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Serious Stuff - Gender discrimination - Statistics on rape

Around the world, girls face double discrimination because of their gender and age. Although they may share the same rights as boys, too often girls suffer at the bottom of society held back by additional hardships and barriers

Why, in an era that saw the term 'girl power' coined, are millions of girls being condemned to a life of inequality????Gender discrimination is lamentable and if we need to eradicate this from our society. All of us need to work hand in hand.

At the end of this post, links to other resources on Discrimination Statistics are included

At a very young age a girl’s juvenile mind is overfed by their parents that she should play with dolls and other girly toys. At a later stage she is being told that she is suitable for a specific group of jobs like social work, nursing, care related or similar jobs. In certain instances it is seen that girls are provided with education etc but at the end of the day they are expected to become full time homemakers.

The discrimination lines are drawn at an early stage and by the time the girl has reached her adolescence these lines become darker and deeper. Because of all this hammerings the girl’s subconscious is gets programmed in a certain way and she starts to believe that she only belongs to certain type of jobs and activities.

Then there are women like us, who want to do something. They want to prove that they can perform anything that a man can do and even more.

Women’s empowerment is important, there are women who work harder than most of the men but are paid comparatively less. Some men have a mentality that women should not be in powerful positions and these men try to pull the woman down the corporate ladder.

According to CNN Money, in 2006, there were only 10 women running Fortune 500 companies, and only 20 in the top 1,000. But it’s a start.

I found these sites that provide more information regarding the gender discrimination statistics:

Womens Employment Stats

Urban Ministry Stats

Just a little supplement to the earlier post: Every 26 minutes a woman in India is molested. Every 34 minutes a woman is raped. Every 42 minutes a woman is sexually harassed. Every 43 minutes a woman is kidnapped. Every 93 minutes a woman is killed. And those are just the cases that are reported.

You cannot do this, you cannot do that because you are a girl.

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