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in which i confess my love..

Which is the most striking email id u have ever been through?


I need ur retort on this one.

Anyway. Coming to the point. :D

My favorite nick is vendingmachine (yeah u comprehend it right! vendingmachine without spaces! He he)

I don’t know why it exerts a pull on me, like a bee is attracted to honey and miser to money, and well am dead serious, this is not something funny! ! :p

This nickname is so so much cute and adorable and all, that I am in laav with the vending machine guy (ahem! I don’t know him yet. I just happened to see his id on some stupid chatroom and he( or she?? As technically a vendingmachine has no sex, so it can be her, and if it is her then I want to live no more, I want to die cuz I cant laav “her” cuz I’m a normal girl and I like normal things :| ) was offline by the way. So no chance for me to try my luck or anything. *sigh*

Holy Lord knows. If he was THE O-N-E for me :p

Okay here comes a lil vendingmachine thing in honor of my laav

Ooh! vendingmachine .. vendingmachine .. vendingmachine .. yeah yay! Wee hoo!

So people should I make a move? Should i? IM him?? NO! ! I’m nt so good at trying to talk to somebody (or am I a plain bore that no one wants to talk to me?? ) Well I hate IM’s so I wont, I wont! I’ m not that despo anyway. Thank u. :p

But vendingmachine darling! I will never forget u and if u are reading this, call me


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