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Monstrous mistake.

Do u know?? how a tree with meager foliage look like ?? ah. If u do not know.. then try to envision a tree with sparse leaves.. And after that, perhaps u’ll know

And I dare to raise a question today >>>

Do u like ..
1. A tree with sparse leaves ??
2. A tree with plentiful leaves??

Ahh.. well.. I think .. if I am not in the wrong, u people must have voted for alternative #2. errm.. well some ppl can choose alternative #1 if u are, some impossible emo or something sorta psychopath : or something :

Anyway.. so u can let me know, what sorta tree u like :

Well if u ask me, I’d say, I like trees with a lotsa foliage and they have to be plenty like some hundreds or so.. and blah blah

U must be thinking.. Hey??? So?? Why?? On ?? The face of earth??? Are u?? Talking about??? Tree? Leaves?? And blah?? Today??

Ahhh ! ! well so the thing is..

I got my hair chopped! ! ! *sigh* *sob* *wail*

Okay now.
Mosta times, whenever I have a haircut, I’m like glad, and content and cheery and all

But but but…this time I wasn’t joyful or anything.
My hair were so so so.. Long, u know..[ahem ! well. Not so long for u, possibly, if u call waist length hair as long, but for me definition of long hair is different:, as I am since like eternity, having a lil more than shoulder length hair. :-s .. or shorter than that !]
But this time my locks were like 3-4 or 2-3 or I dunno inches longer… so my locks looked good this time.. :-s.. I mean not bad :

I dunno, I was stupid enough that in a gush of a moment, I decided to get my beautiful locks chopped..
And here I am. Who looks like a total moronically stupidifying dorkish leafless tree.
And my hair now looks, as if some *sigh* *sob* *wail* one did chop my curls, [ yeah, ur hair stylish chopped ur curls, u dork !] and I am feeling bad.
I wonder what u guys feel about me getting my hairs chopped :-s : ?? and when the festival is just round the corner.. Ahh I ought to say.. 2 – 3 days to the fore.. I don’t wish to be a Christmas tree with few leaves :-s and lotsa d├ęcor like stars and blah [read: earrings, bangles, and blah] and who likes a Christmas tree exclusive of leaves anyway?? :

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. ! ! !

I hate my self for getting my beautiful locks [atleast I thought they looked beautiful, dunno about u ! !] chopped :-s

So here is a snap of my Late. Beautiful locks.
*a tear rolls down her eyes*

See ?? m shouting : o something like that :, possibly when this pic was clicked i knew it in my subconsious that, my locks would be cut and hence i am shouting oveer here . ahh :p nice explaination.. btw.. this pic was cliked some 1 month back on my friend's bday.. yay it was fun... ohh my hair :-s..

*sob* *sigh* *wail*

Yeah. Not that beautiful :o , but atleast much more far far, more superior than the hairs I have at present.

*Sob* *Sigh* *Wail*

I hate u tanzy !

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