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Checking my hands out, so pretty and so cute .. Whoa … tanzy?? U?? Alright? Huh??

Yeah I am totally fine,… and u heard it right [technically saying “u read it right” as my site has no s/w which converts text into voice or something, so u guys are devoid or hearing my stuff, u people can only read my stuff”.. duh!]


So I was having an eyeful of my hand.. and they[it?] are looking pulchritudinous! Yeah ,, my usually monstrous hands are pulchritudinous! ![don’t worry girls, my hands are not pretty enough, for me to be a hand model, please do not envy me :p] Now. U may question, HOW??

Well the answer is uncomplicated.. I have henna clad hands.. and ohh.. m just in love with my hands.. Yeah my hands bear a resemblance to a newly weds hands and its like u know.. My hands are covered in henna till my elbows.. and yeah.. I just love it.. yay!

I am not bathing nicely. I am avoiding any contact with water or watery things and things that could provoke me to wash my hands, in fear that my henna will die away .. and I continue to have eyefuls of my hands.. and I act as if I’m a hand model [yeah, people. I am re considering, to become a hand model] yeah. Checking my hands out in the mirror :D n blah..

YO! Long live my henna :D

And when we are talking about henna and all. I would like to put in the portrait,, that I love henna

#1. yeah.. duh! Tanzy u have mentioned this thing, like now one hundredth time in the present day..

#2. uh oh! Yeah I love henna

#1. congrats.

#2 aha.. thank u

#2. but I love henna seriously *flashes her henna*

#1. okay good for u

#2. yeah I know I love heena :D

#1. *pulling her hair out*

#2. u have nice hair, but I love henna :D

Long back when I was a kid I used to abhor henna.[yeah.. so why was that I abhorred heena ?

Possibly cuz, whilst I was still a kid, all wide eyed and crazy, and at the time of some relative’s marriage, some stupid relative girl applied a very not-so-beautiful-henna . I can say, it was not even beautifully-ugly henna! [well somethings can be ugly, albeit in a beautiful way!], and that was the day when I vowed [all in my subconscious] that never to get henna on my hands.. and I used to abhor henna like crazy.

Five things I would do when some one in my residence applied henna:

1. I would not consume food if someone under my roof, applied henna

2. would not enter in the room where the “henna-ed person” is.

3 . I would even clutch my nose with the clip, so that the stench[now fragannce] of henna can not touch my brain :

4. i used to stay out of the house, till the time, the person does away with the henna

5. I hated the person and I hated henna itself

Well times change and so do people. And I changed like after 16 years, :| or when I was 16, I started to like henna.. just like that [don’t know, what happened in my subconscious! Maybe some heavy bombarding of chemicals in my brain that made me love henna again!]

And now I love the smell of henna.. and everything that starts with a word H and has double “N’s” in the middle and an A in the end.

I am even having thoughts of getting my name changed from tanzy to henna .. :p

Three things that would come about, If I change my name to Henna:

1.I would have to call al my friends and inform about the change of name.

1[a] And after some days, I would call some friend and I would b like

Me: hi can I talk to tom?

Tom: yeah, may I know who’s this?

Me : this is …. [ Now wait a minute! What am I supposed to say.. ?? this is tanzy.?? Or this is henna?? Umm il say henna, as its my new name, and not tanzy as it was my old name and old name is old and new is new !]

Me : this is henna.

Tom: who hee?

Me: H-E-N-N-A

Tom: okay darling hows u.?

Me: arrrgh.. this Is tanzy, remember??

Tom: ----aaa

Me: I changed my name: and I did mail u about this.

Tom: ohh :| I gues I forgot the password of my e-mail.

Me: nevermind. What bout the call??

Tom: call?

Me: yeah I called u :|

Tom: no

Me: or then I must have dialed some wrong number.

Tom: yeah maybe.

Me: so howz my new name?

Tom: errm.. its kinda .. cool-ish

Me: thank u.

Me: hmm so wassup? howz work.?

Tom: work yeah.. I m retired :| and I’m getting a hair transplant..

Me: ahh? Is this tom xenofelis??

Tom: wrong number.

Me. -----

[okay guys I made this one :P]

*** sorry for stoppage but I have to utter, while I was typing this crap, accidently I had a glance on my hands.. and the henna. I swear man. They [my hands, u idiot!] are beautifully-beautiful***

So where I was :|

2. if I call one the right number, and right Tom, it would be like follows:

Me: hey tom

Tom: whos this?


Tom: who henna??

Me:*not wanting to repeat history in case this is also a wrong number* eyy shitface! whats ur last name??

Tom: O are u related to tanzy in anyway

Tom: Xen-oo-fell-ees

Me: duh! okay great!!

Tom: eh?

Me: yea I was tanzy

Tom: was?? :o

Me: yeah was. Now I m henna..

Tom: oh henna

Me: howz my name? *exited* [sorry guys. i again. committed the same mistake of spelling ,excited* as exited. and i had to come back and edit the post... u know i'm dumb.. right!!... [some foolery: yeah...loser-gurl, u are cent percent right.. :p]

Tom: *yawn*

Me: arrgh

Tom: yeah its cold :|

Me: *a shouting and barking session follows*

3. I had to get my name changed legally in my passport and crap stuff like that, which would involve standing in long que’s, and government offices and blah and lotta paperwork and crap

Moral of the story: So I drop the idea

~* weeehoo! Henna henna henna ! ! !

