievances

Hey moony kitty guy,

I have taken delivery of ur mail (though I got ur mail when the damage was already done)
Don’t worry dude(or kit! As u are a kitty, am I allowed to regard yu as a dude??)
I am a good gurl
I am for world peace but I would like to poision u and all ur kitty people thereby contributing to world peace
I love love
And I love peace
And I love not to be interrupted when I am snoozing, by some kitty who likes to hop on me, and stalk me and haunt me wherever I go.
Therefore I think. I will take some steps ASAP.

Long live world peace!
Short live(d) meowing and stalking me everywhere by kitties

(okay I want them(the kitty people) to think like I am one of them as I want reciprocated understanding and blah and I want them to think high of me)


Ahem! They gave me a forewarning???

Hello! i never got any warning. All they did was, just making trouble for me And nothing else.

Ahh!! So sad.. the mail came late

(a piece of advise: I suggest please don’t use the meow mail, its not reliable!) and I had to suffer cuz of the late mail arrival..aarghh!!

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