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Waddya expect when a stupid lass works?

Remember I was said sometime back that I would describe the tasks that I execute at work. So here I am today to describe my job duties.


I am like a stupid girl who goes to her workplace everyday.

My job by and large orbits around the internet. Reading emails, responding to emails, Googling (related to work) and blah blah blah.

Stuff that I execute when I am working:

Read emails *(I have two outlook accounts, one for my office and another for the customer support thingy I do). If I start to say all that today I won’t be able to describe my job responsibilities that is the core intent of my post today, so here I am.

Below mentioned are the archetypal jobs that I carry out in a day:
1) Customer support: Email based customer support: My client(s) have websites(s) and the website(s) are about some stuff that requires customer support. These crazy people who ask for help have navigation issues, they need to purchase stuff, they need refund, disputes, feedback about the website and how can I forget the key emails >> SPAM (I need to delete all that spam)

So I am the one who needs to act as the SUPERWOMAN and crack their queries and when their query is resolved and they thank me and when they do so, I am like so so happy.
I love customer support!

2) Virtual Assistant: Yeah virtual assistant thing rocks my sox.. why?? Because it’s got colossal assortment of odd jobs that can be executed. Starting from helping my client to find some information, updating their website, creating stuff for their website, blogging on their behalf, link building, sometimes a bit of Photoshop jobs, running auctions, adding videos, website pages, editing website pages, making appointments, emailing on their behalf, customer support, sending invoices, following up with their customers, call my clients occasionally to talk about stuff or chat via skype and blah blah and whatnot.

I love being a virtual assistant chiefly since I learn so much things, every so often there are things that I already am familiar with but never put in follow, sometimes there are things that I think I can do but never did, sometimes I am not positive regarding a certain thing: I Google it, I research I read, I read and I read and I learn. I adore reading and I love to fill in my self with all new stuff.

3) New Projects:Then there are new projects I need to start and get them approved. Once it’s approved find someone who can do it and pass the project to that individual.

a. Long Term Team Projects: There are projects and subordinates that I monitor. It’s like I do not require to be working on that project or anything I just have to communicate with the client or boss and train these people in the preliminary stages, after a few days I select an individual who is responsible enough from the team and delegate the responsibilities for the project. I still need to keep an eye and send daily reports for that project.

3) Short Term Projects: Boss emails some misc projects like, you know once or twice in a week kinda or just complete the task and end of story. I need to delegate the work, train him/her and see to it that job is done correctly and that’s it.

4) I also play a teensy weensy part in the recruitment process of our organization. It’s like when a job applicant comes, our HR interviews them and launch them in my direction, then I need to take tests (you know test is really long.. about 3 hours long.. I know so many people get frustrated and irked.. but you know its my job I need to do

So test these people rate them on each ground, discuss with the HR concerning the candidate and hand out the test result. If the applicant is not good enough I straightforwardly suggest not to employ them and he does not but if they are fine, I give an affirmative about hiring them but there are issues like the applicant needs a better package or blah or other issues and some of them are not hired (I really feel bad, those were some good candidates and they should be working here) . Its like 1/20 people who come for the test are selected. I am a bad girl.

5) A new thing: Two of the new projects are related to content writing (yeah not that high level content writing though) and guess what? I want to be a pro content writer. I need to hone my writing skills. I am a pathetic writer but I enjoy writing. It makes me feel content. :D

So I guess this is about it. Not much. There are days when I wish to leave my job because someone is not working right, I get downbeat feedback from my clients.

Oh I forgot to bring up the part of my job that I hate.

1) I do not see my boss smiling at me. My prime objective in my professional life is to keep my boss and clients pleased and content with my work.

2) Catch entry jobs; you know those HardCore data entry jobs. Of course I need not to work on those projects, I need to get those jobs executed by my subordinates but I hate the word data entry and I try to keep a safe distance from those jobs but they approach me now and and I hate when they move towards me.

3) I am doing some important job, I have some task to complete and some applicant comes for an interview/test. You know doing two things at same time, you cant even concentrate on your task.

On the whole, I am a fanatic for work and the reason for my devotion is for the reason that it keeps me occupied and it enables me to learn something new nearly every single day.

I do not like anything that is moribund, that does not let you nurture; as this will clog your mind. I hate to have a clogged mind. I would leave my job if something like this happens.
Without a doubt there are days whilst I feel that I should give up my job and those are days (As mentioned earlier) when I get a data entry job / I feel that I am not getting projects that would enable me to upgrade my self / my boss is not happy.

Lol but that’s life. I would stay here as long as there is an opportunity for me to gain knowledge of new things.

God Bless me. God bless everyone!

-Tanzy boasts a wacky mechanism

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