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trojan horse unveiled!! .. ahem! partially though.

Okay after reading my post my twin decided to tell me the reason behind the comp-guys naming the Trojan-horse(the virus, in case u do not know :p)

When NJ informed me that he knew the reason, I was quite like u know. What? How?? I mean the dumb guy knows?? And me? I don’t?? why??

So it came out that this lazybones. Sometimes do read books??(ehh?? Excuse me?? What did ya just say?? Read?? And NJ?? There has to be some mistake??)

He likes to read book about roman empires and all.. (I never thought of picking this sorta book :o.)

So he asked me if I knew something about romans and rome and troy (aww romans. I don’t have much knowledge about rome n blah. All I know its that when I was in 10th grade. We had this stupid poem about Helen of troy and Archilles. So I know the names. And then when I was in this playin-pc-games-all-day phase. I used to play this strategy game called rome or something. So I know. Other than that, I don’t have a clue.)

Hmm so he said that the Archilles or some guy was invincible and he could not be killed by anyone (duh! Invincible and not killed by anyone :D wow! I thought they were pretty like same things :p). now when he said not killed n all. I was teleported in flash back where my language teacher was telling us sumthin about Achilles and I think, if I am not that forgetful, his only vulnerable point was his heel or something. Anyway. so he was telling me that stuff.. and he said there was some wall or something , and something else he said I don’t remember now. And he said that Trojan was the name of the horse . okay I think he said Archilles's horse. And then he was giving me more info. And I don’t remember something did occur.. yepp my net was not working so. We stop at that. And then now I always forget to ask him about this thing.

And hence I still don’t know the reason behind, comp-guys naming Trojan horse.

Okay now I conclude following things, after this half conversation with NJ:

1. Trojan was the name of a horse

2. This whole thing is about the troy thing. Helen is the culprit.

3. Archilles was invincible ("was supposed to be invincible" but he was not invincible, he did die in the end, thanks to his heel or toe or whatever it was)

4. This whole thing reminds me of a movie ”troy” starring brad pitt. And I always wanted to watch the movie. Sigh. I never could.(okay I am quite confused if troy was the movie in which “anjelina jolie” was brad’s mum(hhehe )or was it “Alexander”?? I m confused now! This whole roman empire nostalgia. Now makes me think about “the gladiator” its was a good movie. And I specially liked the fight with tigers (since tiger my favorite animal after barbelofelis (this is the scientific name, n I mostly use this name)aka “i-forgot-its-name” … after 12 seconds of intense thinking. I could remember that the name of my favorite animal is “saber-tooth” goshhh! Its like so good, and strong , like too good. Sigh. Its an extinct animal. But this is my first favorite animal, and in case we cannot consider the extinct animals. Then my fav animal is the tiger .. “grrrowwwwlll”)

5. Wall of troy or something had a part in the storyline.

6. The comp-guy who named Trojan horse virus, was a roman

6(a). The comp guy who named Trojan horse virus was a roman empire fan

6(b). The comp guys who named Trojan horse virus was threatened to death by the roman people, to include Trojan horse( they wanted to be famous or something)and he got scared n named the virus in honor or the horse the roman horse :p

6(c). The comp guys who named Trojan horse virus was a corrupt guy, who took money from roman people and included the name of the horse.

7. NJ reads books!

8. I’m so dumb!

P.S : I really don’t know the real spelling of Archilles. So incase u are offended by my spelling mistakes and typos and grammar. Please GO BACK TO WHERE U CAME FROM. :p

Thank u. :D

2 Amazing Responses:

Naresh said...
August 17, 2007 at 11:43 AM

TJ i know that day ur net sucked n my lota enegry was wasted :x i typed almost two paragraphz n then later i found out that the para'z didnt reched u.. grrr this is how an enegry is wasted .. ur net sucked u wasted my time n my enegry .. n at the end of the day ur in mess and dont know what more conclusions u have made on that trojan..lololzz but its not yet confimed that achillies was immortal or mortal. :O

According to a myth arising later, his mother, Thetis, had dipped the infant Achilles in the river Styx, holding onto him by his heel, and he became invulnerable where the waters touched him -- that is, everywhere but the areas covered by her thumb and forefinger -- implying that only a heel wound could have been his downfall. Another version of Achilles becoming close to immortal involves Thetis' attempt to make him a god. She would rub his whole body with ambrosia and then hold him over a fire every night. One day, Achilles' father, Peleus, came in the home and caught Thetis holding Achilles over the fire. Peleus did not know that Thetis was trying to immortalize Achilles. Thetis was scared and fled out of fear. This possibly coincides with the story that Thetis left Achilles at a very young age.

n ya the above thingy is copy pasted that dumb ebook by this dumb NJ .. grrrrrrrrr lolozlz
n i dont only read roman e-books i read all .. the only matter is that it should be intresting.. like mistery not that crappy stories.. n novels :x i like new things n Unexplained and Unsolved Mysteries technology..ecomics.. hehehe.. etc etc ..
hey remebered Tj that bermuda triangle thing..lololzz i was serching for its info n u just came n gave me all infoo(like a suuper grl saving the day)i was soo impressed ..lolozlz n thought that ur gyaan is really awsome .. but later ur real face was visable :x u googled the info.. very bad .. lololzz
n this is ur blog .. n i think i have started mine in ur comments section..lolzolzz
n ya bout that trojan thing ..imnot goona xplain it whole again now .. u lost it miss. grrr n atleast not here .. :P will give u details later .. till then byee .. for now .. me signing off
long live DEVI(L) TJ
p.s. Heil means Future(its a nazi chant).. in case if ur that dumb..makin it clear ova here(n if u dont know nazi then seriouly go do some googling) :P ehehe...

tanzy-panzy said...
August 17, 2007 at 1:11 PM

my GOD.. serioulsy this is a blog inside my blog.. hehhe :P
this guy is nuts. :o

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