Monstrous mistake.

Do u know?? how a tree with meager foliage look like ?? ah. If u do not know.. then try to envision a tree with sparse leaves.. And after that, perhaps u’ll know

And I dare to raise a question today >>>

Do u like ..
1. A tree with sparse leaves ??
2. A tree with plentiful leaves??

Ahh.. well.. I think .. if I am not in the wrong, u people must have voted for alternative #2. errm.. well some ppl can choose alternative #1 if u are, some impossible emo or something sorta psychopath : or something :

Anyway.. so u can let me know, what sorta tree u like :

Well if u ask me, I’d say, I like trees with a lotsa foliage and they have to be plenty like some hundreds or so.. and blah blah

U must be thinking.. Hey??? So?? Why?? On ?? The face of earth??? Are u?? Talking about??? Tree? Leaves?? And blah?? Today??

Ahhh ! ! well so the thing is..

I got my hair chopped! ! ! *sigh* *sob* *wail*

Okay now.
Mosta times, whenever I have a haircut, I’m like glad, and content and cheery and all

But but but…this time I wasn’t joyful or anything.
My hair were so so so.. Long, u know..[ahem ! well. Not so long for u, possibly, if u call waist length hair as long, but for me definition of long hair is different:, as I am since like eternity, having a lil more than shoulder length hair. :-s .. or shorter than that !]
But this time my locks were like 3-4 or 2-3 or I dunno inches longer… so my locks looked good this time.. :-s.. I mean not bad :

I dunno, I was stupid enough that in a gush of a moment, I decided to get my beautiful locks chopped..
And here I am. Who looks like a total moronically stupidifying dorkish leafless tree.
And my hair now looks, as if some *sigh* *sob* *wail* one did chop my curls, [ yeah, ur hair stylish chopped ur curls, u dork !] and I am feeling bad.
I wonder what u guys feel about me getting my hairs chopped :-s : ?? and when the festival is just round the corner.. Ahh I ought to say.. 2 – 3 days to the fore.. I don’t wish to be a Christmas tree with few leaves :-s and lotsa décor like stars and blah [read: earrings, bangles, and blah] and who likes a Christmas tree exclusive of leaves anyway?? :

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. ! ! !

I hate my self for getting my beautiful locks [atleast I thought they looked beautiful, dunno about u ! !] chopped :-s

So here is a snap of my Late. Beautiful locks.
*a tear rolls down her eyes*

See ?? m shouting : o something like that :, possibly when this pic was clicked i knew it in my subconsious that, my locks would be cut and hence i am shouting oveer here . ahh :p nice explaination.. btw.. this pic was cliked some 1 month back on my friend's bday.. yay it was fun... ohh my hair :-s..

*sob* *sigh* *wail*

Yeah. Not that beautiful :o , but atleast much more far far, more superior than the hairs I have at present.

*Sob* *Sigh* *Wail*

I hate u tanzy !

the cowboy crap.

This is going to be a short one.

Today.. I had to pick some stuff from the store. So on the way [needless to say that I was driving. Apparently u kno that I am driving mosta times and the most progressive things surge in my brains while I’m driving or when I’m supposed to go to sleep. Now as we are talking about the progressive thoughts and blah. I need to tell you that, when I was a lil girl.. I used to play a pc game called Alladin so there was a Level in this game, which I could not beat, and I spent days trying to complete the round, but in vain, *sigh*. Now one fine night, before going to sleep, my eyes closed.. I get the whole picture [video??] in front of my closed eyes [kind of silly ?? picture ??comes ?? in front of?? ur closed eyes :|] anyway.. so after that day.. I did the same thing as I saw in my dream or whatever it was.. and BINGO ! ! !
I could complete the level, by doing as it was in the reverie o woteva it was. ! ! yo ! ! tanzy ! ! ! u ! ! rOck! ! ! yay! ! !

[okay looser girl.. enough of ur looser-ish things.. now come to the point..]

Oh yeah.. :|
So where was I??
So driving right ??

.. I saw a guy, who was wearing a tee which read : Cow-boy

Four reasons reckoning the reason, why that cow-boy wore the cow-boy tee:

1. He was a boy and he looked like a cow ??

2. He was a cow and looked like a guy :| ??

3. He was cow-ish [Note: here cow-ish means cow-look-alike, in case u dumb people don’t know! ! !] uncle, who wanted to feel like a boy and remember his babyhood days.. Where he used to ride on cows and blah :o??

3[a]. He was just a wanna be cow ??? :p and he is a cow wannabe cuz of his some childhood incident, where he had a pet cow, and he loved the cow, and he used to eat, sleep, live, play, picnic and a zillion more stuffs with it. The cow was like a pet dog to the boy. And one day while the boy was sleeping, the cow went into the kitchen, the and peeked into the oven cuz it could not resist the smell of grass-pie which was in it and while peeping, it accidentally became beef :| and that night the boy had to eat the beef-grass pie :|

If we consider point #1.
Umm then the thing is that. He was by no means, looking like a boy or somewhat closer to it. So it was totally stupid of him to wear the tee which says. Cow-boy.. and if he sought to wear something that embodies him.. he should be wearing something like cow-uncle..which would totally suit him.

