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my motive

Ahem ahem so here I am :D

Kee guyz… well you may ask yourself a quessy … “ hey, wot d heck is this blog all abt??”

Ummmm so d answer is this blog is sorta lyk mi diary...

Not like d every day “dear diary” types, but juz some some way to capture this odd time in mi life, when I at last passed mi 12th grade (ahhh! Wot a relief),am still clueless abt things, am at all times stupid, and when I m fretting cuz I haven’t taken any university course yet, I am unemployed, n getting crazy thinking abt the future.. n blah blah

And I turned 19 this January, so I am an adult now :D woow! :D

Typing mania:

well you know I have this uncanny habit or call it addiction or whatsoever u want..

...that I need to scribble down mi thoughts, may it be a paper, or any internet crap like orkut or perhaps instant messaging, but I need to put on paper at least half a thousand words a day or perhaps half of the half thousands words a day,,

ahh!! nevermind, in short I need to type or else I don’t know wot.. cuz there’s never been a phase in mi life where I haven’t written, back then I used to write in a pile of papers, then using the internet wid yahoo answers, n orkut n blah, writing in word, in a personal diary, n things like this, but sigh all d piles of papers n d diary is found to be nowhere :O, and the Microsoft word documents have been erased form mi computer (courtesy : Mr. Trojan horse, n Mr. other-viruses, so had to format my pc) grr anyways I think this blog thing is better than d rest

n technology is advancing(ahh tanzy! At last u woke up) :p see… so me being an urban gurl :p using this blog as my shout box.. well I think shout box is an appropriate word for mi blog

as I m always shouting, I dunno they say I have some sorta high pitched voice, well yes “they”, they are my frenz, my cousins, n everyone elz who do not plummet in da two categories..

yea talking about shouting :D u know actually I like to shout,, hey no! Not the shout-talk “they” say I do, but the real shout-shout thing .. sigh bt u cant shout just like that in public can u?? Especially in here?? No?? you nuts o wot?? So perhaps that’s the reason I love to ride roller coasters

three reasons why I love roller coasters:

1. umm cuz I love to shout n when u are in a roller coaster u robotically get the right to howl, no matter in which county u reside in (of course, I can tell “them” that I was scared :p or sumthin)and I can howl as much as I like :D

2. Roller coasters are exiting**(hey u can u tel me the exact spelling of exiting?? I doubt its not exiting.. cuz it reads as exit(aka exit)+ing = exiting*,that probably means getting out sumthin… so now I ask you all, “wot do we call verb form of exite*? Huh?? Perhaps exite+ing = dat is not the right spelling now” )umm so moving on(ya I know I always get out of track..dats d way I am, u wil have to bear this :p, like it or not)…so back on track… I mean I love all those crazy stuffs, how much of indescribable joy u get when u sit in a roller coaster… yeah! Dork! I said indescribable.. so how can I describe now??

3. hehe n I love the weird tickling feeling in tummy, well I kinda abhor it, but I like it too..(yea m full of contradictions..dats d way my lil pea-brain works)

**well kee I figured out the problem wid the word exite :p actually the actual spelling of exite is “excite” so now if I write exciting :D that is it!... good work tanzy! U saved the world today! Yay!

U nincompoop.. ur grammar is like chickenshit…(okay now I know that, can u tell me something els ha?)

ahh well wot were we talking about in the first place??

Umm typing.. right?

So this is my blog n im going to engrave in it :D

So today I declare, this officially as my blog :D :P

I dun know if anyone else will read it o not..

I think they’ll waste a chunk of time reading my stuff … I recommend them to do something prolific, like perhaps minding their own business(which I can never do :p)or donating some food to a crazy homeless person, or sumthin like that

If I were u, I wouldn’t be here (ahem! In certain situations.. I could be reading someone else’s blog) lemme list that :p just fer the sake of convenience of it

Why would I read someones else’s blog or anything like dat :

1. if I had this huge crush on u, and I need to know each n every snippet of u, cuz I cant juz plumb ask u, straight on ur face(hehe beware! )well that’s a crush postulate tell u later ..

2. yea there ar certain times in my life when I want to peep in other pplz lives (ahh! So this can be ur peeking-in-other-ppls-life phase :p)

3. when I am depressed (yeah! Depressed ppl can do weird things.. :O)

4. am not able to think abt anything else, so I think that’s about it

umm.. typing right??

So this blog is going to fight like a warrior against all odds.. n mi scripts wont be lost,or misplaced,or devoured by some stupid trojan horse or anything like that (well thinking of trojan horse.. I have always wondered why this virus is called horse?? Yea one day I will go in the IT field n then I wont be wondering anymore.. bt at this moment.. I feel.. like.. horse??eh?? why??

Has to be something.. the computer nerds must have sumthing in mind.. while naming it as a horse…why not name it as trojan-cow, or trojan-tiger(see it rhymes well too), or Trojan-turltle(again rhymes) or perhaps Trojan-tomato(if names of vegetables are valid fer naming a virus, and it rhymes too)

So far I like Trojan-cow, and the Trojan-tomato :D sumthin very tantalizing about both the names.. :D

Then I would say :D oh dear! My pc is infected with the Trojan tomato, and as the tomato wasn't taken care turned into liquefied form and got stale and now my pc is now like a stale stinky tomato soup!! (okay okay.. that was a lame joke...)

Ahh back to my scripts not destroyed by anything :D

So this is the reason for this URBAN gurl to keep this blogg :D

Kee il try to fill in this blog regularly

(provided: I am not again beguiled by the orkut demon. Ha ha!)

see yo! Bibi

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