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Checking my hands out, so pretty and so cute .. Whoa … tanzy?? U?? Alright? Huh??

Yeah I am totally fine,… and u heard it right [technically saying “u read it right” as my site has no s/w which converts text into voice or something, so u guys are devoid or hearing my stuff, u people can only read my stuff”.. duh!]


So I was having an eyeful of my hand.. and they[it?] are looking pulchritudinous! Yeah ,, my usually monstrous hands are pulchritudinous! ![don’t worry girls, my hands are not pretty enough, for me to be a hand model, please do not envy me :p] Now. U may question, HOW??

Well the answer is uncomplicated.. I have henna clad hands.. and ohh.. m just in love with my hands.. Yeah my hands bear a resemblance to a newly weds hands and its like u know.. My hands are covered in henna till my elbows.. and yeah.. I just love it.. yay!

I am not bathing nicely. I am avoiding any contact with water or watery things and things that could provoke me to wash my hands, in fear that my henna will die away .. and I continue to have eyefuls of my hands.. and I act as if I’m a hand model [yeah, people. I am re considering, to become a hand model] yeah. Checking my hands out in the mirror :D n blah..

YO! Long live my henna :D

And when we are talking about henna and all. I would like to put in the portrait,, that I love henna

#1. yeah.. duh! Tanzy u have mentioned this thing, like now one hundredth time in the present day..

#2. uh oh! Yeah I love henna

#1. congrats.

#2 aha.. thank u

#2. but I love henna seriously *flashes her henna*

#1. okay good for u

#2. yeah I know I love heena :D

#1. *pulling her hair out*

#2. u have nice hair, but I love henna :D

Long back when I was a kid I used to abhor henna.[yeah.. so why was that I abhorred heena ?

Possibly cuz, whilst I was still a kid, all wide eyed and crazy, and at the time of some relative’s marriage, some stupid relative girl applied a very not-so-beautiful-henna . I can say, it was not even beautifully-ugly henna! [well somethings can be ugly, albeit in a beautiful way!], and that was the day when I vowed [all in my subconscious] that never to get henna on my hands.. and I used to abhor henna like crazy.

Five things I would do when some one in my residence applied henna:

1. I would not consume food if someone under my roof, applied henna

2. would not enter in the room where the “henna-ed person” is.

3 . I would even clutch my nose with the clip, so that the stench[now fragannce] of henna can not touch my brain :

4. i used to stay out of the house, till the time, the person does away with the henna

5. I hated the person and I hated henna itself

Well times change and so do people. And I changed like after 16 years, :| or when I was 16, I started to like henna.. just like that [don’t know, what happened in my subconscious! Maybe some heavy bombarding of chemicals in my brain that made me love henna again!]

And now I love the smell of henna.. and everything that starts with a word H and has double “N’s” in the middle and an A in the end.

I am even having thoughts of getting my name changed from tanzy to henna .. :p

Three things that would come about, If I change my name to Henna:

1.I would have to call al my friends and inform about the change of name.

1[a] And after some days, I would call some friend and I would b like

Me: hi can I talk to tom?

Tom: yeah, may I know who’s this?

Me : this is …. [ Now wait a minute! What am I supposed to say.. ?? this is tanzy.?? Or this is henna?? Umm il say henna, as its my new name, and not tanzy as it was my old name and old name is old and new is new !]

Me : this is henna.

Tom: who hee?

Me: H-E-N-N-A

Tom: okay darling hows u.?

Me: arrrgh.. this Is tanzy, remember??

Tom: ----aaa

Me: I changed my name: and I did mail u about this.

Tom: ohh :| I gues I forgot the password of my e-mail.

Me: nevermind. What bout the call??

Tom: call?

Me: yeah I called u :|

Tom: no

Me: or then I must have dialed some wrong number.

Tom: yeah maybe.

Me: so howz my new name?

Tom: errm.. its kinda .. cool-ish

Me: thank u.

Me: hmm so wassup? howz work.?

Tom: work yeah.. I m retired :| and I’m getting a hair transplant..

Me: ahh? Is this tom xenofelis??

Tom: wrong number.

Me. -----

[okay guys I made this one :P]

*** sorry for stoppage but I have to utter, while I was typing this crap, accidently I had a glance on my hands.. and the henna. I swear man. They [my hands, u idiot!] are beautifully-beautiful***

So where I was :|

2. if I call one the right number, and right Tom, it would be like follows:

Me: hey tom

Tom: whos this?


Tom: who henna??

Me:*not wanting to repeat history in case this is also a wrong number* eyy shitface! whats ur last name??

Tom: O are u related to tanzy in anyway

Tom: Xen-oo-fell-ees

Me: duh! okay great!!

Tom: eh?

Me: yea I was tanzy

Tom: was?? :o

Me: yeah was. Now I m henna..

Tom: oh henna

Me: howz my name? *exited* [sorry guys. i again. committed the same mistake of spelling ,excited* as exited. and i had to come back and edit the post... u know i'm dumb.. right!!... [some foolery: yeah...loser-gurl, u are cent percent right.. :p]

Tom: *yawn*

Me: arrgh

Tom: yeah its cold :|

Me: *a shouting and barking session follows*

3. I had to get my name changed legally in my passport and crap stuff like that, which would involve standing in long que’s, and government offices and blah and lotta paperwork and crap

Moral of the story: So I drop the idea

~* weeehoo! Henna henna henna ! ! !

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Azhark said...
April 7, 2009 at 12:20 PM

Actually I don' like heena names but heena on girl hand i like very much.

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