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Today was a… yawn. Nothing interesting transpired today. And I was like. Yawn. Okay so I am boring.

Something very special about Saturdays is that on Saturdays. The tv people show this puppet thingy show on the radio (dork! Tv people would broadcast the show on the TV only na?? I seriously recommend u to take some medication!) . And that puppet show has a character “Elmo” in it. And believe me, he’s so cute (he’s got this biggy big nose, and potato shaped eyes, and red fur on him)and he’s DUMB! I like the dumb tone in which he speaks (that tone is so Popsicle sweet!) the show is fairly boring apart from the part when Elmo shows up that’s when I start to watch the show :D

I hate to socialize much. I mean I hate it. okay I know I hate a lot of things. But socialize?? My GOD!

exceptions: dee n Sharon

now I don’t like anyone else coming alone with them when I meet them up, like whenever Sharon comes to meet me, she drags this nick with her. Okay its bearable if she drags him once or twice. Bt I am irked now. Cuz whenever its me n her meeting, this nick is there. Okay nick aint a baddy or something. He’s sharons boyfriend.

Bt I demand an explanation over here. Is this every much necessary to drag ur bf or gf anywhere n everywhere.?And why cant the significant other not understand that sharon’s friend wants to meet her and have some girl bonding? Which is totally ruined with presence of nick? Why cant Sharon think that she can sometimes come to meet me alone? Cuz I really hate it now. I mean girls day out is a bit of fun. But when “the bf” shows up its like, I am really revolted by this thing. Okay I understand that they love each other ( ha ha :p.. I mean loving does not mean to drag ur nick everywhere. Have some sense.. grrr)

Sometime ago when I used to go out with dee. William used to come. Umm. Okay now dat was not that boring as nick. Ahem! Nick aint boring though bt William was something different. I think, or I must say. infact there were only one or two times, when I got bored and was cursing both of them(long story) they were best frenz. Willam was my good friend too. i never talked with him on phone, except for times when dee and William had some brawl. Or when dee was talkin to him,(I hate talkin to guys on phone as I have said before I m pure-boring, I mean what is the topic on which u will talk?? Eh? Okay NJ, exceptions are always there, NJ is like me. u know stupid n dumb n all so I can talk to him) and we used to poke fun at dee together.

lemme tell you how he was:

1. He ought to be about like a lil more or less than 5 feet and 7 inches (but no more than 5’8 okay I think that he has to be 5’7 becuz 5’8 and William no way!)

2. He was sorta guy at the age of 22 u kno, all those high-school gurls would fall for, he looked chocolatey sweet(seriously to me he still looks like a 12th grader..not like our piece of cake :p)

3. He had this crush on my dee :p

4. He was a flirt ha ha (ofcourse not with me n dee or else I would have killed him with a chainsaw mele!)

5. I still think that he’s a lil baby

William was a nice guy “was” as he is married now. (child marriage probably) so dee has no contacts with him. :D

Now will anyone please let me know?? What was I talking about in the first place which ended with a comprehensive intro about William??

Lemme scroll up and see :o

Draggin your significant other while meeting ur friend. Right?

So its damn boring man! Seriously.

Mental note : I would never drag my significant other when my friend wants to meet me.. she would have to mention me to drag him with me, then and then only I would ask him to come along.

I had a date with Sharon today. Tanzy thinks: yay! We would go to some jewelry shop and then have some drinks n talk talk. I give her a missed call. (did ya forget this is miss tanzy the penny-pincher??) now she texts me that she would be free in 10 mins .(tanzy: normal) I was hoping that this would be a girls day out and now the later part of text says, “yeah nick would reach the place in a short time “( argh!.. excuse me sharon?? Who invited nick ?? I did not? Why is he coming? Is there not any work pending, he has to do? Was he not supposed to take his mother somewhere important? Tell me this is a joke?? blah blah?) so my girls day out now turned into a girls day out with a boyfriend of the girl who always drags himself with the girlfriend!

Seriously people one can not imagine how it feels, because when a bf is around u cant talk they way u talk I mean u can laugh and all?ofcourse I can talk with Sharon when he’s around, its just that I like to talk to my good friends and only friends he can be considered as a only friend. But that is cuz Sharon is with him, she is the link between me ne nick, if the link is no more, I wont talk to him, cuz I don’t like talking like that, perhaps if we (me n nick) coincidently meet each other at a restaurant or something I would say “hi” and scuttle to where I was. Nothing doing. Anyway I really don’t like boyfriends coming along. (okay now shut up! U chickenhead! Stop!... okay.. okay.. shutting the system down) :o

Now nick goes to get some thing so this is when I get some time to talk to Sharon, and I feel normal :D

I think I won’t go to meet Sharon anymore. I like one to one thingy. I m a loner sorta person I hate socializing and in situations like these I have to, try not to not socialize. Okay I again say that nick aint a bad guy. He a great guy and he does not talk with everyone BUT BUT BUT talks with me

( #1 so u should be happy that Sharon’s reserved bf talks with u and now so please be calm and happy and do not bitch about it.

#2 I know. I kno. Its just that…

#1 just what????

#2 Its just that I can meet him n Sharon together once or twice but?? Every single damn time I meet Sharon, he is not supposed to be there grrrrrr (I guess I got the best wailer award today. Thanks)

#1 sleeping.)

When I meet Sharon. She firstly remarks me for the way I was looking. I have to confess here. I was looking no better than a dork!(dorks look like dorks only :p)

Yea but I was more dorky today. As I am suffering from some mental turmoil(will sob about this later) nowadays. I dun like to dress up or anything like that, okay I look pathetic in pony and I know that, but still I had a pony n oily greasy hair :D, dint shampoo either, no eyeliner (how??i never leave my dwelling without the liner?? So u can guess I m really depressed nowadays :D ) :p

I tell her lightly that I am depressed and laugh at the same time :D

(#1 hey missy tanzy u just said that u are depressed, then how can u laugh n say that u are depressed??

#2 hey gurl! is there any code of conduct for depressed people to behave in a certain way. Okay what proof do I have to present for proving that I am depressed?? Ahh? Should I join “ I m depressed” forum in orkut?? Ha ha ? tell me why are u so silent?? :p I know I am depressed in a joyful that’s it :D :p

#1 blank

#2 yay! I rule I shut her up!

#1 shut up! )

So where was i?? I tel her that I am depressed.. and then I get a sudden urge, I want to go back home! I have become a dedicated homie u know :o

I wished I could scurry back home or go to library n have some quality time with the books or go to my favorite place and have some cold coco (incase u don’t know what a cold coco is, I would like u to know as I am the queen of helping hands so I am compelled to tell u. that cold coco is a cold thing as u can make out from its name. coco is like chocolaty liquefied thick drink sorta thing n its yumm :D )and feel sorry for myself! Or just thinking something and not knowing what I am thinking, and watching people pass by the road n thinking nothing but something but alas!

Okay so much of the boring-waling thingy today

So the bottom line is:

Today I met sharon and she dragged nick with her as usual. So I was peeved (okay Missy. Peeve! Now go back to where u came form! The bed I think u need to sleep now :p)

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