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A not so interesting tryst with myslef *yawn*

Its been a zillion years since I talked to u.
Umm.. well I was sorta busy…

#2 What?? Busy?? And?? U? Joke? Right??

#1 okay, not that busy though, just busy

#2 Then what is ur “just buzy”.. Enlighten us..will u??

#1 umm.. well.. I was working on some nuclear wristwatch and after wearing it.. u can nuclearically take ur P.C with u wherever u want. :D

#2 Ahh.. so u mean.. assemble a laptop?? Or copying it??.. grrr.. u useless girl ..

#1 Oh.. is there whatever thing like a laptop?? :| . *sigh* I think they did mount some sorta chip in my head, that whenever some nuclear idea comes into my head they seize it from my head.. and formulate it and plant it in the market, sooner than me .. grrrr

#2 go away

#1 *yawn* u go away

#2 *goes back to its fluffy bed* *sleeps* zzzzzzzz

Anyway so I was busy … cuz deez back in town.. and she consumed 3-4 days of my life.. :| yo she’s monstrous.. tell ya the niceties later.. :D

So cut the long story short.. I had to go to the that village.. and cutting the longer story even shorter.

Day #1 Boring. I went to my aunt’s place : the eldest aunts place [well I have 6 aunts if my mum’s included, but as my mum aint my aunt cuz shez my mum! ! , so anyway that means that I have 5 aunts.]
Anyway so this one was my 2nd eldest aunt. She has a grandson two years younger then me :| . now u can guess how elder she is :|

Now cutting the story even shorter then the shorter version of the story :|

To be continued..

My back is aching.. I need to rest


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