If we consider point #2.
Oii… I think the cow is suffering form humanomania :o

If we consider point #3.
Aww… I am with the poor lil cow boy.

If we consider point #3[a].
Errm I think the cow-boy needs therapy :|

This cow-boy was busy conversing on the phone all the time, and I was kinda - wanted to see his face.. :o.. [NOSY girl ! ! ! !]

Oii or did this guy pick the tee, arbitrarily from the shop, cuz he cared less and he just needed to cover himself [ahh the basic stuff ?]

Or was he was a real Texan’ cowboy cowboy.. :| ???

I think only he can answer these questions. **broods over the matter **

Okay I am a dumb chicken-head.


ad's ad's ad's *echo*

Three T.V commercials that makes me want to clap my hands or feel blissful or whatsoever sentiment which is synonymous to the feeling of being happy :

1. Chulbully - It’s a shampoo advertisement “Clinic All Clear – shampoo” It’s an animated cartoony advertisement, where this lil girl is so wide eyed like u know, kinda so inquisitive about things and blah.. Oh! ! she’s so so efffin adorable.. She wakes up, hops from her room window and begins to play and all, and then she ascends on the tree to obtain an egg, and this birdy shits on her. Hehe.. And etcetera etcetera

2. Croc. Loves the candy – So this advertisement is of a toffee called “Alpenlibe”, quite an amusing [ah atleast it seems so to dim-wits like me]. Here this woman throws this “ape and leechy” toffee in the crocodile farm, and OUR croc. [omg omg.. I totally love the ad] Anyway. So our croc is kinda like addicted to this toffee and follows the woman every where she goes.. U know. Its so so so adorable [reader: yeah I know, I know Tanzy, now u get lost! ! !] Our croc follows her to the movie theater and everybody gets terrified and then it asks for the toffee and she says that shez havin popcorn and not the toffee :p The ad is having air which just so so sweet and humorous. I just love it [reader: shut up, will u ??] Now it crawls on her car and then in the end, when she’s going to take a bath.. He’s in the bath tub.. With a towel on his head and foam all around.. Hehe [ hey. I dun remember about the towel thing.. :o , it may be or maybe not, or its just that I hallucinated a towel on his head :|]

3. Our Bajaj[repeat*echo] – This is a motorcycle advertisement. The music is quite YO I love the beat and and the video is moderately good.. U kno. Its like a bike comes out of the former bike and moves ahead and all [okay m not too good in narration and all. So damn me! ! ! But u cant do anything.. :p] Errm.. I think my fondness to this song and advertisement lies in …. [Yeah people… for knowing the reason behind my fondness to this bajaj advertisement we’l have to go back in time, yeah..] When I was like 4-5 year old wide eyed gurl [yeah just like chulbully.. :p] these Bajaj people used to show this advertisement. Well at that time instead of bikes there were scooters! ! And the music was kinda retardingly slow.. But I liked the advertisement anyhow.. And so now u know, my childhood is behind, me-liking-Bajaj :p :o.. and every child has some past crap :|

All these three ad’s are my top fave’s and whenever I am in other room and any of the ad’s come on the television, I scuttle to the drawing room, to see them, and start clapping and singing along [retard ??]

A not so interesting tryst with myslef *yawn*

Its been a zillion years since I talked to u.
Umm.. well I was sorta busy…

#2 What?? Busy?? And?? U? Joke? Right??

#1 okay, not that busy though, just busy

#2 Then what is ur “just buzy”.. Enlighten us..will u??

#1 umm.. well.. I was working on some nuclear wristwatch and after wearing it.. u can nuclearically take ur P.C with u wherever u want. :D

#2 Ahh.. so u mean.. assemble a laptop?? Or copying it??.. grrr.. u useless girl ..

#1 Oh.. is there whatever thing like a laptop?? :| . *sigh* I think they did mount some sorta chip in my head, that whenever some nuclear idea comes into my head they seize it from my head.. and formulate it and plant it in the market, sooner than me .. grrrr

#2 go away

#1 *yawn* u go away

#2 *goes back to its fluffy bed* *sleeps* zzzzzzzz

Anyway so I was busy … cuz deez back in town.. and she consumed 3-4 days of my life.. :| yo she’s monstrous.. tell ya the niceties later.. :D

So cut the long story short.. I had to go to the that village.. and cutting the longer story even shorter.

Day #1 Boring. I went to my aunt’s place : the eldest aunts place [well I have 6 aunts if my mum’s included, but as my mum aint my aunt cuz shez my mum! ! , so anyway that means that I have 5 aunts.]
Anyway so this one was my 2nd eldest aunt. She has a grandson two years younger then me :| . now u can guess how elder she is :|

Now cutting the story even shorter then the shorter version of the story :|

To be continued..

My back is aching.. I need to rest

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