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R.I.P tanzy

15 things would come about, If my soul departs my body, right here , right now :

1. This entry would be incomplete.

2. I wont be able to brawl at the net-fixing people as they come to my place (My internet is not working and these dumb-@ss internet fixing guys haven’t showed up. They asked me to get my pc formatted and I dutifully got the pc formatted, then that dumb-@ss, again came n told me to format both the drives(grrrr) okay I did that too, and now I am calling those Dumb-@ss people since Saturday morning, and non one has showed up yet. I have made 3 calls per day. And this entry is being typed as I call this dumb-@ss customer service guy and yell at him (so I have a lot of venom inside of me :D, and by the way u know I love shouting :D) now I am waiting for this dumb-@ss internet guy to come and fix the thing, cuz now I am bored and frustrated, I want to have a glimpse of GD’s sb right away )

3. I haven’t seen my significant other, forget about meeting him (no no no! I dun want my soul to depart right now!! Arrgh!)he wont even know that a person with such a beautiful heart and soul and yadda yadda existed (hey! Atleast he has to think high of me :D) Sob. He is going to have a great loss. Sob. :D

4. Shawn will get to eat my chocolates, drive my “dhanno”, use my cellphone, and will get to use the pc for more time, he would think of himself as the “ emperor of the pc” (No! I dun want my soul to depart, not after hearing all this!)

5. Mum would fret now, as from now on, whenever the maid wont show up. She wont get any free housekeeping services!

6. I would not be able to be dressed in “sherara” at dee’s nuptial (noooo!!!)

7. GD wont know that I am dead. I m quite like dead for him since like ages now. I haven’t had any text from his side. Sob.

8. NJ would cry a river (yay! Atlast someone will cry for my loss) NJ is my twin(not my biological twin but a twin(long story tell ya later), and in case he does not cry, my ghost would make his pc’s hard-disk crash, throw this R.A.M, and put 15-20 cd’s after him, and last but not the least I WOULD CUT HIS BEAUTIFUL LONG HAIR INTO SPIKES (ha ha) im sure that this much is more then enough to make him to cry a river and just as a lil addendum I would put glycerin drops in his eyes :D

9. As I have a few friends and I am poor at keeping contacts with them, no one will ever know until one day when all my offlines and mails will go un answered. Sharon would probably call my place. To find that I live no more :D haha :D and then one fine day u would meet Sharon somewhere and u by mistake mention me. And then Sharon says that I have left the dimension :D :p (okay Sharon will come to know as soon as my soul departs so, I will tell Sharon not to notify anyone about departure of the soul from my body, until and unless they ask about me, why bother and tell them about me, when they don’t care :D)

10. My mail box will be full with all those “u win a 100 million lottery” and “buy this and that” spam’s (Ahh! I would miss those spam’s)

11. I would never know what happened in the “harry potter and the deathly hallows” (okay, I aint an HP fan something, its just that I am a lil inquisitive about the ending as I have read all the 6 books. Of course I am not going to waste my money and buy the book or something, I would just wait for the book to come to the library and read. Or borrow it from dee when she comes back over here. (yeah may it be anything, all I want to know is what happened in the end!)

#1 Okay girl as u said u are inquisitive about the ending of the storyline, then why don’t u go to some website and see for yourself?

#2 yeah I m inquisitive bt not that, okay I will try to visit to some website if I get time. Yawn.(I would have to google and blah. And if I wanted to google wont I be googling something more important than just googling about this HP?)

#1 u lazy bone!

#2 u rusty bone :p

#1shut up n do ur own work

#2 shut up n do ur own work

#1 I am hungry

#2 okay hungry dungry go away :p

12. What will happen to my library cards? Sob.

13. Number 13 is a good number :D some buildings do not have the 13th floor, they directly have the 14th floor , but I. myself, and tanzy have the 13th number in the list. :D

14. Wont get free chocolates from Ivan.

15. I would die as a high-school pass out. Shame.

Okay now enough bitching about all this :o

The world Is mean. Hard-core mean! I am dead since like a week and no one. No effin person did call me up/ asked me where I was/ mail/offlines/ nothing doing. I hate every one now. No problemo!

So now I know for sure no one would know that tanzy panzy is six feet under :o


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