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If you lounge on a couch, you can be a rapist’s friend

Lazing around the house as its Sunday. I usually don’t read newspaper,
1) I am actually not bothered with what is happening around the world.

2) I don’t have time.

3) Yes I don’t have time, and if I have time, I don’t get the time to read the newspaper as I have some important stuff to do, like surfing the internet, orkutting, or doing myriad other superfluous un things. If you were unaware of the definition of a lazy bum , you at this moment know what is a lazy bum i.e me :D
I should maybe attempt to read online newspaper *Makes a note to herself to read online newspaper for atleast 5 minutes everyday*

So I was actually lazing around on the couch and I saw the newspaper which was lying around unattended on opposite side.. I saw a picture of 3 guys with the cops and it snaps me that oh those must be the guys who got caught in the rape case.

Lets flashback a bit to know what this rape case is all about.

I reside in small town, and it’s a safe place to live. A girl can roam around at any hour here. I even used to go to tuitions at 5 a.m. like 4 years back.

Some weeks back: this girl, like me had tuitions at 5 a.m. Mostly nerds of science stream have tuition classes at 5. (Not that I am a nerd cuz I used to go to tuitions at the same time. I can never be) so instead of going to tuition she goes and meets her friend.

Bundle of stuff is being said about the consequences behind the girl meeting the guy:

1) The guy was JUST her friend and she went to meet this guy at 5 am in the morning to return the book she borrowed from him.

2) The girl and the guy were having a love affair so she went to meet him.
Whatever the reason behind the girl meeting him is actually not my concern.
So in any of the above case, she was sitting with the guy on a bench below an over bridge at 5 am. Yes, both the people the guy and the girl are not more than 17 years of age.

Now three perverts in a car come out of nowhere, and they say that they are cops and its not correct to sit alone a this time of the day.

These pervs apprize the kids to go into the car. Since the kids are just 17 they don’t have the idea. They are just too terrified to object or protest.

1) Because these pervs are made-up that they are cops. (or they are kids ofcops)

2) Your mind stops functioning when someone addresses themselves as cops and declares that you are on the wrong side of the law.

So the kids go into the car. As soon as the kids are in the car. Two of the guys holds the kid and one raped the girl. Once the guy was finished the other raped her. She was raped thrice and I don’t know exactly how much since I don’t read newspapers. But she was raped brutally and everything happened in front of that poor 17 year old boy, just imagine how vulnerable he would be feeling, as he had to witness all this and could not do anything to help his friend.

And the girl? I cant imagine the trauma that she must be going through. Just 17 years of age and was forced, became feast of three monsters.

And do you know how these a**holes were? They raped her while driving and then once they were done they dropped the girl to the same place from where they tricked the kids in the car, besides that they warned the kids to not let anyone know about this thing and come back at the same time the next day(to rape her again?) and if she utters anything , it would not be good since two guys had cop father.

Now imagine this girl raped brutally, she stood up drove back to her home and said everything to her mother… So long story, the guys got arrested the second day. The public is enraged and yes everyone is enraged.. Why would someone do a thing like that? Each individual has a right to do whatsoever they want to do, at any hour (ForGodsSake we are a democracy!). Even if the kids were having an affair, it should not matter. What matters here, is the fact that monsters like these should be punished in a way that no one would have the courage to commit this type of misdemeanor again. The News say that these pervs had a history of doing notorious and illicit things, I’ve even heard that these guys have killed a prostitute and molested a lot more. They have a history of doing things like this.. not rape but this kind of stuff.

They are now arrested, they have been badly flogged by the public.. I don’t think scars like these are removed from a girls psyche, even if she gets married, whatever may happen she is emotionally and physically broken and these vandals should be punished in the most severe way. These effects of rape will stay for years and years to come.

7 years of imprisonment and again the guys will be free. What kind of justice is this? You commit a dire crime like rape and you are liberated after some years or lockup? I mean whats the guarantee that they wont commit a crime like this again? 7 years of jail will make these people coarser and they may come back with more lust and would want to rape more girls (God knows what goes on in a rapists mind!)

These rapists should be condemned in a way that would teach these people a lesson, something that would make them remorseful of what they have done. Something that is hard enough.

So back to the current day where I see the news paper and the three guys with cops. I’ve always wanted to know how these rapists looked like, till now I never got a chance to see them as they were mostly veiled. Today I see three guys with cops without the covering. I think that they can be those rapists, I quickly jump off the couch to seize the newspapaer and I see the photograps of these guys .. read some text roughly that was below the picture to make sure that these are the rapists.

Yes they are, as per the newspaper. I look at all these guys and I feel that the younger guy looks somewhat similar to a guy I had an acquaintance with during school years. I utter “Oh that guy looks like Goldie!!”

Now Shaun comes up and he says that this guys name is also “Shaun”.. What Shaun!!?? OMG!!! Yes Goldie’s name is also SHAUN.. within our group we used to labeled him as Goldie cuz he had a Golden colored bike. I never got to talk to him or something. Goldie was a friend of my friend Ned. He often used to come with Ned to school or at tuition. I am like I never talk to people unless they talk to me (Goldie tried to talk but I was uncomfy talking) or unless I am get to meet the person everyday and that person happens to be working or sitting nearby me. Or I am bored and no one is around. So this was not the case with Goldie.

Goldie always had this impish stare, he seemed like a flirt. I have seen Goldie roaming around a lot of times. Thank goodness I never talked with Goldie. I think he had some sorta record with females too, like a lot of girlfriends and all.

Goldie looks like normal and not actually smart but yes he’s something that girls may like. Uh. I am a girl but hez not my cup of tea. I thank Goodness that hez not my cup of tea.

I am kind of bemused and bewildered that Golidie did something like. I mean that’s kind of sickening to have an acquaintance with a rapist. How bad it that?

I am a good girl and keep good company.

Some days back Sharon called me we were talking all our stuff like usual and then she said that Goldie followed her (as far as I remember she also said that he was having some Uncle type friends with him, I suppose those fellow rapists) while she was driving, when she came home, these guys were roaming around the building maybe they thought that she would come again and I do not event want to think what could have happened..At that time I felt bad .. I mean how could Goldie follow Sharon, as she also had an acquaintance with him. Eww!!! And you don’t follow people you know.

-Tanzy is acquainted with a rapist, what more one would want

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Haresh said...
December 2, 2009 at 10:20 PM

You may also like to quote rape statistics from Wiki:

Two horrible facts:
- Often the rapist is a known person - a relative, a friend, or a relative's friend.
- When it is so (the rapist is a known person), the psychological impacts are even deeper.

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