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traditions and rituals of visiting a library.

Sunday. The boring day. I have to wake up early in the mornings as Shawn’s classes are there.

I drop him at ALOHA. And like since so many days I had planned to visit the library. As both of my books were read and I am really doing nothing nowadays. So I go to the library n I see four watchmen.(okay perhaps there was no need to mention the 4 watchmen, but they were kinda the first thing which I saw on the alley, so it had to
b said)

Now I enter the library. And where does my vision fall on?? Time stops tickling (or the clocks stop tickling cuz I never heard time tickling. Apparently I think I used tickL*ing which is wrong .the real spelling is ticking.) , every lil creature has stopped moving and there on the new arrivals rack, I see the cover of “harry potter and deathly hallows”

Oh my my!

Too good!..

But I wonder why these library people have kept only the cover and not the book… I think they know that people are crazy about HP and any wild HP fan could pilfer the book and flee with no trouble

(ahh! Point #1 If the crazy HP fan was really crazy for HP, then she/he would have purchased the book by now. So this crazy HP fanis a wannabe crazy HP fan perhaps like me.) :p… as the gate is quite near to the new arrivals rack..

So I enter the library. Submit my books and go to the “books rack”
oh bliss!.. so many books.. so many of them.. yay!
I have certain picking-a-book/books-tradition and I always follow the tradition u see

So I enter the members area (yay! I am a member! [show off. huh??])

I steadfastly go to the 3rd rack, rather than the 1st rack (if u ask me why, I would say, ahh! Just like that, it’s a part of the tradition and I have a mindset that books in the third rack are more interesting..)

Anyway I begin with scanning the 3rd rack, and then go to the rack parallel to the 3rd rack and so on…

Now I pick the books which interest me the most. Now this picking-up the so-called interesting books depends upon definite things like the cover of the book, the name of the book, the name of the author, if it is a witty book then that’s a plus, and so on. (no surprise, there are times when I go home and spurn the book. :p)

I said books. Books means plural and not singular. Probably I am showing off again but I need to tell u people that I have 2 library cards (one is my card and other is my friend’s card with whom I have no contacts now thing is when we were in the talking and meeting phase she gave me the card n we don’t talk any more as I have got poor socializing skills am a bad friend and I care less. Back to point. and every year I renew the card :D so its like my card now.)

Back on track now.

Books plural. Right?

So any number of books 2-3-4-5 books . Most people don’t mind me carrying these many books from one rack to another. I carry out the scanning process non- stop unti and unless I am convinced that the books that could interest me are already in my hands.

Now I take refuge of any rack where I can situate all these books and decide for my self, that which are the 2 books which will be lucky enough to come home with me, and I feel sad for the books which are left on the rack looking miserable and cursing their fate for not being able to come home with me.

And then comes the impish part..

U may ask ur self: what does happen to the books which were not lucky enough to come home with me??

Ahem! I hide them in between the shelves. (Hey! I aint doing anything bad or some thing, its just that, if I perform this lil ritual and for more info. Keep reading this thingy further.)

and when the arranging-the-books-in-the-library phase comes, which comes like once in a week or something, The library guys bump into my hidden books and they keep them in place.

But I still hide my books. Cuz some days I get lucky and my books remains unharmed, when I come back to the library after a week or so. And then I submit the read books and then directly run to the rack #4 and fumble in the space which is between the two adjoining racks and behind the biggy big books. And bingo! I find the books. And I can gleefully go back home or go to the readers room read some mags, go n do a zillion more things. Cuz my mission is accomplished! I was able to hide and retrieve the books. Yay! I rule!

Hey but I do not get lucky every time. Sometimes I visit the rack #4 and I see that there is nothing and nothing. And I get disappointed :p and then I start the scanning the book ritual again and the story goes. I again hide the book. Even if these library people will keep my books in its actual place and even if because of that some other member takes the book home, I live on hope and faith. And I am sometimes and most of the times lucky enough to get the books I hid earlier. I’ll keep trying.



