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dumped Sam

My pen pal.. or some sorta pal, Sam came from U.A.E and called me up that she sought to meet me [read: I would like u to take me around the town, and in simple words I want u to be my chauffer.] ahhh…

In my life, I always get such sorta people [yeah.. big time whiner!]

Okay now she keeps on calling me on a daily basis and did I mention?? That i was sorta depressed [haha.. I have this sorta knack, that I can be hell down in the dumps and I can lol at the same time]

As for instance. I was talking with dee on instant messenger [hurray! ! shez coming back on 25th!!!]

Deadtanzy: I m depressed
Dee: =)) =)) :))
Deadtanzy: @-) hehehe
Dee: wow. Tell me something new.
Deadtanzy: =)) =))

[Note: dee’s id had be altered just for the sake of her phucin privacy] :p

Anyway, so I was not in the mood of going out with anyone and entertain people [okay..i cant just go out with any tomfoolery.. I dun feel comfy. I can go out with selected people and Sam did not make it to the list of those selected people [read: Sharon, dee and some others] who are, ahem! unlucky enough to meet me :p

Now in normal circumstances I would have gone out with her. But seriously people, my life was sickening puke-dipped sorta when she came and I hope u understand 

So now let’s face it! I’m such a sickening person, I ceased receiving her calls and blah [Coward ??]

Moral of the story???

Tanzy is totally a sickening puke-dipped crap-bin :| 

Heheh  :|

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