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So the thing is that yesterday I was going to bring my favorite butter biscuits from my favorite butter biscuit shop. While coming back home, I saw a gurl n I see her n my jaw literally DROPS!..omigod.. I mean! she was so damn pretty that u can never imagine.. I mean so so pretty that my jaw dropped!( ha ha.. gurl are u alright? Ur jaw dropped after seeing a bful gurl,,, .. shut up! M straight :p its just that she was so bful that’s it :p)n in fact se was so bful that any guy may possibly fall for he :o, perhaps GD, perhaps NJ, perhaps any damn guy :x.. aww okay gurl dun be sucha green-eyed person :p...)chill!


I hate girls, any gurl, smart gurl, dumb gurl, pretty gurl, beautiful gurl, ugly gurl, wannabe gurl, attitude-freak gurl

Okay to simplify the matters i find a need to explain u dumb people with a simple equation.

{U : x|x € sweet gurls,cute gurls, dumb gurls, bful gurls, ugly gurls, wannabe gurls, attitude freak gurls, copy cat gurls, gurls, gurls just gurls} -(difference set) {I, tanzy, me, myself, dee, sharon}

I really dont know, bt i hate them, I hate nearly all of them


I mostly make fun of them(gurls) or pass a sarcastic remark, or just criticize them (of course all in my head)


I even hate gurls who are good friends with my good friends, as for example I hate sharons friends, i mean i cant even find a reason to like them(like i need a reason 2 like them, hello! Why would i want to like them, i like to hate them :D :p)


I wonder the reason behind me hating the gurls, can my ugliness be the reason (ahh! A bigg reason :o)?? Or am I very insecure :p(no! No way :p i am secured, i even have an insurance), am I envious of them?? :o , or is there any secret psychological thing, like I had some childhood incidence or something??or is it because that girls are really bitchy and sick-o-maniac?? or is it that i don’t hate gurls at all but my head signals me to tell every one that I hate gurls :o??


I dun hate dee’s friend sue, she’s like really sweet n cute n friendly so i cant hate her and we have had a hell lotta first-rate times together, like going to the coffee bars and fooling around, and making fun of other people’s hair, their anything or everything (of course behind their backs) and giggling a lot (I love giggling,, i mean i just love giggling, u can locate me giggling even after watching any not-so-funny(okay they are funny and it is just that “they” find it not-so-funny, okay this time I am not going to tell ya again that who these “they” are!) thing or any reading any internet thingy or anything, can be said that, i just need a reason to giiggle n there I go!)

Talking about the coffee bars... i have to admit that i hate coffees at the coffee bars, i am compelled to ask a question over here, incase any one of the coffee bar owner / worker/ customer is present over here... WHY ON THE FACE OF EARTH the coffee people never serve plain coffee?? Yeah plain coffee with about 3 and half tea spoons of sugar, one tea spoon of coffee, milk and water, all i ask is the basic thing, i feel content in basic stuff :p i have basic needs, thank u (all those stupid coffees with dunno what stuff in them, which changes the whole meaning of coffee, n which starts to taste like some flavored sorta frothy milk shake or somethin) Why? Why? Why? All i ask is, why??

I now refuse to pay for this sorta so-called coffee (okay, I’d think about experimenting a new name on the menu, if and only if, u are going to pay the bill :p)so while i am in a coffee bar, i either experiment(that’s when u pay),or have an ice-cream(so why not go to the ice cream parlor,?? They serve better thingies, as they are specialists in ice-creams :D) or have a pastry or have some salty thing, or have nothing at all.

Even if i am having something in my plate/ mug/ glass/ tub/ or whatever container. I tend to posses an uncanny habit of nibbling or attacking my fellow table mates stuff(ha ha there’s nothing better then having someone else’s stuff. Whenever me and dee go anywhere, i bug her with my “attacking on food skills” :D

Talking about dee makes me miss her much.. and so i have to write a lil intro about her :D

Eight Things about dee:

1. She is my cousin and my best friend.. she’s so sweet

2. Okay she suffers from mood swings(i would like to mention it over here : MOOD SWINGS in capitals!)

3. She is my giggling companion

4. she is the one who can stand my garbage chatter (i have this tendency to tell her my old stories again and again , but! Still she listens to them, isn’t that sweet :D )

5. she’s so so beautiful n she’s tall(contrary to me, if I am standing in front of u, u would not even be able to see me) and she’s sweet n she’s a perfect marriage material :D ha ha n she’s 22 now :D so incase, any bachelor is reading this crap right now, i would like you to post your bio-data :p cuz i really want to get her married.. as i want to wear this traditional “ sherara “ in her nuptial, n i m expecting a lot :D. (condition: u can only apply if u have a sweet witty 21-22-23 year old younger brother :D :p, ahem! We can sort that part out later :p,(more benifits: i would get all her good stuffs as she would go to UK.. :D wow her stuff, greedy me! :D :p) okay now u know why am i expecting a lot :p)

6. I am just nuts about her. I love her

7. Right now she’s in U.K (Oh LORD! I wish over there she could find a good looking-stunning-smart guy with whom she can walk the aisle :D(hint: someone whose name starts with an “i” and ends with a “s”) :p

8. I misch mi dee ..

Ahh!! So coffee treat, sue, Dee, coffee, i hate gurls

Yeah! I hate gurls. I hate gurls. I hate gurls.


Someone please pour some poison food of in each and every gurl of the universe {exceptions: I, me, myself, tanzy, sharon, dee, sue etc} so that me and my fellow girlies would rule the world! :D

So now u know i am spiteful tanzy :D. Muhhahahahhha.

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