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Finding Online help to Roll my sleeves and save the world

As you now I am into the change (ah Barrack Obama but my version of change STUDY) now a days. Ah so the topic, I am conducting some research on free online material or suppliments that will enable loosers like me to study well and blah but till date I could not find anything.

Two reasons, I was not able to find any online help:
1. I am a total retard, with no knowledge in Google search whatsoever.
2. There is no much specific help for people who wish to complete their academics by taking some supplementary aids from the internet. *Sigh*

Btw I found a variety of websites that would help you if you were from blah-college, blah-university but nothing in general. Oh and I found websites with how-to-blah notes (ah I know all that.. read stuff like that a zillion times, but it does not spawn motivation for me). The problem here is kinda if I can talk to people who have faced the situation same as mine and how they triumphed over this thing. I would even love to read someone if not talk or chat.

I need motivation. I need it now (ok shut up despo!!)

So with little luck and no motivation, I’ve finally found a website that has motivation and there are so many people who have goals and milestones. They set their milestones in the website and when they achieve the milestone, they describe of how they were able to complete the task and all.

Did this site help me?

Well I am not sure yet but I have registered in there and I have a goalStudy everyday”. There is this person who has completed his/her goal kinda motivating. Wow! I like this website. Its not just about studying, you can put any of your goals in here and share your stuff with people.

Bad part: Is that I am lazy and hopeless and I loose interest in things very easily. So I fear what happens if I loose interest in this again.

-Tanzy is rolling up her sleeves.

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Dj said...
June 16, 2009 at 11:21 AM

It's so simple . Jus because you have got some kinda enourmous energy within , which has not got enough vents ... And to study you need calm and peacefull mind :)

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