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Sunday. Boring day.( I know my most of the lines start with “boring” my lines are boring.)

I was supposed to wake up at 8 30 am as I had to take Shawn to some math class(math class is called ALOHA : tell thy about it later) my mom tried to wake me up. In vain. And then after some time, I heard a serenade. My mum was singing it, it was so so un-appealingly furious serenade that I had to wakeup at 8 50. I got ready n took a book and set out for ALOHA. As this class is once a week for two hours, and I cant just drop him and then go to pick him up, that sounds boring to me, and very tedious, instead I sit there and read a book, or loiter around like going to the library n read. Now I need to tell you, that I am a reading-freak, I like reading a lot, reading anything, reading mags, or fiction or anything(exception : my course study book, ha ha. Whenever I am in a dire need to sleep but cant sleep I used to take my course study book, and in a jiffy u would notice that I am teleported to a new dimension!) I am a regular visitor of the city library and read at least 1 book a week ( I have two library cards. yay!)

I am such a dimwit, u can hand me any damn book and I would make sure that the book is read till the last page (okay u haven’t read any world war book yet, as no one handed me the book and I wont take this sorta book on my card but still I have read pretty weird books) and the mostly I complete a 500- 600 paged book in two days. Okay I m weird. And I am blind I kinda skip all that boring description part like: there was a blah blah colored blah blah. And then the blah blah.. blah blah.. yadda yadda beautiful blah blah… ) sorta thing.. hey! I don’t skip everything I just make sure that the boring description of non useful things is skipped.

Back on track:

So day passes by I spend two hours reading the book, Shawn came out, I drove back home, I had to stop at few places to buy some grocery stuff mum asked me to buy, went back home, and spent the rest of my time reading.

At 12 pm, as it was Sunday on our TV they show an old flick and so today’s movie was “the bird of hope” a black and white movie. My dorkitude sometimes make me watch all these stupid movies. I was trying to watch this movie, but today we(me and the movie) did not mesh well, I was bored and I switch off the TV while the hero was singing a song while driving his bicycle “ the bird of hope.. will fly high in sky..” I could not take it anymore. I’d rather read than get bored to death. Bt amusingly sometimes I choose watching a boring movie.. :o… anyway, after I complete the book, i came back to the world once again :D.. n I was sleepy. Needed a nap badly. But instead I had to some chore. After completing the thing, I went back to bed. But I couldnot sleep at all … arrgh!! All sorts of thoughts gushed into my head… mostly nonsensical things.. and I got lost thinking about non important things..

The door-bell rings. My maternal aunt with her kids come to visit us. I thought I would play possum, instead greeted her n the kids.. rose and franko they are 8 and 10 year olds respectively. So my house is filled with kids. And I play with them (okay I like to play with kids but sometimes they get off the record and irk u like our are some miserable poor thing.)we play this game where I am a zombie and I repeatedly utter “beggar no begging, beggar no begging” I really don’t understand why the like to play with me. Cuz I am an adult, a grown up, they don’t play the games with dee, which they play with me. What is wrong?? Why they ask me to play? I guess dee would never play a zombie game or fight with them like crazy, the way I do. :D

Anyway the “zombie beggar” game was quite funny and I liked the game, where I was the zombie and three innocent humans were rose, Shawn, and franko

I walked in a zombie’ish way and made my voice a bit huskier :D.. it was fun.. killing the innocent humans n ripping them off with my deadly paws :D

Most of the times, whenever they come to visit our place, me, Shawn, rose n franko play a number of games and have fun n laugh n giggle. I love everything that makes me laugh :D (exceptions: I hate tickling. That is a total no-no thing for me)today was just the zombie game and no other game as I was engrossed in a discussion with my uncle. My kins had dinner at my place and left at around 10.

today I have a zillion things to bitch about , but my body needs an emergency shutdown. am feeling a hell lot sleepy.

Next time I come here. Please remind me to bitch about my brain-dead net connection, my friends who even don’t bother to leave me an offline so forget about anything else from their side, and my old age!



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