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the cowboy crap.

This is going to be a short one.

Today.. I had to pick some stuff from the store. So on the way [needless to say that I was driving. Apparently u kno that I am driving mosta times and the most progressive things surge in my brains while I’m driving or when I’m supposed to go to sleep. Now as we are talking about the progressive thoughts and blah. I need to tell you that, when I was a lil girl.. I used to play a pc game called Alladin so there was a Level in this game, which I could not beat, and I spent days trying to complete the round, but in vain, *sigh*. Now one fine night, before going to sleep, my eyes closed.. I get the whole picture [video??] in front of my closed eyes [kind of silly ?? picture ??comes ?? in front of?? ur closed eyes :|] anyway.. so after that day.. I did the same thing as I saw in my dream or whatever it was.. and BINGO ! ! !
I could complete the level, by doing as it was in the reverie o woteva it was. ! ! yo ! ! tanzy ! ! ! u ! ! rOck! ! ! yay! ! !

[okay looser girl.. enough of ur looser-ish things.. now come to the point..]

Oh yeah.. :|
So where was I??
So driving right ??

.. I saw a guy, who was wearing a tee which read : Cow-boy

Four reasons reckoning the reason, why that cow-boy wore the cow-boy tee:

1. He was a boy and he looked like a cow ??

2. He was a cow and looked like a guy :| ??

3. He was cow-ish [Note: here cow-ish means cow-look-alike, in case u dumb people don’t know! ! !] uncle, who wanted to feel like a boy and remember his babyhood days.. Where he used to ride on cows and blah :o??

3[a]. He was just a wanna be cow ??? :p and he is a cow wannabe cuz of his some childhood incident, where he had a pet cow, and he loved the cow, and he used to eat, sleep, live, play, picnic and a zillion more stuffs with it. The cow was like a pet dog to the boy. And one day while the boy was sleeping, the cow went into the kitchen, the and peeked into the oven cuz it could not resist the smell of grass-pie which was in it and while peeping, it accidentally became beef :| and that night the boy had to eat the beef-grass pie :|

If we consider point #1.
Umm then the thing is that. He was by no means, looking like a boy or somewhat closer to it. So it was totally stupid of him to wear the tee which says. Cow-boy.. and if he sought to wear something that embodies him.. he should be wearing something like cow-uncle..which would totally suit him.

If we consider point #2.
Oii… I think the cow is suffering form humanomania :o

If we consider point #3.
Aww… I am with the poor lil cow boy.

If we consider point #3[a].
Errm I think the cow-boy needs therapy :|

This cow-boy was busy conversing on the phone all the time, and I was kinda - wanted to see his face.. :o.. [NOSY girl ! ! ! !]

Oii or did this guy pick the tee, arbitrarily from the shop, cuz he cared less and he just needed to cover himself [ahh the basic stuff ?]

Or was he was a real Texan’ cowboy cowboy.. :| ???

I think only he can answer these questions. **broods over the matter **

Okay I am a dumb chicken-head.


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