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Schedule a meeting to prove that I've got power of the tongue

Tomorrow I need to call my clients client on his behalf and schedule a meeting so that my client can talk about stuff.

The problem:

I am not bad at talking. You know... it may be like one of those axioms “The trouble with her is that she lacks the power of conversation but not the power of speech.” Heehaw . I am not sure... but it’s like I was never employed as a receptionist. I've scheduled meetings with clients through email but in my entire LIFE, I never had a chance to call someone on someone’s behalf to schedule a meeting. Now I would have done it easily and not fret, IF it was not professional stuff you know. Lol no biggy actually but then too I am kinda fretting.

So I call dee and we are going to have a 10 minute role playing thing: where she is going to act as the receptionist plus the BIG GUY I need to talk to. And I am going to be Tanzy :p

We rehearsed a bit, did not help a lot but made me realize its going be just other casual phone calls where I converse with my clients. Thanks Dee.


Receptionist: Hello, This is Nicole from Father & Father inc.
Me: Good afternoon. My name is Tanzy. I am representing Mr. Vincent Phillips (ah changed my clients name, you know we sign the NDA and all) I wish to speak with Mr. Dawson.
Receptionist: Vincent Phillips?
Me: Mr. Phillips is Marisa’s husband.
Receptionist: Oh, yes. Please stay on the line while I transfer the line to Mr. Dawson
Dawson guy: Hello David speaking.
Me: Good afternoon, Mr. Dawson. My name is Tanzy and I am representing Mr. Vincent Phillips. I am calling because I’d like to schedule request to meet with you.
Me: Mr. Phillips would like to meet you or any of your representatives regarding the safety audit of your company.
Dawson guy: Hmm.. Yes, I would like to meet with Mr. Phillips.
Me: Thank you Mr. Dawson, can you please advise me of a favorable time and day for the meeting?
Dawson guy: I will be available anytime this Thursday or Friday.
Me: Great. How is 5 pm this Thursday the 18th?
Dawson guy: Yes, that’s perfect.
Me: Thanks for your time. Mr. Phillips will see you on Thursday. Bbye.

-Tanzy has the power tongue :p *cough* maybe not the power of tête-à-tête :P

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