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I give up, hey wait I wont give up

Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged men who kept on working.

10 crazy things to do when you are in an elevator

1) Hop / Jump till the lift starts to tremble : D

2) Practice kaarrrratey, so what if you do not know how to spell ‘karate’ :p

3) Perform a little dance (even if you don’t know how to dance and that you failed to get a prize in the dancing competition where you were the only contestant) :p..

4) Turn around and hide your face in the corner of the lift

5) Lean on the wall of the lift and make sure you look like a real loser when someone enters in the lift

6) Fart. If you cant fart, fake fart :D

7) Burp. Keep mumbling like "I think they are watching us", "Nooo.. No.. I dont want to go to the asylum", "Inky pinky ponky father had a donkey, donkey died, blah blah, inky pinky ponky" and suchlike.

8) Keep chatting to the person standing next to you (even if he is only visible to you)

9) Talk to your friends in a weird way / accent that an unfamiliar person starts to think that you are totally insane

10) Press all the buttons on the lift board so the lift will become more or less like a bullock cart / local train which will stop at every station, and yes the expression on peoples face is amazing, nothing irks them much :p

11) At every floor the elevator stops, say something like "bing bong" "ting tong" "yay".
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