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Know wot..?? today our maid was on leave so, as to save our whole house from my mum(she gets cranky when d maid is on leave, n she(mi mum not d maid) wants everything in place, shez a keep-the-house-clean-freak, no doubts shez the best..) duh! So as to save the world.. miss tanzy showed up :D n took charge of the whole scene and did all dat stuff dat our maid was supposed to do ( aah! So I was a temporary maid hehe :p n this temp maid wont get any reward or accolade or anything like that.. so I am the maid who does the free work… so now if any time, any day of the year.. if someone’s maid does not show up.. u can call tanzy.. n

tadaaa! I will punch in ur face :p )

Well so I did sweep the whole house (okay sweeping is not dat bad.. u can do this sorta thing once in a bloo moon or perhaps once in sometime) now comes d yucky part (ewww!!) and I even swabed d floors (of course d Indian pocha) and u know, when I was a kid.. I fancied swabbing d floors or u can say scrubbing the floors sorta :o (aahh!! U nasty gurl, look now your stupid fancies have come true, grr,.,)

da nasty moping …right??

I still like moping.. it aint dat bad, u just have to move the cloth n tadaa its done :o.. but the problem is the “hairs” eww !.. I hate hairs.. u know.A Human has a capacity to shred hairs or something.. I duno.. I read that somewhere.. so while u are scrubbing the floors,these fallen hair approach ur hand.. n eww.. they ar not just plain hairs, they ar squelchy hairs.. n mostly they ar my hairs, as I lose a lotta hairs.. I fear one day il get bald. If there were any competition as miss lose hair queen. I would’ve been the winner (ohh dats another story :o)so those squelchy hairs ar so eek !/eww !/gross .. I hate them :o..they give Goosebumps to me .. n so while I was scrubbing the floor, my face was frowny, because of u know what, n mum thought that I dun want to mope n all,(actually I dint want to, bt was doing for d sake of saving the world, see I worry for everyone :D aint I a good gurl), then I had to convince her.. that I wasn’t frowning n blah blah :p

So here is the copy of those squelchy hairs :o

Eww so gross, see for yourself.. Okay can u see the brown water.. ha .. That’s the proof that I performed my duty nicely,

You are the eye-witness today,that how an innocent gurl like me has to suffer because some stupid maid took a leave… and if she(that’s me) dint clean the house.. she and the fellow world people would have to suffer.. She (me) had to forfeit and fight against all those squelchy monsters. so that people like u can be safe and sound n happy. So now everyone, I think all of u can do one thing, n that is, thank me .

I saved the world today :D

Hurray! (Performs the victory dance)

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Renee said...
December 10, 2008 at 10:06 PM

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