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offspring naming thing

If I ever get lucky enough to get a guy for myself, and get married. And then I would have offspring’s. I would like to name them as follows :D (Okay I like twins a lot, they are so cute n sweet and twins have enthralled me since ages like from my childhood, I used to think that I would have twins a boy-girl/ girl-girl/ boy-boy/ girl-boy. Any gender in any order will do :D)

Names of lil boys and lil gurls:

1. For my lil gurls: Xenobia, xenab, xareena

2. For my lil boys: Xain or xen, Xakhir, X(I am still not sure about this name.) p.s for this entry see some time later :p

So my offspring’s name would be as follows:

* Boy-girl =

o Xain/ xen-xenobia,

o Xain/ xen-xenab,

o Xain/ xen-xareena

o xakhir-xenobia,

o xakhir-xenab,

o xakhir-xareena :D

* Girl-girl =

o xenobia-xenab,

o xenobia-xareen,

o xenab-xareen

* Boy-boy =

o Xain/ xen-xakhir

ha ha … :D
(Parenthetical note: here it is assumed that I will have twins.)

umm okay as u must have guessed till now (those ofcourese who have somewhat brains, and this note is for the brain-dead people. Anyway. I have this thing which makes me want to name my kids with the word “X” yeah! :D

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