Today I went to rack #4 cuz as far as I remember I did bury two books the last time
I visited the library. So the books has to be there but no!... the books aren’t there. Perhaps that stupid library guy has moved my books.

Now I am feeling weird cuz this is second time in a row, when I am not able to retrieve my hidden book. Tanzy u gotta think quick and fast (okay I thought quick and fast were d same things!) so I quickly and fastidiously decide that it is “time” when I’l have to change the place where I hide the book and I decide that I would hide the books in rack #5 as it a regional language rack and not many books are taken form that rack, so it could face the book arranging phase and my books would be safe. :D

Now u may wonder why I hide the books..

Four reasons why I hide the books:

1. I want to be saved from the process of book choosing.

2. It saves time. And u know time is like money.

3. It saves the book from the other readers (who would also find it interesting
and will reissue the book like I do, and I wont be able to see the face of the book for ages. Sigh.)

4. Its quite fun hiding the book and retrieving it later.. ha ha

Out of track again!


Changed the hiding rack # .right??

So now after I decided to change the rack number. I spend a hour and a half scanning the racks

Following things occur when I was scanning the racks:

#1. And I see a man sitting down and reading the books by “Jackie Collins” I think: ahh! Jackie Collins, what a dumb guy he is to read Jackie Collins! (okay I don’t say that Jackie is a bad author or something, but given a chance I wont read Jackie Collins. I would scan the library for better books. Like they say “there are many good fishes in the sea or ocean.. something like that” n I would really fish some good book.
(Yeah sometimes it also occurs that I end up with a total nonsensical book. But I read the book, even if u hand me a Jackie Collins books or any other tomfoolery’s book I would read it and read it till the end.)
Okay so according to me this man Is stupid.

#2. Now as I move forward there is a lady who is blocking my way. Cuz I want to peek
in the rack, where she is trying to scan the book. I get peeved and I move on.

#3. I already have pulled out 3 books and still scanning. Now I have 3 fat books in my hands and I am passing by the same lady. And she gives me a eerie look, I move
on. (I need a calm place to decide which 2 books are coming home with me and which ones are going to be in the waiting list) and Suddenly my vision goes on another cool book(okay. It appears cool. I don’t know if its is good or not) and I instantaneously pick it up. Now I am holding a mountain of 4 fat books and the lady is standing quite like 4 steps away from me.

I pose all the four books on a rack and then try to decide which ones to take. And I can see that this lady wants me to move or something so that she could have a look on my books, I am a very green person. As soon as I sense her intensions, I pick all the 4 books and move in way so that she can go. And imitating as if I was blocking her way and now I am giving her place to leave. And then I leave the rack and go to my rack #5 (my new choice for hiding books. If u have already forgotten. U lil brains!) and I take a lengthy time to settle on which book to take cuz I know, as soon as I would get the books issued. I would regret not taking the other one. So I cautiously take 2 and leave two wailing books on rack #5. And gaily leave the library.

#4. I go to the reading room. This is a place where u can go and read mags and newspapers forF-R-E-E (I love the word free :p).. I again take 2 mags and get absorbed in reading.

#5. I get a call from Sharon. I get up as quick as possible (cuz firstly this reading room is a no mobile ringer zone, and the person in charge would shout at me or something n I seriously dont like the idea of any tomfoolery shouting at me, and I would get furious and there could be a scene!) but I discover that it was a missed call. I am now half standing and half sitting on the chair.

