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iPhone5 Pictures!

Ps: I got tired of watching this update on my blog so pushed it back to 2005. so atleast I dont have to see it everytime I visit

Update 11/2012:Well.. We all know this post is a like a year old and iphone 5 is no where near this bful piece. but if you still want to read, then go ahead. wont stop you :)

I cannot express my neverending love for Apple's iPhone and cant wait for iPhone 5 (super excited!!). So here is a picture of iPhone 5th generation which in my opinion is most believable.

It all started in January when I got my first iPhone 3gs, just for using silly reasons. 10 days later: I wanted to get iPhone 4 did a bit research and found that my dear iPhone 5 is going to be launched soon. So I thought its better to wait a while to get something more awesome. :D I am sure its going to be worth the wait and I hope its slimmer and this picture is really really close to what I think iphone5 will be.

Anyway so I've heard that Apple always releases pictures of iPhone (unofficially) before its launch so this might really be the phone we all are waiting for. (yeah droid lovers too so they can say mean things about iPhone lol) :p I dont mind, I dont mind cuz I am happy and that is the only thing that matters :D

To iPhone,

I love you and I will be with you soon. Till then I'll just do with your elder brother.


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