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almost attacked by a cow!! .. or bull or whatever it was..!!

Today mum asked me to take her to some store, I was not willing to go (okay I am quite a lazy bone sorta person.. I really hate to get dressed up and then drive and blah) but she pushed me to come along.

So I had to drag my self with her. Now while my mum was in that store, I was waiting for her outside the place on my vehicle. Now the thing is I was waiting outside and I see a big horned cow or bullock or something I dun know her(its??) gender :p

and now I see that it is coming towards me and I see that it is looking at me, or it wants to charge me, I feel that it is threatening me and I am scared and I wish that it takes a turn or moves away cuz and as there is a lot of sun during afternoons I was wearing a red colored veil and my outfit is also red colored and
I’v e heard somewhere that the cow people have this thing with the red color and they get furious seeing the red color(hey! During the bullfights the rodeos or whatever they are called also hold a red colored cloth.. so I guess the the bull-infuriated-by- red-color has to be true)

(Note: I think that cow has to be a bull cuz cows are lil shorter and do not possess a big hump as opposed to this, our cow was proud of having a cool height and impressive hump. Ahh! I am describing this from the eyes of a cow, if I were a cow I would sorta like this bull cuz it was a smart bull, I could even consider marrying that bull. :p

Anyway I aint a cow and I don’t want to be a cow. Cuz I am tanzy and I don’t want the bull either cuz even if I were a cow I would’ve liked G.D and G.D and G.D..

Heheh I wonder if I were a cow and I would have seen, G.d passing by me I(the cow, the animal, the female species of a bullock) would kinda stalk him heheh.. it would be fun .. haha :P )

hence I am more scared and it has big and sharp horns. And I now envision if it comes to charge me or something, I wonder, where is the probable place I would dart to and will anyone come to help me ??? will I survive the attack, so I could tell the tale to my people??

She is coming towards me and I am horrified but I do not desire to go in the store. Its quite a lackluster store so I choose to be petrified by that big-bad-red-bull . I pray to GOD that it (big-red-bull) takes a turn or something, but I aint taking any turn. I am still at the position where I was. And I refuse to run. Actually I am waiting for the moment when the bull will be around 5 feet from me and I would dart to the shop.

But thankfully it takes a turn. And hence thank GOD, he saved me or else I would not be able to write the entry.

Yay! People i surived the bull attack(ahem! i mean i could've been attacked or something..)

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NJ said...
August 22, 2007 at 10:24 PM

so finally saved......

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