I feel embarrassed as the guy1 beside me, stares at me in this weird position, now I again get seated and try to enter in the book world but I again hear the ring tone I stand up and once again the ringer stops. Now I am like weird. I try to give a missed-call to Sharon and get out of the place and I turn and I head towards the gate (cuz I fear the library guy) and after 1000 milliseconds or something I realize that Sharon was standing behind me and I am standing in the reading room trying to miss-call(okay miss call isn’t a correct word, but il use that word. Any problems??) Sharon

(need I need to mention nick?, its like taken for granted that nick would be there, aint it?? okay last time I was quite irked with Sharon and nick but seriously today I see them n I know, I love them, u know. sorta. ) I had a date with “femina” and a comp mag today but Sigh. I had to break my date with them and I leave both of them on the table without putting them back in their place. Cuz I thought I would talk to Sharon and nick for some time and come back and resume my date the lib man even pointed to me that I had to put the mags in place but I assured him that I would b back in sometime (I secretly thought that I would have a short talk with them and then come back to reading room and resume my reading ahem my date! I don’t like my dates waiting for me, u see. I am a cultured gurl!)

As it turns out. I start talking talking and talking to them and forget about the world, so don’t think of me thinking about my date with the books and not so happy incharge library guy!

Now I again talk, laugh, talk, laugh, talk, laugh and set on my way back home.
On my way back home, this is the time when I actually remember about my word to the library guy. And my date!

Oh boy!

I feel bad. My date would be feeling miserable or perhaps irky as I left them without notice and I really feel bad.

And I feel that library guy was a friendly guy.

(#1 repetition over here. Library guy - friendly guy. Why don’t u use a sensible sentence like. Library guy was friendly and full stop???

#2. I need no grammar classes from a stupid person like u.

#1. Yeah I can see that who’s stupid who uses unnecessary repetition of words.

#2. Hey number 1 u are such a looser. Don’t u have something more important to do
rather than just criticizing others stuff.

#1. U called me a loose?? Arrghhh!!!

#2. Looser! Looser! Looser!

#1. (silence)

#2. Number 1 is a looser loose looser!

#1. (silence))

Sigh. I am a baddy in front of the library guy now.

Okay hell with the incharge library guy or i must say uncle. Who cares :D

But my dates. Sigh. Sob. Wail.

Will I ever be able to show my face to my date??

I know I would have to show my face to him soon within a week and I think I will reconcile with my date. It is a good mag. And besides being a female mag. It does understand and value females better.

Okay pray for me people that “may my date forget everything and give a shot to our relationship” :D

okay and one more thing i need to make clear i dont kidnap the books, i just hide them, so i aint a kidnapper, i am just a book reader an innocent reader, who adores books. There is a big and broad and colorful line of difference between a kidnapper and a person-who-hides-things.

i am sleepy

gotta go.


1 Amazing Responses:

NJ said...
August 21, 2007 at 12:31 AM

oye library is open at sundayzzzz :O at ur place its open even on sundayz..... (mind u repeating 2 times is like im really really shoocked):P but seriously what kinda library is that which is open on sundays :O now just imagin its sunday the only day when normal people can sleep till late ..late means till afternoon 4-5 or may be even late :P ok so i mean sleep late till evening :P hehehe... n u got up early..drop shawn 2 aloha then went 2 library on sunday.. to fetch bookzz :O :O :O i m really not gettiing this ??? lololzzz so uill be gettin a award for doing an unussual thing on unussual day..llolzz
but belive me.... here libraries are closed on sundayz n some are closed on friday :O ya its really weird ... but really here no one know where library is ..n whats are its timing... if u ask anyone where is the muliplex a kido of 4 will also tell yew but if u ask " do u know where library is " no one knows it.. :O grrrr ya except some college goin couples know's it coz they kinda miss use it :x grrr .. cant tell yew guyz ova here .. :(
but ya im really glad TJ that u visit library often atleast in a week..libraries are endangered. they are on the way to extint **sobbing** but happy to see u keeping alive the hope :P .. u cant imagine how proud im feeling for ur this effort ... :P
ok i was willing 2 write more but since due to less time N plus im runnin late for my lecture i need to rush now.. and above all this is ur blog so need to cut my crap.. lolzozlozlzz
chalo tc TJ good going :D
god bless yew
tata bubye ober nout :P

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