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kitty kitty everywhere!!!

Not many days have passsed since, I have posted something about a kitty and blah and astonishingly subsequent to that I have encountered the following stuffs.

Things I have stumbled upon after that kitty post :

#1. I am mechanically sleeping and I feel that someone did hit a biggy stone on me from outside (as my bed is near a window, and the window is as big as the room, so any stone or Molotov cocktail can hit me ) and my first impression is that there is probably a riot goin on!! and I am scared and petrified all while I am sleeping and then I hear my mum yell kitty kitty!! so I wake up and see that the kitty is going from my window. Thank goodness I did not have any encounter with it.

Cuz I have a thing(apparently by now, u people know that I have many issues and things), I cant hold any of the animals cuz they seem to be so malleable and all, I fear I would break their internal parts or stuffs, and I disgust touching animals mosta times, My GOD! how many germs they carry with themselves?? (okay I aint a cleanliness freak or something, but eww! I dunno somehow it disgusts me to touch any animal)

Five things which makes me wonder:

1. How could the kitty emerge at my residence, in my room at around 6 am in the night (as I was sleeping I consider it as night :p)

2. My house is quite hermetically sealed every night. And there’s no way on the face of the earth can a huge creature like a kitty can enter through the front door which is linked to the staircase.(okay roaches, ants and spidys, can come and go as they like)

3. I live on one and a half floor of the apartment(one and half means something like u know between first and second floor), I don’t think the kitty can possibly leap/hop/jump/fly and come up to my place.

4. Or the kitty did penetrate our residence during day time or something and was hiding some where and if this?? How can she be staying and hiding for such a long time, without even meowing ???

5. Or it was not a kitty at all. :o and me and mum hallucinated the kitty???
#2. Some days back, the entrance of our house was stinking with some weird stink. I initially thought it was coming from my brother’s shoes, checked my shoes and everyone else’s shoes but nothing!

Now I have a very sharp sense of smell sometimes(I said sometimes, you would know why) , I have unusual smelling knack (tell ya laters.) so now I initiate using my sweet lil nosy to pinpoint the precise source of the stench Cuz this stink was seriously getting stenchier.

So I am now on my knees and start to pinpoint the source of the stench.. like those doggies they train to locate the bomb. Ahh! But alas I was not able to find the source of the stench. And I move on…. and the stench is still there.

Day drags by and then my maid shows up and she says that there is some kitty, who is resting in our front-door curtain and I cant see her totally, but see her legs hanging out from the curtain, a lil kitty, a lil black colord kitty. And then my maid chivvies the kitty away.

I am amazed thinking that, how come the kitty come and sit inside the curtain of our front-door??

Anyway. the stink.

Ahh! I forgot to update u people with the location of the stink, now the stores goes as… the maid chivvies the kitty, the stink prevails ..
Now after 5-6 hours of gas chamber treatment. Our neighbor tells us that there is small poop behind our door

Aha! So that lil kitty left us a souvenir. So kind of her.. arrgh!!
End of the story #2. Disgust.

#3. In the alleyway towards my apartment I see a lot of kitties loitering around, one dotted kitty, a white pregnant cat.I wasn’t knowing that she(it??) was pregnant until my mum told me that she(it??) was pregnant and then I saw here bulging tummy( saw here bulging tummy before also,i thought she is eating a lot of fatty foods), my mum says she(it??) is going to have 2 kids(or kittens) :D

#4. I see a malnutritioned kitty, it always veils herself(itself???) from everyone which makes me think that she(it??) is scared of every one. I think it is lost and is not able to find here mum.

#5. Apparently I am hearing a lot of meows and its chilling my spine!


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