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If you cant shake your booty, dont ogle, Okay?

NO. I am not going to talk about work or study today . So I save you from the twinge :D

Heheh I know you get bored, reading my stuff that you just read it half way and skip reading the whole post. Ah well. No worries I am still going to write and I am still going to blabber and know what I love you for reading this : p

Well I haven’t yet started with the post and already started going astray.

Well I’ve been thinking and doing some crazy things lately.

Crazy Stuff #1:

My latest fave song was (yeah it was and not is :p) Forget It – Breaking Benjamin. Like any normal person I like to watch videos of my fave songs. Now I have this thing for Final Fantasy 7 ( Crisis Core and Advent Children). I shall talk on the subject of FF sometime later.

So I visit YouTube and rummage around for breaking Benjamin + Final Fantasy vii and the end result was this vid

Well Mum wasn’t around today and I was watching this vid and now if you watch this vid. You’ll notice the girl (FYI: her name is Yuna) has this broom like thing in her hand while she was walking in the water body. [Btw you’re not obliged to watch it :p] When she reached the water body she starts dancing and I found it as absolutely amusing and all that. Now I am very jiggy and when I watch the vid and I feel like I need to imitate this

Random Useless Facts about me: I am totally effin stiff. My muscles can’t move. I can’t dance and I look like a dork.

But who cares I was in the mood to imitate her.

Problem: TO dance exactly like her, I need the prop that she uses while dancing

My lil brain is racing now; I start to think of all the possibilities. I bend down and begin to look for this stick which my dad keeps to shoo animals or Idk for what reason we have it at our place.. But hey I need it … Even after a lot of searching I am not able to locate that.


I am not going to surrender. I have to imitate her today!! So the little birds in my brains are still running and then all of a sudden I find the perfect prop for me. Plus it looks like the prop that Yuna is using.

Firstly I view the video once more so that I can imitate exactly like she does and then I start dancing (jumping/Moving my lazy self?) I clutch the prop in my hands the way she does (I by now start to feel amazing) and then I start moving the prop like she does.. I feel so happy and bouncy, needless to point out that this was a sight that no one can stand.. hahah a name like me jumping /moving .. I bet it was nothing like ‘dance’ but it was fun (for me atleast).

I can move only one part of my body at a time... for instance when I am moving my hands... I cant gracefully move my legs and torso.. hahhahha … I am such a nerd..

Crazy Stuff #2

I was riding back home on my bikey and listening to a motivational happy-go-lucky song and I get high. Hahah without weed.

I am already riding with high velocity but then I feel like closing my eyes and driving at the same velocity.

You know it’s an amazing feeling to be able to close your eyes and driving. I don’t trust anyone else with driving, I’ve tried you know closing my eyes (partially) and believe me it gives an awe-inspiring feeling.

Doing stuff like this makes me feel so damn happy and I bear a colgate smile on my

- I promise Tanzy did not booze

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