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wrong spelling thing.

Actually I was not sure of the spelling of barbelofelis.. I knew how to pronounce it. but the spelling(okay u people already know by now, that I have no knowledge about language. I am dumb at grammar. Hell! I am dumb at almost everything. I even don’t know the a,c,b.d of sentence construction :o)

Anyway so I wanted to show some pics of barbelofelis to u people.

So I googled this by entering barbelofeils. And bingo! What I got is this >>

Did you mean: barbourofelis (did i??)

No standard web pages containing all your search terms were found. (seriously these google guys are dumb!)

Your search - barbelofelis - did not match any documents.

Suggestions:(aww cool, i now wonder : is google my long lost brother something?? cuz it seems to be like a helpful person, like me :D (hugs google bro))

• Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
(arrrgh! hell yes! i have undoubtedly inserted the right/correct spelling. Yeah thanks to my grammatical savvy, i always spell things correctly. ahem! thats what i think :o)

Try different keywords .(key and words?? Eh?? Do I have to scan a key or something??)

• Try more general keywords. (general? Hey I am googling about an animal not about wars or something, that u saying general, colonel and blah”

My god I thought. I would be the culprit of misguiding innocent–dumb people. And so I was duty-bound to tell u people that the spelling of barbelofelis is not correct.

Its actually spells like “barbourofelis” (actually I had to copy-paste it from the “Did you mean: barbourofelis ” thing. cuz I still have no grip of the spelling!)

Actually there are a lot of pics of the barbourofelis. Ahh! The spelling is pretty long n tough, I would rather call it “barb” from now on. :D(every time i want to talk about barbourofelis(note: pasted spelling) i have to copy paste it,hence i think "barb" is a reasonable name :D)

I have seen a lot of barb fights and barbs on the discovery channel. They are sorta cute, and strong, and all :D

So I here present a barb from the movie “ice age” cuz this is the cutest barb I could google.

Talking bout the primitive stuff.. mammoths were wow!.. I cant see the mammoths(for those who dont know,giant mammoths are also extinct creatures. Sigh.) I wish I could see the African elephant face to face. The huge animal In wilderness and me. Wow! Seems cool! :D

And one more thing I think u people should know is that: (again! i am brawling about this for the second time in a single post but this time its for a good purpose. ahem!):

I aint a language teacher. I aint good at grammar. I aint good at metaphors. I aint good at anything. I don’t know nothing about anything. So please do not blame me for my poor language skills. I suggest u blame urself and help this poor lil tanzy by gifting her with a chocolate or chocolate :D. I think that would definitely cheer the poor lil girl up :D :p

(p.s I don’t like bounty, anything without coconut Is welcome, ofcourse who ever gives 1rs or two rs chocolate to the “ poor lil gurl”, would be ceremoniously cursed with a life devoid of chocolates and full of “pumpkins” as for example she/he would only get food made from pumkin. Like pumkin burger, pumpkin pie, pumpkin sandwich and pumpkin rice and blah :D”

4 Amazing Responses:

NJ said...
August 19, 2007 at 11:31 PM

yep ur right .. u have written all the things which i had in my head :O
some time this search guys help us n give us the right words by saying did u mean : so n soo....
but most of the time those guys miss lead me n took me somewhere to the other part of the net.. grrr :x

n Tj wat the heck... u were demanding chochlates here :x
dont be greedy atleast ova here :P eheheheh
ok now im ending it coz i dont waana hogg ur limelite.. by always writting my blog in ur comment section :P ehehehe
till then tc

Anonymous said...
September 27, 2007 at 6:44 PM

your r nuts

Anonymous said...
September 28, 2007 at 10:33 AM

aap tazeen to nahi ho na?

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eh?? diddja say somethin?? :p

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