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You Oil Your Hair and feel bad because Its your Birthday!!


I know I am such a dork. I now am no longer a regular blogger *sob sigh wail*

*Coughs* you know I am getting old now. Life is like so-damn-average. And I need someone to love me.

And in a day 80% of my time is dedicated to work (yeah sucha crap workaholic I am (I know, I know , I aint remunerated well or even humbly) but I am cool with it (okay frigg I know whatever yo have read till now is boring and you are feeling like going to sleep and take a nap)

Well well I can write larger-than-life epics on work but today is a special day.

Special because my hair is religiously oiled and I look something like Olive Oyl (for those who have forgotten miss Oyl, here’s a photograph of her ) :D

Now my birthday is kinda round the corner, I am going to turn 21 now K (well that’s what I assume) I was born back in the eighties specifically ’88, so kinda old now (Yeah old lady) :D

So Birthday makes me feel jiggy, not cuz of the merrymaking part or whatever. I aint a party person or crap but Birthday is a reason for you and all the feminine genders to go out and shop till you drop dead on the floor (ah! Over-exaggerated a bit? ) hahah anyway, I did not shop till I dropped dead just one single cutesy cute tank top and I am like WooHoo!! :D

Its kind of like shocking pink and I am like wickedly happy, ah not so extraordinary or something. Just a simple piece of outfit. (so what if its my birthday?? I like plain clothes) :D it cost me a grand though but I am breezy. Here’s the question of the day:

Q) Why do you earn?

A) So that your wives can go shopping!! :D

Now the sad part!! *sobs* *wipes her tears*

You need no add-on proof of what a dimwit dork I am K. You by now know that I purchased my birthday suit (yeah ‘suit’ seems to be a charming word, so I am using it, any tribulations? Eh? ) I had to purchase some ornaments with it, like a pair of cute pink studs. Now I go to my favorite earring shop and I thank heavens that the shop is bare of any other clientele, cuz at whatever time I visit the shop its like over crowded with all these crazy women (not crazy actually, but I like to regard them as crazy :D) purchasing stuff and the shop guy cannot bestow all his time to me. So this time the heavens are with me and I feel blessed. I walk in, I ask them to show me some pink earrings and the man shows gazillion earrings and I am like so effin confused (yeah born confused and crappy :D ) I ask him to keep 4-5 of them aside and then I tried them. In the end I pick two of them, one was like a tiny lil being who can can barely cover your ear piercing but it was pretty. Ah lemme describe them : like two tiny pink colored cherries with a small diamond in the place of the leaf stalk. I was in love with them. I saw some other chandeliers too and I was like “So they are nice!!) and now I am trying both the earrings and I stare at the mirror and cant decide which one to buy. And the poor guy was telling me to settle on early and I counter ‘yah, there aint a shopper in your store at the moment so I can spend my time in the world to decide’ and this guy was ‘ah ok’

I could not come to a decision and finally I called up Sharon and asked her of which one should I purchase and she, yes SHE is the sinner!! She said that I should buy those long ones , said that big earrings looked good on me (Agreed. ) I asked the man to pack those I paid. Went out of the shop >> came back and asked him to give those teeny weeny cherries too. I purchased two earrings for one Dress!! Can you believe that!! And the story goes..

I had to shop some more stuff and while coming back to my bike, I was walking on the road and a thought hit me.

Me: Tanzy, you shouldn’t have purchased any of them, as you already have pretty silver loops and it would have been fine.

Me#2: Yeah, OMG what do I do? *wails*

Me: Ah now you can’t even go back to the shop keeper cuz he wont refund the money and everything.

Me#2: yeah, the tiny cherries are something you can wear on anything but what about those horrible long ones. I shouldn’t have spent so much of my money on those earrings!!

Me: Correct, you are such a dimwit.

Me#2: Agreed K

I am riding back home and I wonder of what should I do about those earrings (the horrible ones) and I feel bad about shopping a lot and all. I guess shopping makes you feel healthier and bah and in spur of the moment you purchase all that stuff and you feel happy but after you’re home, you realize that ‘Damn, I don’t could do without this stuff’

And yes I felt something equivalent. I feel slothful and crappy to go back to that shop and beg that guy to change the earrings.. I would better not change them. Besides they are like not-so-expensive, they’re less than 100) It was useless to go back and baah, So I decided I would keep those earrings in the darkest corner of my closet and pretend that ‘me purchasing the earrings incident’ never occurred and I started to feel fine.

Yeah that pink thing is still with me. I may gift it to a big shot, just like that or something or just let them decompose in the deepest corners of my closet. :D

And yeah btw. Wish me Happey B’day!!

Happy birthday to me. Happy birithday to me. Happy birthday to miss cranky-pants happy birthday to me :D

Long live whatever and long live idk whatsoever!!

And Yeah I am going to be dressed in those silver loops which I already had! Just incase you needed to know :p

4 Amazing Responses:

Sourav said...
January 24, 2009 at 11:55 PM

b'day suit :O OMG u remain in ur b'day suit in all ur bdays :O :D

tanzy-panzy said...
January 25, 2009 at 10:03 AM

hahahhahahaha hahahha ahahahah you are sucha dirty mind :p

Anonymous said...
November 8, 2009 at 2:37 PM

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tanzy-panzy said...
December 3, 2009 at 10:58 AM

Hello Anonymous, thank you for your kind note but I wonder what is so good in this blog.. Englighten me please


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