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Randomness Personified

I feel the urgency to fly, my body aches and yearns to fly (ah the aches and yearns was a bit over exaggerated) :P

I want a fairy tale.

I love to live in bubbles… does that mean I would/ can do drugs?

Gerard Butler.

I wish to jump/shout feel nauseated. Ah cuz whenever I am over happy I feel like puking.

How does it feel to be totally and utterly happy.. happy to an extent that you could forget all the crap in your life??

I had a crush on a guy but I know it wont work because I’ve lost it.

I am perfectly and completely incapable to maintain relationships.


Scrambled.. doodled so many pages.

Doodles always remind me of somebody.

I need to go somewhere, anywhere.

Do you think its possible?
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