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independece day and a true patriot

15th august. Wednesday

NJ is a true patriot. As Independence Day was round the corner. He did keep his orkut dp and I suggested him, this year he needs to keep something that is prepared by himself n not those googled dp’s. he kept his dp like “countdown :15 days left for independence day” and all everyday… (ok so at least someone listens to me!) wow! :o now on independence day he has changed hi dp(prepared by himself). It had text something like “wake the spirit”.. ahh I doubt?? What sort of spirit he wants to wake??

Eh ?? is it the zombie spirit?? Or the spirit of some serial killer? Or some baddy?? Or spirit of demon?? My GOD. I wonder why Nj has kept his tagline :o ??is it that he wants the demon age to come back? NJ is not a good guy any more. LORd forgive him for his sins. :p


Wake the spirit.. ?? is he perhaps talking about the spirit lamp?? Like u know. He wants to say that, please light the spirit lamps in the merriment of our independence??


Wake the spirit..??? ahem! spirit is the name of his new gf :D :p.. and he wants to say that wake spirit :D on independence day. n he has used “the spirit” as me n him both are poor at grammar :P.,. so this “the” in “wake the spirit” is possibly a grammatical mistake :p


This is just the beginning. Okay now that crackpot even changed his “caller tune”. And in case u don’t know what a caller tune is. It is something that u hear as a substitute of the fone ring i.e “tring tring” when u call them . okay now don’t confuse it with the “ring tone”

Okay so difference between caller tune and ring tone :D (I know, I know I am a helpful person :D, thank u )

Caller tune:

A tune or song instead of a typical “tring tring” which u hear when u call a ur mum/dad/friend/sibling/significant other/ or any tomfoolery, is known as a caller tune.

Ring tone:

A tune or song instead of a typical “tring tring” which u hear when ur mum/dad/friend/sibling/significant other/ or any tomfoolery calls u, is known as a ring tone

Caller tune: This is a paid service (incase u are a penny-pincher. I think this service is not for u.)

Ring tone: This is a free-of-charge service (incase ur a penny-pincher. I think this service is for u and in case u aren’t a penny pincher, then too this service is for u.)

Caller tune: Caller tune can play song in any language

Ring tone: A ring tone can play song in any language. (ahh! so it is not a difference. And so this does not quite belong in here.)

Caller tune: Now this is something which the person u call has to activate
Ring tone: And this is something which the person who has the phone has to activate.

Caller tune: but the person who has made a call to the person who activated the thing, will hear this thing and not to the person who has activated the service.
Ring tone: The person who is being called will hear the ring tone. And not the person who has called.

okay now I think u have a clear picture of caller tune and ring tone in ur head :D

Ahh!! Where was i?? yepp :D :p

Nj changed his caller tune to some patriotic song (wow now u know why I said he’s a true patriot) and I must say he’s done a great job! (ahh! After all hez my twin! He ought to do great things like me! :D) okay now I seriously wont waste my money switching caller tunes and all

:o one is enough for me :o

And I still don’t understand why I have activated this caller tune. i mean spending few bucks a month for a caller tune?? Can u imagine I , myself and tanzy?? Activating a caller tune?(long story) Okay I love the song. N u know which song is my caller tune :D

It’s sorta was or is considered the teen-anthem.. any guess?? Umm .. so the song is “smells like teen spirit” – Nirvana

Speaking of nirvana…u kno. I always wonder. About curt cobain.. was he murdered or did he commit suicide??

Its such a shame that all the new technology detective people and FBI’s and blah’s could not make out. I mean think about it. They are the people who can solve so many weird criminal mysteries ( I know, cuz I was a regular viewer of medical detectives, and crime files!) but why could they not find. This thing. Okay the door was locked from inside as far as I know. But the way he was lying is a suspicious position and on his suicide letter. Half of the hand writings were his. But the part where he says that I am blah blah going to suicide or sumthin, were not his hand writing. I really need an explanation over here!

Arrgh! again out of track!

Okay independence day. NJ.

So speaking of NJ u know, last year also he did something like that. But u know. This time I also did prepare my hand(read: ms paint) made national flag n kept it was my dp :D

I love orignatily. Theres noting good in googling some flags or sumthin, but when u make it ur self. U feel good!


Today is the independence day!

And I would like to say…

This is the 60th birthday of my mother INDIA.

I wish her a happy birthday. And may she is able to purge all the corruption, and the communism, and nepotism and other –ism’s (I know there are a hell lot or -ism’s in my country) and may she live a long and happy life :D

Jai HINd!

2 Amazing Responses:

Naresh said...
August 17, 2007 at 9:34 AM

hey TJ u just called me crackpot
:(( what the heck .. ehehehe .. by the way good one TJ .. the day is not far when this blog people will pay for ur blogs... :P..lololzzz
tc jurwiee keep smilin.. god bless yew... :D

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