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Testimonial for a Friend on Orkut

Uh Yeah. I am like back after a long time, I just was just going through my testimonials and I felt that I need to save my testimonials just in case, I cannot access my orkut account, or my account gets hacked, or the worse that I myself accidentally delete my entire profile with 29k+ scraps and testimonials from my chums. :O

so here are the testimonials from my chums. Thats just about it. hehe :D

Ok this is the first one :D hehe

Yeah I have removed their nicknames for sake of their privacy sorta thingy. :D

Update:I found a great website has a lot of testimonials that are ready to post. Particularly the love testimonial touched my heart. Website is

Oh and btw, I got inspired by Ken to do this thing, People are crazy haha :O

Lots of Venom,
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