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7 Things that would help me become a graduate and drain my brain

Okay guys! I need to control my life or I may go astray and will never be able to find myself again. (yah yah.. Tanzy's acting sane) So from today onwards, I am going to keep a log of stuff that I am going to do everyday or I did on that particular day which will bring me closer to my goal.

Ah *cough* my goal.. is to complete my bachelors degree..

Things I need to should to start studying:
1) Leave my job. Start studying full time (doh!)
2) Study atleast 2 hours a day
3) Get enrolled in tuition.

Oh btw did I mention that in addition to the BCA course that I am pursuing (still in first year and not even halfway through it) I have also applied in BA with majors in English. My theory behind getting enrolled in two courses is that I may perhaps be able to atleast get through one of the course and if I clear both, then it's a bumper prize for me.

Ah back to the listing stuff

4) Keep a log of stuff that you study here so that you can track your progress (I wish I can stick to this.. you know how lazy crappy I am)
5) Cut your 12 hours job to 8-9 hours.
6) Clear the DAMN exam!!!!!
7) Stock alcohol that can last atleast 2 years.. (bwhahhahah.. kidding :p)

Well I guess this is about it. I keep updating stuff.. once I am done with a milestone. I really wish that this can work and I will try to post a teeny weeny post everyday :D :P

Cuz posting keeps my juices flowing.

-Tanzy is trying to fit in the Nerd clan

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