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orangy and milky stuff

Today was a busy day fer me (yeah! Busy n me are quite contrary things, as u by now must have recognized : I am jobless, useless, lazybone) .I woke up.. And after that I had to fold a zillion of clothes .. I was like crabby.. u wake up n then, all ur sugary, loving, thoughtful mum tells u, is to fold up clothes.. I dun take a breakfast or any thing like that..

I just have tea n butter, so I dip butter in the tea n eat that soaked butter n then I drink the tea (ahh! I like people to think, that I have tea and the butter(yeah! the butter which is made from milk or sumthin, which is a dairy product, which is mostly yellow in color, n it is hard at low temperatures, n generally soft at normal temperatures, n its all buttery :D))but no.. I dun have that butter with tea. Ha ha.. Imagine me dipping that butter-butter eeww!.. must be gross( I guess I already made u imagine dat) :p.. anyway

z.. so my butter thing is a biscuit.. I dun know, why the bakery people call it butter.. :D.. I have tea, juz because I love that biscuit :D.. btw I am a dyed-in-the-wool coffee lover …

Anyways ..afterwards I woke up.. I dint even had tea n butter cuz my tea time is 12 o’ clock. So I did fold up all those clothes (grr.. mum is making me perform the domestic stuffs a lot)

Then the day passes by.. ok now.. we have a power cut,, I read a book.. get bored.. n peek out of my window.. there has been a lotta rainfall nowadays.. so I look at the green grass.. my flat is on d back side so I get a grand view of the grass.. n trees n some other weird things :o..

so I see the green green grass.. n its so so green. It makes me happy … n along with the green green grass.. there is the mudd

y water.. well dat dint make me sad or sumthin.. bt I liked the view.. greenery reminds me of Goa.. the great goa.. the green goa.. n the gigantic goa(ok enough wid the rhyming thing.. okat now wont tok abt goa right now or il get out of track again.. N today I made a resolution to stay on track,,.. so I wont go off the t

rack staying on track n speaking to the point thing… cheers.. you rock big time gurl :D)

Ahh! I forgot..

Yea the green green grass :D n the muddy water. That was a good permutation. and u know there was an additional patch

of green green grass which had this weird.. thing in between.. it looked as if it was a way for mice rodents n lil creatures like those.. that looked weirdly sweet to me.. at some point my head started imagining tiny creatures using that road/way :D .. I spent a quality time, gazing at the green green grass and the muddy water.. and the road.. (ok so I am the queen of wasting time now, u must be thinking m weird or sumthin, there u go, u are free to say anything! :p)

The day was really really boring after that lil green green grass thingy.. I was feeling bored n all .. n then I felt this sudden craving for milk powder(yeah! I love milk powder, baby food n things like that..(okay at least. I like edible things. I feel better that I am better than those chalk or sand eating people, GOD may those people R.I.P).. can u imagine how yumm, it tastes n when u keep it(milk powder) in ur mouth it turns into some sorta lumpy thing, n it sometimes sticks to the upper floor of ur mouth.. its so yumm.. well matter-of-faclty I like to have milk powder from time to time, I mean I cant just consume it, every day or sumthin like that, I love it, bt everyday?? No?? probably I would get bored with its flavor, n not have it, like for months together n then one fine day,, I would again feel like tasting this milk powder thing.. hehe .)

Get back to track reminder:

Okay so where were we??..ummm

craving for milk powder n also some salty tangy snack.. so I asked my brother to fetch it for me( ok I really hate to go out of the house.. cuz it is the rainy season, n its like even if I would want to go out n bring whatever I wanted, I would have to change mi dress.. as every single day of the week I am draped in a night suit.. like I get up.. I bathe.. I again get dressed in a fresh night suit.. ha ha.. .. so if I wanted to buy those stuff, I would have to change n I am too lazy to do that. So instead asked my brother)

me n my bro had a squabbling first , mum shut both of us up, he goes and brings the whole lot of things I asked him to. :D.. okay now I am sorta penny pincher :p I asked him to bring the snack worth 5 rs,.. as my tummy cant have much stuff in it.. and I cant eat one full packet of snack all at once, so after like 13-14 mins he comes back with all the stuff.. the milk powder n the snack (we have a big box of milk powder at our place.. but my mum is between it n me.. she always guards the box. so I

give up now! Aww sad)

now I was reading a book, I was so out-of-the-world n munching the orangy snack, I was munching n munc

hing n munching n munching.. at some level I got this super super consciousness in my head and it asked me.. ahh ?? tanzy u are not able to finish this packet?? I snapped back.. “ahh woteva lemme read!!” but even after a lot of munching I wasn’t able to fully eat the thing.. so I askd my mum to have some(ohhh tanzy ye are a good gurl :p even asked my bro to have some, bt he was not there, he again went to the store to get this orangy snack for my mum)..

Well that was a good opportunity.. that I could eat the milk powder all alone!(okay so I have this thing, that I like to eat the whole thing by myself, all by myself, no sharing, nothing doing, even if some king or queen would’ve appeared and asked for a piece, I would have said “No! get ur own” :p)

I emptied this packet in my favorite bowl.. n soon my favorite bowl was full of the milky white milk powder.. it looked as a heap of milk powder.. it was looking so cute.. I scurried in the kitchen to see.. if there is some toffee or something in the fridge.. because I thought it would look so cute if I could place a toffee or something on the top of the heap of milk powder.. it would give me perhaps a sense of .. umm.. sumthin..

Bt alaas! There

was no toffee, so I had to do without it, my dreams of having a perfect milk powder t

reat were shattered.. bt ahem! The powder still tasted yumm yumm.. n I was comfortably happy happ

y… :D.. but I wasn’t able to wholly ingest the milk powder either .. so I kept the leftover for my brother (ok I can get an award for the worst sibling, thank u)

My brother comes back home n brings a small packet of the same snack, I was chomping some minutes back.. n he hands the new packet to my mum, who asks him in a bemused voice, If he

brought a wrong packet cuz it was too small or sumthin.. I was hearing the snippets of their conversation from


r room, where I was reading my book, now as I overhear that thers some emergency I show up in the living room, n miss-supper-gurl tanzy.. comes to rescue the world once again.. I also perceive that this packet was very much smaller then the once I had.. (so whatt could it be?? Y this much difference?? it was d same company?? where is the packet of my snack?? Probably in trash I thought.. so I went near the trash can.. thank goody!!.. it wasn’t inside trash can, it was outside it.. (ok so sometimes my lazybone-ness helps!!)

I started to examine the packet.. Okay sometimes I’m like blind.. I cant see things I want to see .. so after some severe examination of the packet, I found out that the price of that packet was rs 10 and not rs 5

Omigod.. so now.. I know.. why I wasn’t able to complete the packet. !. .. ha ha.. I got to eat the extra thing.. (grins).. I wil give 5 rs to the shopkeeper as soon as possible, the store guy was such a weirdo who absentmindedly gave this snack to my bro,( I mean what is he upto, doing business or some sorta undercover charity ??).. anyway it was funny though, but I dun like to have free stuff from some absentminded store guy, thank u.

Okay now my eyes are all aching.. will they pop out if I don’t go to bed???

Ahh ! what if my eyes really do pop out?? Cant risk !...

In case u also suffer the same symptoms, as I am having right now, that is u feel like your eyes are aching n all

And then u aren’t afraid of yours eyes popping out, as u think u are the antonym of coward, then please let me know what happened to ur eyes :p

I’d be glad to head ur story :D

ACKNOWLEDGMENT:Ivan for helping me figure out (or should i say, for figuring out and then informing me)about the picture mystery, I’m so dumb that without him this was not possible.

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