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In which I am the "murderer" :|

People I am back... yay... yes... I am back back... literally back...

Do you need any more proof for me to prove tat I am back?? Eh??

Well this single post dated today means that I am back. At least back for some time or whatsoever…

SO let me give a brief of what happened after me climbing out of the cave thingy…

I was charged for premeditated brutal homicide - was behind the bars.. and at the very moment I am behind the bars, but just to have a lil contact thingy with you guys, and keep you updated on my stuff, I bribed this patrol guy, hence I am using his lappy and jotting all this down as fast as I can

I used to see him come to the washroom every night, and I was like... omg toot toot

So I killed him and if you think I am a murderer, then yes I am...

And yes besides doing nothing in the cell, I am full time working… and I would totally effin love to blabber and swank about work in the next post..

Keep reading and spread the smile :D

Oh and apologies for not finishing my-murdering-a-living-being story.. am quite in a hurry you see....

The jailor has arrived and I need to give the lappy back :p (lame excuse, but u know I love you for believing me :D)


Yes a tiny video as a token of my laav for all of you. These teeny weeny kitties are the awwww of the day.. :D

They are so plump and cute and see them dance to the tune.. I am sure you will convert into a pet lover after this life changing vid.

Btw you may ask of … whom did I kill or slaughter or murder… It was a roach *flashes her muscles*

I have this knack that I can smell cockroaches anywhere, if they are present in the room I am also present, I would know that he is around just cuz of I know which perfume he uses :| . [Oh but that’s other story]

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