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in which i climb out of a cave.


M dragged right now. So its going to be an undersized post.

A movie with dee (my treat) :p. yeah very few people gets to dig up treats frm me. :p

It was fun. We did all those crazy boneheaded things.. laughed like crazy (errm m d one who lol’s a lot)

We buy a monstrous mug of pop-corn (my idea) its like sooo big that.. after buying this we wonder if we will ever be able to chomp all the popcorn in it. We buy this huge popcorn thing not in the interval but as soon as I set my foot on the floor where they were going to play d movie. We gush to the food court and buy. While everyone else was like talking and blah.. it was so weird and funny to carry that monstrous cup cuz the popcorn in it collectively were like huge volcano shaped and it seems as they were all shouting that just give her a lil push and we’ll erupt hehe I am laughing incessantly n shipping the thing. And everyone is staring at us. As we are d only ones who are with eatables, a massive chunk of eatables ….

So that we would never be devoid of nutrition and all whilst watching the movie. :D we did buy two pop. Yay.

As usual I was talking a lot during d movie and even mimicking the dialogues and all. At one stage dee got annoyed and asked me to shut up.

Hee hee… like I would? :p

And yeah.. suddenly a steam of memories of the parking of the multiplex comes in my mind.

While dee was buying tickets and all. I had to park my bike in the church (dumb! Where can u park ur bike?? Of course it was a parking lot) duh! *Snort* another lame joke K

So come to the point.. yeah.. is like a deep never ending cave.. i think : okay now this is it. It will end and il be able to park my bike n watch the movie. But hell no! the evil spirits of the parking lot were having something else in their minds.

First floor underground and I see no sign of bikes n there are only cars. I ask them about where to park and they say go down.

Down?? Now?? how much?? Deep ?? I would have to ?? go???

And miss the movie?? O wot? Cuz to climb out of this cave is like???? Not possible (yeah people I’ve started to use the word not possible instead of impossible, as they say.. impossible itself says “I am-possible” and baah.. so I ceased using a beautiful word cuz when I want to say impossible I mean to say not possible and not I am possible and baah. And ended with a lame-ass word :p) I climb out of the cave finally. And then a lotta things happen..

After the movie we went to chomp burgers and lick ice creams and not to forget pour scorn on people around us. And laugh and baah. there was this girl at d table next to ours, who was stuffing herself wid food in sucha way to show shes so disciplined or to make an impression on the guy she was with. :p

And we keep giggling for no reason. And that’s life. (wot that’s life?? Ah i mean that’s life life, u know. .. aah forget it!)

Today was a beautiful day. :D :p hee hee :p

I saw some tomfoolery I know on orkut in d restrau. GD :P goo goo goo :p

~*tanzy the giggle queen :D

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siddhesh said...
November 8, 2007 at 12:26 PM

So u went for movie?
u dint mention which one though!
nor u hav told wat the treat was for!

So u r leaving me with some things to ponder over!
Thank u!

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